one happy mama...

Is there an age when you should stop referring to your youngest child as your 'baby'? 
I am sure if I read the latest in child psychology books I would find this is a big 'no no'....
but I can't help it. He is my youngest, my baby and he is turning 12 today.

 Connor is nearly as tall as me....I am 5'8"....

He has celebrated seven birthdays in Australia, three in New Zealand
and two in England.
He will enter his teenage years, next year in Vietnam.
He looks at the move as another adventure.

Connor likes to keep track of how many countries
he has travelled to over his lifetime, at the moment he is 12 for 12.

He is American but has never lived there, I hope someday that he does.

He calls Australia home.

He loves to read... especially history books.

Connor and our dog, Tika, have swum through life, side by side.

They do everything together....

Over the weekend, he asked his best friends over for a sleepover party.
We took them to see 'Hugo'. I could not think of a better film, 
it was enchanting, the type of story he loves.

Tonight, we will celebrate his birthday at his favourite Chinese restaurant.
He loves Beef with Oyster Sauce. :)

My baby....

Happy Birthday Connor!

From my youngest to my oldest...

In five more days, I will see my eldest son....Patrick.
He truly is all grown up.

He will graduate from Royal Military College, Duntroon, in Australia.

Patrick on left
One happy I.. :)

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