People watching and eating chocolate….in Sydney

Cafe viewing...

How do you feel about people watching? I could sit and watch in earnest quite happily. Yesterday I watched the comings and goings of a local neighbourhood in Sydney while having breakfast in a cafe. Young people drifted by…doing that carefree thing that they do so well. It felt like a scene from a movie, one that I was only to happy to linger on...long after the ending.

It was a welcome break from a busy week. We landed in Sydney on Tuesday and hit the ground running. Connor is currently tucked away in boarding school, the beginning of a new experience for him and I admit I have counted the days and hours ever since. My daughter Christine reminded me that I needed to let go…as I followed her aimlessly from one shop to another. Mother and daughter have been on a mission to build a "working wardrobe" for Christine's first job in the corporate world next week. It's been a journey…

Mother and daughter on a journey...

As for me, I am taking myself off to a health retreat for a few days. I am in search of a "mind-fix"…one that will help me find my center again and keep me away from chocolate. I am feeling like the Henry Moore sculpture I came across yesterday at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney. I aim to find myself a little space within the Australian Hinterlands and commune with nature…and most likely.. still think about chocolate.

Henry Moore Reclining figure: Angles 1980
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


Until next time…wishing you a wonderful weekend!  

Photos…with exception of last.


  1. Wishing you a peaceful, restorative holiday away.
    Sounds wonderful!

  2. Oh Jeanne, that was one of my preferred pastime when I lived in Vienna . There was a place called
    "Graben" where especially on Saturday went into a cat walk. No shame about that ,it's human. I also remember when we bought the first suit for my son when he stepped in in the corporate and tears it was. Now they are independent ...really. Don't worry about your Henry Moore-figure, you look great in any way.Do you go to Gwinganna in the Hinterland of the Goldcoast ?...That's beautiful, enjoy these days for your body and soul.

  3. Oh I envy you, a health spa would be the perfect antidote for our dreary weather.
    I have to content myself with walks along the waterfront and Yoga classes. Chocolate is dangerous in these hands! Savour your experience and come back and tell us all about it.

  4. I'm so glad to know that Connor is where he needs to be and is getting settled in to his new life. And how wonderful that you have a daughter to shop with, and with a new job too in her future too. What blessings! Sigh, I think that after every quiet cycle of holding on and letting go, it is natural to turn inward and restore ourselves. I love your term, 'mind fix' although I'm wondering if the term 'heart fix' might apply too.
    thinking of you warmly,

  5. Dear Jeanne: How great is it that you discovered within yourself that your mind, body and soul need a "refresher" of sorts. It is just what the good Doctor ordered. I participate in a yoga class once per week. It helps center me for returning to a world that is sometimes too hectic for my style of living. Enjoy your journey. And I also LOVE chocolate!
    Best wishes, Kathleen

  6. Best wishes on moving on...I know it's a hard thing to do :)

  7. There's nothing wrong with thinking about chocolate is there? Enjoy your health retreat and relax. I am currently enjoying a grey, rainy day.

  8. I really enjoy your blogging. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to next time,

  9. 'find my center again and keep me away from chocolate' :-D That sounds like something I need to do as well! I have just shown my students Henry Moore's sculptures this week.Congratulations to Christine on her new job. Hope your son - and you - enjoy the boarding school experience.

  10. SO hard to let go; a peaceful retreat sounds like the most perfect place to be. Regroup, recharge, and take stock. You have so much to be proud of Jeanne; a time to take it all in and reflect. Looking forward to reading how you enjoyed yourself. Oh..and I love to people watch!!! xx Apologies to Deb @ Dumbwit Tellher...accidentally deleted this one. Another reason for a mind eyesight! ;)

  11. It isn't easy saying goodbye to our children, no matter how old they are! Enjoy the time with your daughter and enjoy the relaxation at your retreat...I hope you find some peace and inspiration. xoxo

  12. Hello Jeanne
    Sending you good wishes as you retreat. My best to Connor too. The youngest child seems to become an adult all too soon. Be gentle with yourself and take all the time you need to adjust.


  13. Just ate three pieces of chocolate!You relax and re-charge!He will be fine………….XXX

  14. I am glad that you got Connor settled without too many tears and how wonderful that you had a project to jump into, yes, still being a Mum, with Christine. A hearty congratulations on her job! Hooray! And now, some time just for perfect. Will you tell us about the experience when you return? I have always wanted to go on a mind fix.
    Much Love to you,

  15. Wonderful post. I love the mother daughter shadow picture.

    As for chocolate, my new distraction is frozen bing cherries and mango. Frozen blueberries one by one can also satisfy a craving. Last summer it was parsely and fresh strawberries.

  16. I am probably the only person in the world who does not like chocolate! + Jeanne you deserve a retreat, don't forget to write all about it + I know how hard letting go is no matter the age of the

  17. People watching could be a full time career, especially when one has a camera lens!
    Oh the twins arrived on Jan 6! A month in cold Prince George almost killed me. How lovely for you to be holidaying in the Australian sunshine.

  18. Jeanne, your plan sounds divine. We can all benefit from a little time alone in nature. Enjoy!
    xx Sunday

  19. Jeanne, I have no idea what happened to my comment...I think your plan sounds perfect. A little time to rest, relax, regroup, and of course enjoy a little nature, a good book and a little or a lot of chocolate.

    I hope that your time away gives you a little peace.

    Take care, xx Elizabeth

  20. Jeanne, your situation reminds me of when my children went away to school. First our daughter, then a year later our son. It was an exciting time of freedom for them as well good experience, but heart breaking at the time for me. Keeping in touch with them meant so I did what I do best...shopped (for special things to add to their care packages). Both my daughter and son are now grown, married, and have little ones of their own and before they know it, they too will most likely go through having to say goodbye at some point. For now be kind to yourself and enjoy the chocolate!


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