The day we met....a meet/cute

Twilight in Central Park by Rod Chase

I count the years Mr. H and I have been together from the day we married and he counts them from the day we met. We are coming onto our 25th wedding anniversary this year and in his mind the number is 27. I remember it like it was yesterday, the day we met....Super Bowl Sunday.

All those years ago, a dear friend, Lauren, had a Super Bowl party. She was living in a beautiful spot along the Upper West Side of Central Park in Manhattan. A perfect venue for a party. I was unattached and she mentioned that her boyfriend had a friend...

I asked all the usual questions.  My friend told me that Mr. H was an outdoorsy kind of guy having just returned from two years with the Peace Corps in Africa. My friend had also been a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa. I was in the corporate world and had been for a few years. I was moving up and he was just getting started. I was a little skeptical.

The day finally arrived, I remember sitting on the couch and overhearing the welcome at the door. Nerves were settling in, I always hated that part of meeting someone for the first time.  He turned the corner and we looked at each other. eyes went up to the tall good looking man in front of me, those blue eyes, that dark hair and then settled on the best prize of all.... he was holding two huge shopping bags of serious party food...chips, cupcakes, cookies and....I knew I had met the man of my dreams!


Images..Mr. H..around the time we met and Central Park painting by Rod Chase

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