Sunshine in London

Wordless Wednesday in London
Morning to Dusk

morning to dusk

so, so, so hard to stay at a loss for words...
I will sneak in just a few...
Thank you to all for your comments on my meet/cute ..
Why do I feel like I should be holding my breath
when creating a Wordless Wednesday? 
Ok, enough said....shhhhhh....


  1. Beautiful pictures. I'm going to London next week, and seeing these pictures, I can hardly wait!

  2. Carina...if it stays like this you will just love it. Saying that, even when it is down right freezing it is still beautiful! Enjoy your day :)

    TNMA...Beautiful weather as of this an English winter? If it is, I may never leave!

  3. These shots remind me of how much I love London. Very nice!

  4. Thank you Jacqueline :)

    Pamela...I was thinking the same thing. Fingers crossed!

  5. Jeanne, you take such wonderful photos! I love the close up of the fountain statues with water spraying everywhere (6th row)!

    Thanks so much for the comment you left recently in the about me section in my new space. I need to write you back, I had been wondering why I hadn't heard from you in a while, so laughed when I realized you didn't know about the switchover! You didn't know it was me making all those comments! I'm still planning on writing you back, I'll send an e-mail or something soon!

  6. Lovely photos!
    I have always wanted to visit London..and the surrounding areas. Maybe next year...
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  7. I love your pictures, Jeanne. Gorgeous photo of that little girl. Wonder what's going through her little mind?

  8. Hi Maurie..thanks for your note and email. Very helpful..I am sure I will have lots of questions :)

    Jane... I hope you do! was beautiful and in February :)

    Molly...that little girl was flitting about here and there..I was pleased to see that I actually got her standing still :)

  9. Oh Jeanne,
    Hasn't it been a glorious day today ?....and your photographs are fantastic. I love all of them but, the first one says all that I adore about London. Have been in and out of London this past week and am staying in London for a couple of nights next week so, I hope that the weather stays fine.

  10. Beautiful!!! Thank You!

  11. Jeanne - Fantastic pictures, thank you. Great close-ups, especially. I almost feel I could be there.

  12. Your photos are gorgeous and so was your bright blue sky. I am in awe! Wishing you many more beautiful days ahead, especially your weekend!

    Cheers ~ Deb

  13. I love all these shots Jeanne.. Such a great 'happy' feel to them... my favourite is the little girl in the gum boots.. so sweet!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment... Glad you enjoyed my insanity... Hope the weather holds out for you.. ciao xxx Julie

  14. Thanks for transporting us again, Jeanne. I can feel your spirits lifting with the sunshine appearing. J x

  15. I love these photos! I think I need a London visit!

  16. Dear Jeanne,
    so nice to see this London with a *morning view*...!:)
    Your wonderful images inviting me to stay and rest for a while on these particular choosen spots...really nice to see!
    I get a little *home sick* of this city with all the noise, traffic and possibilities. :)
    I`m in the mood of "sh,sh,sh`s" just now.
    I`m fine Jeanne,but...(there`s always a *but*)I`m feeling like loosing a little bit energy at the moment...for doing all the blogging work (might change again, but right now, it is so).
    I love it, but it needs a lot of time spending with the computer and I feel (really) guilty, if I cannot answer or commend all these wonderful persons.
    My resumee is,I have to pull the emergency brake and have to do it in my own rhythm.
    That`s for sure the reason why I`m not in the mood for reading books...(I`m tired when I fall asleep at night).
    My head is sometimes so full of *input* and there`s a need not to consume so much information... (my personal recipe, but does it work? Mmh, I must confess, not not really!)
    But there is an amount of blogger-friends I think,I can *handle* and I would really missing them, if they won`t be around any more....
    You are one of these persons, Jeanne!That`s for sure. :)
    Even if you don`t hear from me a *tweet*, don`t worry,I`m still around, reading, smiling and taking part of your every day`s life.You`re still one of my favourite blog-friend.
    What is it?The age? Maybe.I don`t want to feel a inner pressure doing things, the daily work has enough of it...I think.
    So let`s see, what the next day will bring.
    Many, many wishes to you, Jeanne, which comes very deeply from the heart! :)Beate ♥

  17. Hi Beate

    I hear you on all fronts and I am sure many others would agree. I wrestle with blogging all the time. I love writing and thinking of ideas,
    but you are right, keeping up with comments can be frustrating. I don't know how people with a 50-100 comments do it!

    I woke up this morning thinking that I should set aside 'electronic free' time during the day. It is harder than I thought. When I read your note I had to respond. I should not have been looking at my phone in the first place. All easier said than done!

    I thought I might add my name to the subscription list of bloggers that I enjoy following. If I get an email announcement of a post I might have better luck in following up. I just use my blog roll at the moment but I can't keep up with who is on it and who isn't....all too confusing.

    So yes, I agree and totally understand. Your blog is so wonderful and inspiring and I can tell you are putting a lot of time and thought into it. I tend to keep mine short and posts are not as interesting as yours but with five blogs...and all these different 'hats' I like to wear it seems to work best for me.

    I have to be careful not to let other things slip in my life and I have started to notice it happening more and more. My family gets frustrated and when that happens I know it is time to slow down :)

    I wish we could have a long chat over coffee or a glass of wine...I know we would have lots to say :)

    So dear Beate...if you ever find yourself in know where I am. In the meantime...
    I will keep checking in.

    Take your time...sounds like you need a breather. I cut back on the number of posts and that helped quite a bit. Once I got off the daily post treadmill I found it all a bit easier.

    Best wishes Beate and take care :)

  18. Thank you all for your comments on these photos. I always feel a bit nervous when I do. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment :)

  19. Just love that first shot Jeanne, the subtle colours are almost painterly. The fountain pictures in T Square are great too.
    PS Zero progress on the tweets!! DUH!

  20. I feel like I can breath that air there...looks like spring but am REALLY missing GREEN here as I sit with a foot of snow and ice all around in 0* weather today. Your photos are just fantastic!! Each gives an interesting angle of all things!!


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