Hip Hop Happening Mama and the Winners!!

From 40 to 50....
As I approached the end of my 40's and moved into my current status of the fabulous 50's, 
I vowed, with my friend Z. that we were going to be Hip Hop Happening Mama's. 
Complaining about our age was not allowed. 

Z. and I met 10 years ago at a local church playgroup. I was 43 with a two year old 
and three older primary age children and she was the same age with an 18 month old  
and a three month old baby. To say we stuck out in a group of very young mothers is an 
understatement. It did not take us long to spot each other, exchange business cards 
and from that day on we have been the best of friends. 

You are as young as you feel....
Being one of the oldest mother in the school group brings it's own challenges. 
I was reminded this week when I dropped my youngest for an overnight school trip to France. 
I waved good bye and thought how quickly they grow up and I just wasn't ready for that to happen. 
I mentioned it to the other mothers around me as their toddlers hung off their coat tails. 
No I thought...they are not ready to comprehend, just yet.  They look at me with two 
 in University, one in High School and one in primary and think I am some 
sixth wonder of motherhood. If only they knew :)

Hip Hop Happening Mama guidelines...
What is a Hip Hop Happening Mama? It goes with the adage that you look as young 
as you feel.   Z and I may be the oldest Mom's in the group but we try not to let it get the
better of us. We can't afford too!  I have been told many times that kids keep you young.
This may be true as kids do keep you on your toes and have a habit of not missing a thing.
If you are having an off day and you look as old as you feel, they have a way of letting you know.

To be a Hip Hop Happening Mama requires an extra pep in your step and a 'can do' attitude.
It is a state of mind with a little of that 'I am woman, hear me roar' kind of thinking.
Z. and I reckon that if you feel good, you look good and we aim to keep the spirit going
as long as we can. Is this the case everyday?  No...but we try :)

Care to join us?
It is easy...just remind yourself, no matter what age you are,
that you are one Hip Hop Happening Mama and you rock!  
Don't let age get the better of you! 

You don't even have to be a Mama...
you just have to believe :)

Winners to my Surprise Giveaway
Thank you all for supporting my little giveaway.
It was fun learning all about you. My next post
will be what I learned...in the meantime,
here are the winners...
Natasha @ Five Minutes for Me
Itztru...from Vermont :)
Sandy aka Doris the Great @ Aging Disgracefully
Meredy @ Count it all Joy
Ilse @ Insh'allah
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  1. age is so much a state of attitude and choices. i love being 43. love. though, somedays i wonder if it is weird to be putting on eye cream AND a little zit cream. what's that about? hahahaha:)

  2. That's the spirit! I didn't have children till well into my 30s and I think that keeps me young - a woman is only as old as her youngest child lets her be, and I'm a teen to my youngest.

  3. I have roundeed the bend of the fab 40's into my 50's, and I am now just feeling comfortable in my own skin. Wiser...yes! Worn out...NO!


  4. I love my age, but not enough to post it (I hope someone out there gets my humor in that). I really am with you on this one, Jeanne- age is a matter of how you feel in your heart. I just saw a news show this morning that discussed this topic and contrary to common belief; most people report feeling happier and more comfortable with themselves as they age. I am woman- hear me roar! Now, I'm off to a mountain top to yell that from...

  5. I absolutely adore this post. My little ones definitely keep me young, and waiting to have them was the right decision. Now I hope I am wise enough to teach them and young enough to keep up with them - so far so good!

  6. Oh, I am so there with you! I once read a famous actress say you don't truly find yourself until you hit thirty...I was in my twenties. I now disagree...I am only really figuring out who I am now in my fifties....I am so with you!

  7. Happily joining you, at age 58. It helps, too, that I love being a mama.(And had a lovely role model in my mama.)

    Enjoy the ride, Jeanne.

  8. Jeanne, but you really ARE the 6th Wonder of Motherhood, you know!

    All power to the older mother (I'm one!) But just quietly, I'm in awe of those young mums too as I can't imagine coping mentally and financially with three children when I was under 30 - physically maybe! I didn't think motherhood was hip or happening back then.

    I think 5-10 year olds grow up faster than 0-5s and possibly time flies even faster when they are teenagers (don't know, not quite there yet). Or maybe that's the downside of being an older mother -that you feel the passing of time more acutely.

    Anywayyy, I'm off to drag my ag-ed but sprightly body off to swimming lessons. Better dash. xx

  9. Age is just a number...and I don't look at 57 as being 'OLD". Turning 50 was so freeing! For the first time in my life, I found the drive (and time) to pursue what I wanted...I began painting (and selling my art!), started a couple of businesses, and spent lots of time working with young adults (college age and above). In other words, I reinvented myself. And I LIKE being ME...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  10. You should come to Vienna! To many women above 40 around her push the buggy. Mothers, not grandmothers!

  11. I smiled as I read each word. My now adult girls won't let me get old though some days I would like to! I think they are afraid that if I quit being a hip hop mama they will have to try and figure out how to add that little extra touch of excitement to their kids lives. Funny how they have convinced their youngsters that Lulu is the one with who to have fun. I'm with you, girl.

  12. Ahhh yes! I knew you were out there! More hip-hop-happening mamas like me. Mine are not in kindergarden anymore, but I have a revolving door of international students that come and live with me. I am the eternal Mama, listening to MTV and watching Gosspip Girl. I AM WOMAN!

  13. What a great, inpspiring post! Also love that picture you have chosen to illustrate the topic - it sparks all sorts of imaginings. :)

  14. Sometimes I absolutely need to read something like that. I have just turned 40 and it seemed like the end of the world for a couple of weeks but now I am determined to bring sexy back ;) And be a Hip Hop Happening Mama. I loved that.

  15. A great read Jeanne...I love being the age I am - which is not as young as I once was LOL!!

    Have a lovely week-end :)

  16. I was the oldest of my daughter's parents too...and you are right, it keeps you young!!

  17. I applaud you, Jeanne. Your daughters are so lucky to have you as a role model of womanhood.

  18. Oh my...! I just noticed that I was chosen as one of the winners in your giveaway! So looking forward to the surprise. Let me know if you need an email address for contact. Thank you. And now I'm off to read your blog about New Zealand gardens...a place I've been and long to go back to!

  19. Dear Jeanne, I think age is just a number. It's all about attitude. And you look amazing anyway xx

  20. Such lovely sentiments, moms or not.

  21. So happy to have found your blog today...as a 44 year old mother of 3, youngest age 4, I couldn't agree MORE!:)

  22. Wow, thank you so much! I am so happy to have won something from your brilliant give away. I can't wait to find our what I won!

    Thanks for the excellent post today too. I am turning 40 this year and am laughing at the very first comment...can you believe I found a zit this morning???? AAARRRGGHHH...I so thought those days were over!

    Best wishes always,

  23. I also love my 40's. I feel like so much depth has crept into my viewpoints, hobbies, time, and concerns. I'm cautiously optimistic about my daughter heading to college in one year's time. Its going to be a rough year next year because I am not ready to be a family of 3 instead of 4 but I do like the stage of life I am in personally. Very timely post for me. Thank you!

  24. Another fab post, Jeanne. Being 40 with 3 under 6, I relate to it. I don't feel middle-aged yet! And a huge congrats to the lucky winners. J x


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