Blog Talk and Shirt Love

Having tea, thinking about my day and all your wonderful comments
to my last post 'A New Face...A New Twitter'
I love reading what you is so interesting! 
In a nutshell, Twitter is a curiosity for some and not at all for others. 
You have similar angst with Facebook and are just having to much fun 
with blogging to ever give it up. Just the sort of news I like to hear! 
We all know when we are onto a good thing :)

Some of you may recall other posts of mine regarding 'Blog Talk'. 
I have added them to the top of my sidebar if you are interested. 
They are especially helpful if you are new to blogging. 
You can skip my post and go right to the heart of the matter... the comments. 
A wealth of knowledge is waiting for you :)

I am going to share a little 'girl talk' here just because I am so excited 
about my purchase today. I went into London (you can read about it here
and happened upon the window below. I stopped, looked, carried on, turned around, 
 crossed the street and crossed the street again to come back to it. I was curious. 
It is a thrift shop filled with curious objects :)

I walked in, picked up a blouse and went straight to the counter to pay for it.
I did not have to think twice. It is a beautiful 100% fine woven silk blouse 
by a local designer, Shirin Guild. It is long, it is loose, it is billowy,
creamy, dreamy and it was only GBP 15.00
Yes... I admit it now...I love a bargain!
It is gently used and I will do the same.

A little shirt love happening today :)

A great day.
There is nothing like flying the coop for a few hours
and then coming tea and comfy socks.

 A simple post deserve it... 
yesterday's was a humdinger!

Before I go....
Do you like a bargain?
If so, what do you like to look for
and where do you find it?

I do admit to one other weakness....used books.
I seek them out everywhere and giggle with glee 
when I find the perfect one :)


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Images: top and bottom via The White Company
all other images~me


  1. Hi Jeanne. As I've dubbed 2011 The Year of Living Frugally, I'm very much into op shops and second hand bookshops. On my holiday to Byron last month I only bought one thing that was new and the rest (only a few things!) were second hand. Not sure how long I can keep it up though!

  2. Thanks for taking me along!
    Now where's that thrift shop again?
    Oh, I've found some fabulous things on ebay.
    And there's also a wonderful consignment shop in Nashville that I try to hit every time I'm there. Last summer I found a Calvin Klein trenchcoat for $10!

  3. I, too, love old books. I love going to estate sales looking for books and "yard art". I've lucked into a couple of pieces of silver, but have found I just don't get out early enough.

    I did go back and visit one of your posts on blogging. Very helpful! Thanks! Bonnie

  4. I love the thrill of the hunt and finding a treasure in a thrift shop makes me happy for days!
    I must go exploring soon...

    Sounds like you had fun :)

  5. You put on a lovely tea, Jeanne, over girl talk, thankyou!! The treasure you bought was perfect and you'll wear it well!!

  6. I love a bargain. In fact, I only shop bargain -- new and used. I love the thrill of the hunt; the surprise "gift" you find before anyone else; and yes, I'm a sucker for the books (and magazines).

  7. Oooh what a bargain Jeanne - it's gorgeous - quite envious! I love rummaging around in thrift shops. x

  8. What a lovely post...
    I'm like that too, sometimes it even takes days for me to go back and get the item, but when I'm on vacation its a different thing, I like to buy everything I like right away because I'd just think of it when I get home:)

    I'm wearing a warm pair of pink socks right now...I love socks, so comfy and I only wear cute ones.

  9. Oh how I LOVE a bargain. I refuse to pay full price for anything. I will stalk my prey until it is at its death, then in for the kill!! I recently bought a pair of white jeans (no, don't think 1988!), they actually look like white pants for the grand total of $7.00!! They were on the $10.00 rack, but were discounted again. Jeanne, love your bargain..

  10. Just now catching up on your last two's was easier to read than the one about FB and Twit...the techno-world is leaving me behind...I simply can't keep up. I have a FB page I rarely look at and I don't see a need to twitter...still chatting on email. A blog, for me, is a place to create...communication with others of like minds is a surprising and pleasant payback.
    Love your new shirt...I'm just learning to search through thrift shops...a hip trend these days.

  11. Dear Jeanne, that's a beautiful tea pot and the blouse is gorgeous. I always favour ivory or cream over white.

    I buy all my clothes from Ebay and have done for some years now, I have a stupid amount but can't resist a bargain. I've been sorting out my overstuffed wardrobe recently and have been blogging about it here. I'm not even nearly finished yet.

    I also have a weakness for used books, I buy a lot from Amazon secondhand and various charity and junk shops. Luckily I have plenty of bookshelves! xx

  12. Dear Jeanne, are you sure the spam is actually going on your blog? I get email notifications with lots of rubbish but the comments aren't published. Maybe you have to switch the spam filter on on Blogger? I will check. I'm following you on Twitter now. I must remember to use the thing xx

    Thanks for the comment re the wardrobe - it's quite a feat so far. I'm on Part 11 blogging it so far.

  13. Oh Jeanne,
    That shirt looks so beautifully soft and silky.....I am sure that it hangs beautifully too. A very good buy I think.
    Many, many thanks for your lovely comment and birthday wishes. It means an awful lot to me. I have done some lovely things for my birthday and, it's not over yet. I will do a post about it maybe !! Lots of love. XXXX

  14. Your blouse is gorgeous Jeanne.

  15. I have a book phobia... it has to be brand new, i have to be the first one to open it's lovely, sweet smelling virgin pages... just me and the book, having a love affair with each other, knowing that it was just us and never some before me... it's a sweet romance, if not too short of a time together.. before i lovingly place it on my shelf in search of another...

  16. A lovely post, indeed. I buy consignment most of the time. There's a great one by my house and I go at least twice a week. Always find something I love.


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