A New Face...a New Twitter

I am taking stock at the moment.
I have gone into information overload.
There was a moment or two when I was 
ready to press the button...delete blog, delete Facebook, delete Twitter.

My fingers flew every which way over that keyboard but in the end...I couldn't.
My blogs have become like my children....they need me or rather I need them :)
I decided Facebook needed a new face...a new purpose.
Mention Twitter and you get the immediate eye roll...I just didn't get it.
Until now...I think.

Let's talk Facebook.....

I have been on Facebook a year or two, a few friends, a few pages and
more recently a few blogging friends. My frustration grew when I could no longer
find friends and the information I wanted thru all the clutter. Do I really want to know the latest
egg count from someone playing Farmville? Not really. As much as I enjoy those
friends...I think Facebook has taken the whole 'sharing' concept too far.

Enter the little 'x' that sits to the right side of a Facebook comment...it lets you hide it all.
Click...click...click and voila...gone.
No one has been deleted...they are just resting, for a while :)

I want to read. I want to know what is going on around me 
and I want to go to one place to do it.
This is where pages come in and I now have just the ones I need
to make my Facebook experience a more pleasant one. Some of
my favs...The New York Times, BBC News, Nigella Lawson, Visit London,
Financial Times, Harrods, Elle Decor, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, 
The National Trust, Royal Academy of Arts, 
Ticketmaster UK and The British Monarchy...just for fun.

 I have also noticed Facebook widgets on other blogs and thought it might be fun. 
Kerry @ A Tranquil Townhouse gave me the heads up
on how to do it and I now have a page devoted to my many blog posts.

Blogging has been simplified.
I find them, they find me...we read, we comment. Life is easy.
Now I need more...so if you have put your blog on Facebook or are
contemplating it and would like to know more...comment here
and we will find a way together.

Let's talk Twitter....

How many of you have signed up and that is about it?
How many have looked at it and that is about it?
How many of you are actively using Twitter?
How many of you do not want to go there?

I am taking baby steps here. I started yesterday.
There is still lots to learn, but it is actually kind of fun. 
Why am I surprised?

I have found the most wonderful information 
about the things I love to do.
I think I could begin to like this concept.

My Twitter profile....
Surrey, UK
A woman enjoying expat life in England 
with a camera, four kids, one man, one dog and five blogs. 
My sanctuary starts @ Collage of Life :)

Let's Talk blogs...

What can I say? I have five.
I have thought about deleting one or two or three
but just can not bring myself to do it.

They all fill a need for me and for those few who
stop in and comment...I would miss them :)

If you are thinking of another...I say go for it!

It's all go around here!!

How about you?
Can I help answer any questions?
A big thank you if you made it this far!!!
Jeanne xxx
One last thing...this is for the questions that you may have. 
Maybe we can help each other :)

1. From Janet @ Janet's Journal
Does anyone know of a hosting/editing/collage making site?
(I would like to know too :) 

Suggestions from Laura @ Happy Homemaker
Collage site: Scrapblog & Polyvore
Photo editing: Picasa & Picnik
Photo albums/scrapbooks:

Thanks Laura!
Suggestions from Jane @ Life on Planet Baby
1. I upload my photos to Flickr and then edit them in PicnikI save the edited versions back to Flickr.
2. I use BigHugeLabs to do my collages, mosaics and all sorts of fun. You'll have a ball playing with it.
3. I also collect photos I like by using We ♥ it, Pinterest and Vi.sualize.us. I posted about them at 
http://www.lifeonplanetbaby.com/p/blogging-tips.html if you're interested.
Thank you Jane!


  1. Jeanne, So happy to know I am not alone in this challenge to figure out how best to navigate social media and have it fit my life, my work. I so enjoyed reading this post and have been inspired to once again evaluate my FB pages, blogs, and twitter accounts. I am also looking for a good photo hosting/editing/collage making site. Any ideas? Have a great day! ~Blessings, Janet

  2. What a well thought out post Jeanne, it can indeed feel like information overload.

    I just started on Twitter on Thursday so we are probably in the same boat. I am really not sure if it was the right thing to join....we'll see :)

    And the Facebook thing - I keep my group of friends on there very small and then I find generally I am seeing information on there that I wanted to see.

    I would love to know how to add Facebook to my blog though...I might have to persuade you or Kerry to help me with that :)

    Happy Sunday :)

  3. Jeanne - big sis...delete a blog? No! Sacrilege! Although I am genuinely in awe of how you manage all 5; I can just about do one justice. However I don't split up the topics - it's a catch-all for every thought in my head; be it fashion or motherhood or the weather! Well done for embracing Twitter - I have yet to do that. Still unsure. And Facebook serves a different purpose for me - more to with old school friends and work colleagues so not something that would cross over to my blog. It's all alot of technology isn't it? Interesting musings... Lou x

  4. Facebook is OK for keeping up with close friends and family photos, but I am not madly keen. Also I find all those game things irritating. Have never been anywhere near Twitter. But saying all that, Jeanne I do like Blog land, simply because the blogs I like and go back to time and time again are being written by like minded people. And the authors who write them (even though we may never actually meet each other) have become friends

  5. Oh...this is fun, I can see there will be some fun questions here.

    Janet...I know someone who may know the answer to this question. I will come back to you on this one as I would like to know too...

    Simone...hang in there on Twitter....I think you will be pleasantly surprised :)

    Thx Lou :)...Little Sis..

    Molly...try that little x I mentioned. It will appear when you scroll over the upper rights side of the comment. You have a couple of choices there. You are not deleting them...just taking a rest :)

    Keep them coming my friends....I love this sort of talk!

  6. I dabble in Facebook...I like to keep up wit h family and a few friends. I have never understood Twitter but it does sound like fun. I do know that my blog keeps me busy and I spend far more time on it than I should! I feel spread too thin as of right now. I would like to have more hours in a day to expand to another blog one day. How do you manage it all?!


  7. Jane...I think fast, talk fast, write fast and do not do any of them with a whole lot of flair! Drives my family crazy! I always think that if I just stuck to one blog life would be simpler but then you would all think I was as mad as a hatter with the non stop posting! :))

  8. Jeanne, I took a break from blogging last summer. I didn't have an internet connection (at the lake) and didn't want to take too much time away from my kiddos. I think that fewer posts sometimes solves the trick! I am not on twitter. I luv facebook but wish that I could ALWAYS see posts from certain people like my mom,sis, cousins,hubby. Sometimes I have to seek those out & it drives me nuts!!

    I love this conversation and think that it is excellent to re-evaluate what we are doing & WHY we are doing it. I love blogging and it has totally enriched my life!! hugs from Ohio, Cathy

  9. oops, forgot to check that I want email follow-up on this post!!

  10. Last year I "hid" all of my 500 facebook friends, unless they were actively involved in my life. I could still see their birthdays and access their wall. I loved it.
    And I happily hid all the games. FREEDOM.

    I have a fan page on facebook and link my blog to that and my personal page. I get a lot of readers that way.

    I will be itnerested in how you like twitter.


  11. P.S. I am glad you did not hit the delete button. :)

  12. Well as you know Jeanne I am waiting with baited breath to see you do wonders on Twitter but I'm afraid I'm not attracted to Facebook. The tool I like for following blogs is bloglovin', ... we all have our litle habits.
    I still feel dizzy when I think about your 5 blogs

  13. I feel like you about FB & Twitter :)

    Collage site: Scrapblog & Polyvore
    Photo editing: Picasa & Picnik
    Photo albums/scrapbooks: Blurb

    Hope this helps :) XOL

  14. I feel hopeless old-fashioned:-D
    I'm not on Facebook and Twitter. I have this one little blog - don't know how you manage five, but I'm very impressed!
    I have my private email and work email that I check out each day - and then the blog. That's more than enough for me.

  15. Thanks Cathy...I agree, fewer posts does make a difference. I like the idea that you were able to take the summer off from blogging...I know my time will come when I have to take a break...I also know I will miss it :)
    You are so right...it does enrich your life!

    Glenda...500 friends! Wow!!! I am going to have to find out more about your fan page on Facebook. I haven't found that one yet :)

    Sharon...I added bloglovin as you suggested. It is a great concept and easy to use. I will be sure to keep you posted on Twitter...

    Laura...thanks so much for the tips..I will be sure to let Janet know and will have fun exploring too :)

    Carina....amen to that :)

  16. i'm looking for some harmony in it all. feeling a little trapped by the media of it all. i'm resisting twitter. i'll probably give in eventually. there are no hard and fast rules--we're all sort of making it up as we go along. kind of exciting.

  17. Great post! I like Twitter and I try to post there often. We also have ids for our other websites. Twitter is so much easier to just post or share something quickly.

    Facebook I don't always get, it's hard to weed through the posts of friends vs. groups.
    I also have a fan or group page on Facebook but haven't got in the habit of posting much. Plus it's hard to customize.

    I'm still learning about blogging. My blog needs work and I need to post a whole lot more. I'm always thinking of a possible post but rarely get around to doing it.
    But I love reading blogs. It's addicting.

  18. I'm right where all the info tech stuff sometimes is overwhelming! I love my blog and then I hate being ties to trying to think of something to blog about so then I don't do it for a few days and then I'm really into it and looking at what my blog pals are up to, and enjoying photography, my hobby.
    As for Facebook...it seem trivial compared to the interesting things and depth of blogging, so I do very little on it. I really can't stand Farmville...again a fad that I started because everyone else was and now my wall is full of requests. I hardly ever look at it.
    As for Twitter, I signed up months ago to keep up on Mc Mamma when her little Stellan was desperately ill. Then I stopped and now don't even know my password :-( . Think I am a fly by night techie....who just enjoys blogging...because reading about other people's lives is more interesting than fiction!

  19. Okay, this is an interesting topic! I don't understand Twitter. Does one Tweet from their cell phone or computer or both? If I wanted to read a tweet, does it come from my cell phone as a text? What is it?? Call me clueless!
    Facebook, that's another story. I've just decided to put on my FB page what makes me personaly happy, even if my "friends" don't get it- I like to play music or comedy pardody just so I can go back and watch it myself. Sometimes, I think if my blogger friends knew what was on my FB they would say- well, that is not who I thought she was. It doesn't matter. It's what I want to see or find revelant! We can't go through every social network editing our own spirit. xoxo

  20. Dearest Jeanne,
    PS- love the fact your blogs have a Facebook page! I'm a fan!

  21. Oh, my Fairy Blogmother, I am still astounded at how you manage to keep on top of all this information.

    I am also in 'overload' state at the moment and trying to work out how best to streamline things.

    One blog will suffice although I love the way you have set yours up to deal with discrete topics. I have a FB page but don't want to link it to my blog. And with 3 children under 6, I don't have the time or inclination for Twitter ☺.

    As for the tips sought by Janet, here are mine:

    1. I upload my photos to Flickr and then edit them in Picnik. I save the edited versions back to Flickr.

    2. I use BigHugeLabs to do my collages, mosaics and all sorts of fun. You'll have a ball playing with it.

    3. I also collect photos I like by using We ♥ it, Pinterest and Visualize.us.

    I posted about them at http://www.lifeonplanetbaby.com/p/blogging-tips.html if you're interested.

    J x

  22. WOW...you are one busy lady....yes..all of this social media is overloading that is for sure!! I have not entered the Twitter arena yet and don't know when I will, my blogs, and facebook are already pretty time consuming!! Bravo to you!!
    Have a fabulous week xOxO

  23. You're way ahead of me now Jeanne...I wouldn't have a clue about Twitter!

  24. I too am pleased that you didn't hit the delete button Jeanne, although how you not only manage, but do a brilliant job of 5 blogs is beyond me. I find twitter is quite fun, and is brilliant for the business side of my store, and for getting into short conversations with other like minded folk. Facebook is the one I'm scared of even though I have set it up!

  25. I'm so glad you decided no to delete your blog! I know what you mean though - it all gets a bit too much sometimes and we need to have a good 'clear out' now and again. I've just recently started a Facebook page for my blog. I'm still getting the hang of it though and keep forgetting to update it!

    Have a good week x x

  26. So grateful that you didn't hit the "delete" button on your blog. I am grappling with Facebook and Twitter as well. I see all of these items (blog, Facebook and Twitter) as meaningful tools to connect with people who are of like mind. I have decided to continue working with Facebook and Twitter. However, I remain steadfast in not letting it run my life and eat up time. My latest trick is setting aside a bit of time once at day to post and tweet. I will keep you posted on how it goes!

  27. Jeanne ~

    Like Carina, I don't belong to Facebook and I don't twitter. I don't even have a blog. I have personal e-mail and that's it. I am terribly old-fashioned, I'm afraid. I much prefer interacting with human beings face-to-face, by snail mail, or --- occasionally, by phone. I'm hopelessly technically challenged. The world, with all of its technological social gadgetry, seems to be making things so impersonal, and things are moving at a high rate of speed. I do enjoy reading blogs like yours, and leave comments from time to time, but I'm missing the grace and in-depth interaction with people. Thanks for this post. It has given me food for thought, and upon thinking about it, I will continue to do things the slower, less technical way, going at a slower pace, and savoring each interaction. Have a beautiful, grace-filled, serene day!
    Gentle hugs to you!

  28. Dear Jeanne, completely off the point (what's new) but I have been telling Tabitha (Bourbon and Pearls) about your fab Dubarrys - they have them in my local shop, they are superb! so there xx
    i can only just manage one blog..

  29. Jeanne - Thanks immensely for this post. I'm technically challenged ("shouldn't be let loose" I think I heard my husband mutter as I attempted to install Picasa and summoned his help.) So any simple tips are most welcome. How to do snazzy blog headers for starters. Blogger templates are horrendous to personalise I find.

    {Don't dare close any of your blogs - you've become a trusted source of advice on Everything*. I hope your daughters appreciate this :0)}

    *Watched 90's flick, Love Letters, the other night on your recommendations. Fab!

  30. Ok here goes....let's see where I left off...

    Deborah..we are indeed making it up as we go and it is exciting, says she who is on a definite coffee buzz at the moment :)

    Melody-I agree, I am finding Twitter much easier but blogging is fun isn't it!

    Donna...I laugh, I just received a message on Linkedin and found myself wondering when I set that up!!

    Christina...You an tweet from your phone and computer. I haven't mastered the phone yet and am not sure I want to. It means those reading glasses will never come off my head! By the way, I love your music choices and love what you said about editing our spirit thru social networking...I can see how it happens.

    Jane- You sweet thing, thank you so much for all your tips. I don't know how you do it but I must say your blog is looking fantastic!!

    NicNacManiac...yes..I agree, all time consuming says she who has spent the better half of her day updating her Twitter account! That was not my objective when I started :)

    Kerry...I can get you started, you will be surprised how easy it is :)

    Amanda--I can see how Twitter would be great for business...great point!

    Sarah ELizabeth--that happens to me too!

    Sabrina--Once a day to post and tweet sounds right...now if I could just figure out for how long :)

    Motherkitty--Your comment left me feeling very relaxed...I think I need a regular dose of your thoughts!

    Blighty-so glad on the Dubarry's... I am loving them, wear them everywhere!

    Deborah...many thanks...and I hope my daughters appreciate it too. I can't believe you were able to find that film in Canberra. I have friends who live in the town next door to where it was filmed who cannot find it!! Glad you enjoyed it :)


  31. Jeanne, I am very, very glad you didn't push the delete key! Thank you for all the time and energy it takes to write your blogs.

    A couple of years ago I decided my Facebook friends would be people I actually have some real life contact with so my number of friends is fairly low (60 or so). I have set it so I no longer get Farmville or any other game updates or requests for chickens!

    My blog is quite new and I am still in the "loving to write" stage which I am hoping will last for years!

    I don't have a cell phone because I am usually at home in my studio. If someone wants to contact me I can be reached there. When I am out and about I don't want anyone to find me! It's my time to escape.

    Of course my "very up to date with all things techi" daughters think I'm nuts and hate it when they can't reach me immediately! Ah the bliss of sitting in a coffee shop talking face to face with a friend.

  32. Sometimes I think the cyber world is too much Jeanne... I use to have a facebook page for my blog, and then I got rid of it, it seemed for me at least redundant as the people following my blog, were the same people following my fb page. I did the twitter thing to but it wasn't for me. As for my personal fb page, I just took a step back from it for a few months. And then I did something goofy and opened a second blog just for my photos, no words, just photos.... But sometimes I think that the cyber world can really pull you in too much and you forget to live in the real world.. At least for me, as I have a bit of compulsive nature. But that was an awesome post!

  33. Having only recently found your blog I am so glad you are not leaving.

  34. Lovely post, Jeanne. You said so much that most of us feel. When Twitter first came out, I tweeted. But it rolled so fast, I tweeted bye-bye.

    FB turned into too many photos friends wanted me to see NOW, so I've deactivated the account. But, hark, I've learned I can open a FB page on my blog that better suits what I think FB is about.
    Somehow it's all coming together.

  35. Dear Jeanne, I've been on Twitter for a while and Facebook for years. I forget I'm on there half the time. I will follow you as soon as I can remember my password. Have a lovely week xx

  36. So glad you did not press delete!! I love reading your blogs, they are uplifting, interesting and inspiring. I do have facebook but not sure I want to share my blog with my facie friends!! Yes there are a number of 'friends' that I have resting at the moment ;)Twitter....No not for me at this stage. Never say never though

  37. 'Cos I have so much technical stuff coming at me electronically from work to deal with, I need to keep the small amount of space left in my brain simple. I don't Tweet & have no desire to. I have a FB page but don't do much with it & don't link my blog to it. I like LinkedIn for professional reasons, so I'm a bit more diligent with keeping that up-to-date.

    I don't have a burning ambition to promote the dear old Hedge to the world - yes that probably makes me very slacko! If people stumble across it in BloggieLand & visit, then I'm happy. I only started it as a sort of record of all our renos. & that's how I still view it. Although it still amazes me that people around the world want to look over my shoulder & see what disasters have befallen MOTH & what mischief the boys are up to. So that's it from boring old me Jeanne, sorry I can't add anything world shattering to your post, another very thought-provoking one though thanks!
    Millie x

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