Feeling Inspired

Feeling inspired 
for a little bit 
of organization 
and creativity?

I'll join you :)

You can find lots of inspiration here,
in the February 2011 editions of 
Country Living UK

Best wishes for a wonderfully creative weekend!

Jeanne xxx


  1. I love the UK edition of Country Living. I get it from my local bookstore. And those straw bags are such a must-have, aren't they?

  2. And the same to you Jeanne for a weekend brimming with creativity. I certainly need a few bursts of it!

    Cheers ~ Deb

    P.S. - Love CL UK too!

  3. Yes, I definitely into reogranizing, redesigning, and recycling at this time of year...every year...possibly my favorite thing to do because when I'm finished, I feel so calm, simplified, and peaceful.

  4. I am in reorganizing heaven right now. Cupboards, cabinets ... you name it - I am culling and organizing away! Good for the home, not so good for blogging!

  5. Love the clothes pegs! Yes, I desperately want to get organized -my place is too small and has to serve too many purposes right now! A wonderful weekend to you too:-)

  6. organizing in january feels really good, but by july i'm usually in a mess again. here's to keeping it up:) so happy to have stumbled upon your sweet slice of life.

  7. Well, I'm trying...I love to organize...but finding time is always a challange lately, it seems. I admire others that get it done! Love the bags! Didn't know that the UK had it's own Country Living.
    A great weekend to you!!

  8. My Favourite magazine...I see more hogweed has appeared on the towel!

    Yes let's have an organizing cleaning bee...and while we're at it check the smoke detector batteries too...

  9. Just picked up a copy of Country Living - US today. I'll have to look for a copy of this UK version. Looks like something I could use. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  10. I love the clothes peg idea! Here in Canada we get our UK Country Living magazine a month late! I still buy them every month and sigh/drool over each issue.

  11. Lovely pictures - I do like Country Living magazine, the styling is lovely and I like the fact that they regularly use older models.


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