Pillow Talk

Pillows are a touchy subject around our house.
For 20 years, Mr. H has been asking the same question.
Why do we have to have so many pillows?
To which I reply,  just because.

I am sure Doris would understand.

I look at these pictures and I think of the 
most wonderful night's sleep.
Pillow Heaven :)

We have ten pillows on our bed.
I admit we do not sleep with them all but
I do love that feeling when you lean back,
rest your head and pull out a good book.

When we travel, the first thing I do is check
the closets to see how many extra pillows are available.
Am I crazy? 
I hope you say no!
Do tell,
what is your pillow count?

Speaking of pillows, some of you may remember  
Doris Day and Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk.

Wishing one and all a restful week!!!!

My pillow # 10

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 56


  1. Love them...can't get enough of them. Hubby asks the same question as your's Jeanne...they just don't get it..too bad, I say!

  2. I agree with you. The more pillows the better. I think pillows make the bed look so inviting.

  3. Pretty photos. That looks like a cute movie. I'll have to watch that.
    We have 5 right now. But we may add more once I get a stand for the TV so we can sit up and watch it.

  4. Right now we are up to 5 pillows. I should point out, Mr Paula doubled his pillow-rate by 100%: going from 1 to 2. Is this your beautiful bed?

  5. My husbands asks the same question! There is seven on our bed, three each on the kids bed and a few more in their rooms (just in case) and countless more cushions in our living areas, playroom and outdoor deck. I've just made two more cushion covers on the weekend with plans for love heart pillows to be made for the kids for valentine's day.

    Hmmm, until I wrote this I didn't realise that I might have a problem! They are just so inviting:)

    By the way love "pillow talk", I have it here and love Doris!

  6. ready to jump in any of these beds for a well deserved nap. lovely images and yes...I am an addict to pillows.
    i have so many in my showroom that I am running out of storage space.
    Just came upon your blog via Brabourne farm and enjoyed reading through the posts.

  7. We have 5. Lovely to snuggle into and lovely to sit up and read. Now 10 - thats quite a lot!!

  8. I think beds are naked without lots of pillows. My count is 7 :)

  9. Only four and one of those (on the other side) gets turfed off when the light goes out.

  10. Thank you all for your comments! I can see I have quite a few...maybe more than others :) I may have to have a closer look now!

    To Paula...I wish any were my beautiful bed but alas...just something to aspire too. I recently purchased a complete set of white linen which inspired me for this post.

    I should probably confess....why ten pillows.
    I like to file everything including pillows it seems.
    With a King size bed we need three standards to go across the bed (with a small for extra measure) and then three European (large square) to sit in front and another two full standards to sit in front again and one hand made pillow, a gift from Mr. H to remember our time in England which sits in front..all up 10. In a king size bed....a queen must sit :)

  11. Yes Jeanne MOTH asks the same question (read as whinges) frequently as well. We have a King size bed too, so to get the appropriate Millie-look I need 3 large Europeans, 2 standards & 2 throw cushions for 'effect'! It's a girl thing, the boys just need to give up on this one.
    Millie x

  12. I'm a two pillow girl. I just can't sleep on one. I love the way piles of pillows look on the bed, but I just cannot deal with them anymore. Too many late nights coming home and having to face de-pillowing. lol!

  13. You're not crazy! You must tell Mr. H that you can never have too many pillows.
    I have six. Sometimes I use a lot -for leaning back and reading or when I have a cold:-) Sometimes I don't use any of them. I just like to know that there will always be enough.

  14. Love pillows and the white linens. I love them on the bed and propped up under me with a good book (too comfortable for I always fall asleep). Yet I only sleep with one snuggled under my head. We have 6 on the bed right now...

  15. The Husband and I sleep on 3 pillows aeach and then I have three decorative...so that is 9. We are all pillow crazy!


  16. I love that movie and Doris Day movies in general! I love pillows, lots and lots and lots of pillows and I do the very same thing when I am in a hotel or b&b - the more pillows the better!

    You forgot two other benefits to having lots of pillows. One is the excuse to find beautiful vintage pillow cases and shams (like french linen - sigh...). The other reason is.....


  17. Ok...I'm overboard...we have 14! My hubby says that if I die, those pillows will never see the light of day again! hahaha!!!!!

  18. On a ministry trip to China last year, my husband toured a silk plant . . . he came home with the most delicious pillow ever. . . made of silk and filled with silk.
    You would love it.


  19. Oh, too funny. Every night when the hubby is tossing pillows against the wall, he asks WHY? He just doesn't appreciate the fact that they look good when you're not in the bed!

  20. Hey Jeanne
    Love all these white linens.. gorgeous..

    Well.. I'm a disaster.. I could devote a whole room to pillow and cushion storage.. trying to down size it all right now.. tough!! they're everywhere!! hahaha.. but the bed pillow thing.. well I seem to be on an eternal quest to find the right pillow to support my neck.. sadly they don't look as pretty as these squishy models... but I keep buying more.. and still looking.... I agree about 3 euros on bed.. even on a queen.. two look mean..

    Oh.. and I love staying in 5 star where there is a pillow menu... heaven!!!

    Have a lovely lovely week.. ciao xxx Julie

  21. oh how much I love those old movies! and Doris...and Rock... :o)

  22. Oh yes, Jeanne!Pillows are my *week* point, can`t have enough...you can tell by now.
    My husband wants to throw away some from time to time and I just get *incredulous* big eyes :O....!!!Never,ever.
    And nothing compares to old Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies. I love when she gets angry like a steam-engine. :))
    Have a sunny monday, Beate XXX

  23. AYyyyy Jeanne!!!!! Me encantó! Y yo también tengo muchas almohadas y hago lo mismo que tú al llegar a un hotel, y sino pido más!!! Inolvidable Doris y todo su glamour! Un beso, Gloria.

  24. Oh, I love my pillows too! However, we have a minimal four :)

    Love the pillow scenes you posted, makes me want to crawl in bed right now...after all, it's a rainy day out there and a perfect time for a nap.

  25. I am absolutely loving all this pillow talk...thank you all so much. I am off to bed with a big smile :))

  26. Fabulous pillow photos...I've actually packed away a few and I still have seven on my bed! I'm going to aim for the simplicity in the last photo...wish me luck!

  27. Oh I'm with you Jeanne.....I always check in the hotel wardrobe as they only ever have two on a double bed.
    We have 9 on our bed. Mr. Home says it takes him ages to get into bed as he has to throw a lot of them off before he goes to sleep !! XXXX

  28. I'm a long time fan of pillows, but have the same curious husband. He never has accepted the "pillow" idea. ;-)
    As for our bed, the count is 10, though all but 4 are removed when we sleep. As for the rest of the house, the count goes on. LOL

  29. Jeanne,
    Such lovely, dreamy images. Thankfully, my husband's love/need for pillows matches mine - not so much the decorative ones, but the ones we actually use. We each use three. When it comes to pillows, there's nothing better than a hotel with great ones - and nothing worse than a hotel with bad ones. Have a wonderful week - sweet dreams! Rita

  30. There's something so comforting about a fluffy stack of pillows!

  31. Nothing nicer that a stack of pillows. My hubby doesn't understand either.

  32. I'm with you Jeanne - the more pillows the better! This post reminds me of being in a 5star hotel in France where I caused the staff much distress because I wasn't happy with the pillows. They just have to be right. Leigh

  33. I adore pillows. And I love Cranford (been watching on public television over here.) You have a delightful little blog, missie! I simply must follow.

  34. I tell Fudd... The woman who dies with the most pillows wins.
    Cerise at Whitewashed Cottage

  35. We've got a bunch, as well, though not as many as you. I think the number is 8.

  36. I love pillows and I adore the movie Pillow Talk. Great post.


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