A BW Happy Drinker in the Dew thinking about Blog Love

To bw or not to bw?
Ask a blogger a questions and you most certainly will get an answer! 
Thank you all for helping me with my dilemma. It was very close but it appears 
the majority of you like the Happy Drinker photos thrown in with Black and White. 
Very interesting! I have decided to mix it all up and spread them out between the five blogs. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it :)

How does thee garden grow?
I read a review on a great book, The Morville Year, here
There was something in "the smell of freshly cut mowed lawn and 
walking in the dew in a dressing gown" that hooked me.
 I am getting that Spring feeling, how about you?

Blog Love comforteth like sunshine after rain...
I want to send out some Blog Love today. 
Some of you may have read my last Blog Love post here.
If not, sending Blog Love is a way of saying...I love your blog
and thank you for inspiring me. My last post was to thank those that started 
with me from the very beginning and are still with me today. I want to thank
them for passing it on and sharing in the Blog Love :)

Today I want to thank more faithful followers whose blogs and comments
I thoroughly enjoy. They have been checking in on me for a while now and 
in some cases they follow several of my blogs. They are true friends and genuine
people who I think you will enjoy getting to know. I am passsing on Blog Love 
to these lovely ladies to say, I appreciate your friendship and love your blog!

To the recipients: I am changing this a bit. You can pass Blog Love to whomever 
you like in any way that you like. I started this with the idea of having everyone post
their very first post when they passed it on. You can make your own rules.
If you wish to just bask in the love and not pass it on, that is ok too!

Anyone can grab the button...spread the Blog Love far and wide!
I'll be back with more Blog Love soon :)
Have a great day !

Jeanne xx

PS...ever played Spin the Mouse?
A house I used to pass on my morning walk
in Gloucester, Massachusetts...here.


  1. Wow, glad you chose the happy drinker in B & W. I like the changes you have brought to your wee place.

    Love always,

  2. Thanks for the visit Jeanne, much appreciated


  3. I do like that black white image on your profile and have one on mine too. I had old time reasons – my friend inherited an ancient family camera and does darkroom photography.

  4. Jeanne, you do the nicest things for you blogging followers! I will visit each of your blog loves today.

  5. Thanks Carole..it's what makes the world go round :)

  6. Aww Jeanne you are the best. Thanks for the Blog Love Award.

    Hmm, the smell of freshly mowed lawn and walking in your dressing gown in the dew...still happening here, but I fear not for too long. We will be getting the first of the firewood in for Winter over the next few weeks.

    Summer is about to end here in NZ.

  7. A lovely way to show your appreciation. I will come back to check out some of those blogs.

  8. Thanks Jeanne! This is so exciting! Such an otherwise cold, snowy and depressing day here. What a lovely pcik-me-up.
    I'm going to give this some serious thought!

  9. Why, thank you, very much! I so enjoy your blog and am glad you stop by to smell the flowers with me, too.

  10. Dear Jeanne,
    I was so happy to see the 'blog love' thumbnail in my bloglist and clicked along to see which lovely blogs you linked to this time,(I discovered so many lovely ones in your previous blog love post)and what do I see - my own name and blog!
    Thank you so much for the blog love - I will certainly pay it forward!

  11. Hi Dear Jeanne
    I didn't realise Happy Drinker was included in the votes.. yes I like that one too.. and will always think of you with a bottle.. i mean camera in front of your face... hehe

    I've been such a naughty blogger and haven't passed on your blog love yet... I will I promise...

    Have a lovely day.. ciao xxx Julie

  12. Jeanne, glad you decided to keep the "happy drinker". It's a unique photo. The Blog Love is a thoughtful idea. Jane is the only one of these ladies I know, and adore visits to her site. She is a sweetheart. I'm off to check out their blogs. ~ Sarah

  13. You are a wonderful friend, Jeanne. Always showing your appreciation and love. Wish I could be more like you.
    And regardless of which photo you use as profile picture, you are gorgeous!

  14. Jeanne your comments always leave me feeling like I've just spent time with a very dear friend...thank you so very much for including J. and I on your bloglove list...such an honour.
    Right now I'm spending a lot of time launching my new business that sometimes I don't have time to leave a comment, but I do drop in and have a quick visit with all my friends here...I have to say Cashmerejeans is a place I love to linger longer. Thankyou again dear friend.

  15. Hi Jeanne, how fun it is when I see awards to other bloggers. It helps me visit their blogs and maybe find new gems to add to my daily reads. The book you mentioned is definitely something I want to check out (I love to read!) Have a wonderful day!

  16. Thnakyou for the blog love Jeanne! It's the best thing that will happen all day...we are expecting more snow today and the weekend will be in the twenties...yuck! :-(.
    Your b/w picture turned out great and it's nice to see your face on the sidebar of your blog!

  17. P.s. I'll look forward to looking up more of your favorite blogs ...your last batch was so much fun!

  18. What a nice photo of your house. And the greens around the house. Looks idyllic.

  19. I just read that the late Elizabeth Taylor once said, "I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can't possess radiance, you can only admire it."

    You're "a bit of a" gem yourself, ya' know (said with strine accent so as not to get too soppy), and I'm full of admiration. Your view finder/wine bottle is always focussed on the beautiful and the uplifting - untouched and authentic. Lovely insights into the real places you visit.

    Thanks for the mention. Such a surprise. I'll be sure to pass it on. x

  20. What a day brightener you are, Jeanne! So happy to receive a bit of Blog Love~~I'll happily pass it along. So glad you're keeping the "Happy Drinker" lens portrait around...

    Thanks again, Jeanne...you're the best!!!

  21. Good morning Jeanne.....thanks for your recent visit and including me in your Blog Love post. I know a few of the other ladies on your list and I must say that the loveliest ladies are out here in blogland... I wish I could live next door to each an everyone of you.

    thanks again....this added a special sparkle to my day.



  22. How sweet of you, Jeanne! I am thrilled and honored.

    I love your new picture...you are beautiful in both.


  23. Thank you, dearest, for the Blog Love. I read several of the blogs you mentioned, and will go and check out the rest.

    Blog Love is good and refreshing and fun and needed and . . . perfect. Thank you, Jeanne.

    I will pass it along, when I return home next week.


  24. What a lucky gal I am today to have received your love. I am both appreciative and flattered. You have given me much joy and inspiration in recent month, and I so look forward to that continuing. You might want to check out my followup post. I think my readers will know how much I like your blogs. xoxox

  25. Ah, Jeanne, my Fairy Blogmother! Thanks so much for your kindness in including me in your sweet list. I must check out those other lovely bloggers now - your recommendations rate highly for me. And both those photos are my faves so I'm quite content ☺. J x

  26. I loved the photo of you behind the lens of the camera. Made me laugh when you commented that people thought it was a wine bottle. I have been a follower for sometime and love the fact that you write about so many parts of your life on many different blogs. I just started a blog myself after pondering the thought for several years. And to be honest, it was your blogs that gave me the push to do it. I just could not figure out how to write about just one thing on one blog, and then I realized I did not have to! Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas and photos.

  27. Jeanne I love the idea of Blog Love. thank you so much for including me on your list. You are definitely on my list too!

  28. Dear Jeanne,
    you´re the sweetest U.S.-Aussie-Kiwi-Londoner I ever met! :))
    Thank you for this nice *Blog Love Award*
    This week was so busy, I must admit, I didn`t read that much these days (I must be the very last person who say *thanks* for your appreciation...
    Have a very nice weekend and I`m hoping your package will arrive soon!
    Beate :) XX

  29. Gorgeous!
    I'm your new fan,
    your blog is wonderful, I enjoyed reading.

    Happy weekend

  30. lovely blog!!
    come check mine out and let me know what you think :)

  31. I have discovered so many wonderful blogs-talented writers, photographers and thinkers; through reading your blog. It is like discovering a treasure! xoxo

  32. I just discovered your blog after popping over from Britta - and I love it! Very stylish indeed. I must become a follower!


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