I am sending on a little Blog Love today.
It is a way of saying...I love your blog
and to thank you for inspiring me.

I plan to spread a lot of love in the upcoming weeks.
Today, I would like to start with the ladies who have been
with me from the very beginning and are still with me today.
I have designed this to be as easy as possible ( I hope)
I only ask two things...
1. Provide the photo and link to your very first post.
2. Share the love and pass it on to whomever you like.

Why the first post?
It is when you took your first step and if you hadn't 
we would not be reading your words now.
Passing on Blog Love is to let others know
that we appreciate their friendship
and that we love their blog.

I will start...
My first post: 24 October 2009
Title: Collage of Life
Link: here

These lovely ladies saw me thru the move from New Zealand to England.
Read about the trials and tribulations...good posts and bad.
I am so happy that we are still friends today.
They are an inspiring group of women and for that I am thankful.
I encourage you to go along and say hello...they are inspiring!

To all these ladies...I love your Blog and
send my sincerest thanks for hanging in there with me
from the very beginning.
To the recipients of Blog Love:
This Award is a little different.
If you wish to just bask in the love and not
pass it on, that is ok too! We all lead
busy lives and can only do so much.
Just want you to know that your
blog is loved!

There are many more blogs to talk about!
I will be back for more Blog Love.
In the meantime, if you want to spread your own Blog Love,
just grab the button and pass it on!

Wishing one and all a wonderful weekend.
May you spend it surrounded by the ones you love.
I will leave you with a song to carry you on your way...
Jeanne xx



  1. Thank you very much, Jeanne! Your distinctive voice was right there in the first post, and look at you now with four blogs and many, many good friends, a blogging inspiration to many.

  2. Thanks the end of the day, I think we all keep each other going. Every comment is a reason to click 'New Post'.. Sending a friend a little Blog Love is a way of saying thank! :))

  3. I love this so much, Jeanne. And if you designed the button, I am impressed. I still don't know how to do that.

    I love "giving honor to whom honor is due," and this is a fun and easy way to do just that. How sweet to have so many friends that have read your blog since it began.


  4. Jeanne, what a lovely idea and thank you so much for having me on your list. I remember when I first clicked on and saw all your amazing ethnic things and knew I'd found someone I'd love to get to know. You are a wonderful blogger and a fantastic supporter. And right back at you x

  5. Thanks Kerry....kindred spirits...the two of us :)

    Glenda...I did it all in Picasa...very easy. Let me know
    if you need any help :)

  6. Jeanne you are the sweetest, loveliest girl in the whole UK! Thank you for including me in such esteemed company. I just posted a little while ago, but I'll be sure to pass the love around very soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. You are the sweetest one! I am off to a big antique show this morning, (and later the flower favourite place!), and I shall carry the smile you gave me all through the day!

    Edward and I are wishing you a perfectly lovely Friday! And remember, The Dennis Severs' House is open on Sundays!!

  8. What you Don't know my chère Jeanne is that you were with me two evenings ago when I sat alone and watched 'Something's Gotta Give.' Thank you so much Jeanne.
    Much love, real and blog back to you a million fold.

  9. Thank you Jeanne, What an honor to be included with all these lovely ladies. You have certainly spread alot of Blog love - your sweet comments always make me smile. I will grab the button and get my first post up asap.
    Happy weekend,

  10. What a nice thing to do. Now you've given me a lot of new reading. Thanks.

  11. Dear Jeanne - thank you so much for including me! Such a sweet thought and likewise you have been there from the beginning with and for me. I think you were one of my first followers. Lovely new button too! Lou x

  12. I rhink this is a very sweet idea-showing love! Love the song.

  13. I have an analytical mind - although I would swap it for a creative one in a heartbeat! I just can't help myself, but I analyse everything, EVERYTHING! I was only thinking/analysing the other day about which of my friends out in BloggieLand have grown beyong all imagining since they started their Bloggie journey. There are 2 stand-outs for me - you dear Jeanne & Sharon S. It makes me happy, happy, happy to see you both getting so much from this experience & of course, all of us getting the rewards! Thank you for including me in this illustrious band of beautiful Bloggers!
    Millie x

  14. Dear Jeanne
    You are such a sweetheart.. You know I always feel as if I have known you forever and visiting here is like visiting an old friend.. because that is just what you are.. a friend to us all.. So glad to have been here since the beginning.. and so glad you are still part of my little world...

    Thanks for thinking of me.. and have lovely weekend.. ciao ciao xxxx Julie

  15. You have many followers, Jeanne, so these will be fun to look up! It's a great compliment to be recognised by you!!

  16. Hi Jeanne,
    Away for the weekend, so I only just saw this - thank you, you are so kind. I am really proud to be on your list, in such great company, and I'll be thinking hard about how to pass it on next week.
    Thank you and have a lovely weekend

  17. Hello dear Jeanne,
    I am so flattered that you have included me in your list.You will definitely be in mine......when, I finally get my computer mended properly and when Blogger will allow me to post with images again !! I'm having so much trouble at the moment.
    Thank you so much Jeanne for always being there and for being so loyal and supportive. Your posts are always so interesting, fun and informative and I am always over to your blog as soon as I have seen that you have a new post.
    Here's to many more years of blogging friendship. With much love.
    PS. One of my favourite places is Dennis Sever's house. I tell EVERYONE to go there. I'm so pleased that Pamela managed to visit. You must go. XXXX

  18. I great idea, and good to see some new blogs, yet unknown to me that I can go off and browse. Happy weekending.

  19. YOU are beyond precious. Especially after my very long hiatus. This may well be the encouragement I needed to get back at it. Sending all sorts of LOVE right back to you Jeanne. Thank you love~ xox

  20. What a great idea. I read many of the blogs you mention already, but will surely check out the rest of them.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. What a typically thoughtful and generous idea, Jeanne. What a fantastic way to acknowledge your oldest supporters. J x

  22. Thank you many lovely bloggers to share the love.

    Debra...I do, I do, I do...hope you come back to us...we miss you!! xxx

  23. Dear Dear Jeanne:

    Your lovely self is never tired of doing lovelier things for all of us. Glad to be around for a long time. Has it really been so long? Well, it has been wonderful knowing you through your blog.
    You have made my day :)

    Warm hugs and much love,

  24. Thank you for the love, sweet Jeanne. I keep coming back because I just love your blog so. It is my fix for the pretty and the feminine.

  25. You have made my week! You know that I have been crazy busy lately and have seriously lost my blogging mojo. This is just what I needed! Thanks so much for thinking of me and being such a truly beautiful blogging friend.

    Best wishes always,

  26. Jeanne,
    What a wonderful surprise. It's a real honor to make it on your 'Blog Love' list. I've been MIA for more than a month, but decided tonight to take some time to at least pick a few of my favorite blogs to see all the wonderful things I've missed during my time away. Ironically, your's is the first one I selected to read, and then I find my name in one of your posts. I've always appreciated your friendship, support, and encouragement. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

    PS It's been so much fun reading all I've missed - the lovely feature story of the early home you hold so dear to your heart, the story of Queen Bee, and many others. Now, I must find time to get back to posting. My daughter - the one who got married in Italy last month - is having her reception next weekend, so once that is over, I think life will be back to normal. Rita

  27. Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.


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