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Dear Friends
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I am sitting at my desk as the sun falls on another beautiful day in Surrey. We were very lucky to have two sunny days! Amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for your spirits :)  I managed to touch base with my daughter Christine which I am thankful for. She is still holding fort in Christchurch, New Zealand. They had a recent jolt (5.1 earthquake) and I am hoping that is the last of it. Classes are about to resume at her University or I should say in her bedroom. The buildings still are not ready for full classes and her participation will have to start via computer. She is ready to get on with it. Somewhere along the way she discovered a passion for Anthropology....I am still letting it sink in. She is a bit like her mother, my Christine, always onto something new. You don't want to get me started!
I want to thank those of you that responded to my postcard post. I look forward to writing to you all this week. :) 
I thought I would share a few photos from the weekend. Mr. H. and I got out and about as much as we could. Lots of walking...I needed that!
Best wishes for the week ahead to one and all :)
Jeanne xx

We walk down this street to get to town from our house...
it is a brilliant shade of green this week.

This is one of the many homes we pass...I wish I could show them all to you.
It will require a little espionage work on my part but I will try :)

I first spotted this garden on a snowy afternoon...very special.

One of the many sights of the day...we were in car behind the horses for a while.
I took this thru the car window....

We walked along the River Thames where Tika was most anxious to join this swan.

Tika enjoying freedom, off the lead, at last....

It was one of those days.... that encouraged everyone to be outdoors.

I did not capture her
quick enough...this woman
was a sight in her red beret.

Before I go...I wonder if you could help.
In the midst of all this sunshine, I have been playing with my blogs.
I changed my photo...a more difficult task than I thought. The downside
to taking pictures are the very few that exist of the photographer!

I can't decide.... antique finish or black and white?
The original photo is in black and white.

PS...I changed the previous photo after yet another person asked me if I was
drinking a bottle of wine. I started to wonder...maybe you all 
thought I was a happy drinker this past year :)

Well, I am, but not to that extent :)

What is your vote?
Antique, black and white or the happy drinker?



  1. Haha! Happy drinker. I loved the face behind the camera. From the two new ones I like the black and white more.

    I want your spring, now! It must be thanks to the Gulf Stream that you already experience spring although I live in the north.

    Thank you for taking and posting the photos, I enjoy seeing how spring moves around hopefully also and approaches the south.

  2. What a great weekend you have had. Spring has arrived in your part of the world. Looks very pretty. Love the lady in the red beret.

    Nice to hear that Christine is getting on with her life, as are most of the people of Christchurch. She has shown courage and tenacity throughout this ordeal.

    Black and White for me too..

  3. Well, I've always liked the face behind the camera shot but the new photos are very very nice too. My vote would go toward the antique hue - it seems to suit your lovely golden coloring!

  4. Wonderful to be in touch with your daughter, Jeanne. the events of the last matter of weeks just seem surreal! I love your pictures Jeanne and the photos of you as well. I like both the photos of you equally!

  5. I love the photos! It looks like you had a beautiful weekend. I vote for the Black and White photo of you.

  6. I have always admired your original photo (behind the camera...and I did realize it was a lens!)...but it's lovely to see your entire face. If I had to pick, it would be the black and white.

  7. Your day sounds like the perfect first day of spring to me! And nice to see your whole face, Jeanne. . . you are adorable. I like the antique finish.


  8. I so enjoyed your blog - your photography is sweet. I am looking forward to a trip to England next year this time and your photos bring it that much closer! I cannot wait...Happy, happy spring to all!

  9. I love all the photos! But the sepia one is my favourite, You look like you are smiling in a dream.

    I first read of your daughter's new found love of Anthropology and I thought.... "well, that's easily taken care of. There are Anthropologie stores everywhere now!". Then I noticed the spelling. Quite different things, I suppose!

    Thanks so much for the beautiful day in Surrey. Grey skies here today, so the tour was welcome!!

    Happy Sunday!

  10. I never thought that you were drinking a bottle of wine but now you have mentioned it really does look like that! How hilarious! Anyway, it is just wonderful to see your beautiful smiling face-I love your new profile picture and even though I think they are both gorgeous I personally think the sepia one is more "You".

    Glad to hear that your daughter is well. Did she manage to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Prince William?!

    Take care and best wishes for a wonderful week.

  11. I'm all for the original photo Jeanne - & for once I was actually on the ball & twigged it was a camera! Thanks for taking me with you on your walk around your neighbourhood - what a gorgeous place it is.
    Millie x

  12. Drinking a bottle of wine! That is so funny!:-D I have never thought of that. I always knew it was a camera - I loved that picture, because it was such a good idea since you love to photograph - and there's something about eyes.
    Between the two new ones I like the black and white.

  13. First, I love the thought of being a happy drinker.... With that said, the new picture is lovely. I love black and whites. But, that is just me! You make me want to play around with my blog, but alas, I am so computer illiterate. Thanks for letting us know how your daughter is doing. She remains in my thoughts and prayers. (Love all the pictures.)

  14. Well Jeanne, I love your blue eyes in the Happy Drinker pic but the black and white pic shows your beautiful smile. Tough decision

    Thanks for posting the photos of your weekend. I'd like to live in the house you pass by or in a apartment along the street with the horses!

    Have a good week, hopefully in the sunshine.

  15. hahah you lush!!! that always makes me laugh...

    well I'm no help.. I like both the b&w and the antique finish.. maybe the b&w....

    So thanks for taking us on your walk.... love the shots of Tika.. what a cutie!!!

    Have a fabulous week.. ciao xxxx Julie

  16. oh.. meant to mention
    good to hear Christine is doing well.. that must have been quite a scare for you back then.. xxxx

  17. Your weekend sounds so lovely and the weather looks perfect! I am so glad that you daughter is ok. Your new profile pic looks great both ways but I think I prefer the B & W one. xx

  18. Such beautiful photos! And I like the black and white one of you best. You look great.

  19. Well I thought it was a camera lens myself, -- I like that photo and I like the sepia tone, however,I am not much help really because I also like the sharp tone on tone.

    My thoughts and prayers are still with New Zealand, Australia and Japan, a lovely quote you may like for your daughter

    “For happiness one needs security, but joy can spring
    like a flower even from the cliffs of despair”Anne Lindbergh

    thank you for the lovely comment on my blog,


  20. Hi Jeanne, First off, you do not look a bit like you have been drinking,
    actually you look quite beautiful in the photo with the camera.
    My initial thought is that I was "drawn" to the picture of you with the antique finish because of the "warmth" it shows. The black and white one is just as nice too, but I think for you blog page it is a stark contrast.

  21. Oh most definitely the Happy Drinker is the photo I like because it shows the colour of your smiling eyes.

  22. Hello Jeanne - loved the road to town, the garden chairs, and the girls out riding. What a wonderful day.

    I do like your current photo behind the lens, but your new pic is just lovely, too. I think I prefer the antique finish.

  23. My fave is still the face behind the lens...but if you feel the need to change it, I'd go with the antique finish.

    It seems that Spring turned up in Surrey on the right day--the vernal equinox and all...thanks for the trip around town...lovely.

  24. Thank you all for your comments...very interesting!
    A few things I had not thought about before with the photos and I am glad to read that you all clued into the camera lens first. Although, now that I mentioned it... it may make you smile when you see it in the future :)
    I think we are still 50/50 between the two photos...I will hold out for a few more :)

  25. Antique! But I always like your original pic. I love seeing your face though so this was a pleasant surprise! You are a beautiful woman.
    Glad Christine is doing well and re-starting her classes. She sounds like she has a lot of spunk and if she takes after you, that has to be good!
    Your walk looks just lovely and how neat that you walk with your husband. I love to walk too and right now my favorite walk is behind the stroller with my! Hope you have a grand walk today!

  26. too funny!!!
    drinking a bottle of wine???

    do the black and white.
    you don't want to look like an antique
    do you?

    you sure are 'getting some cyber love' lately!!!
    i was over at millies.

  27. Oh, Jeanne, what a full post! I'm relieved to hear Christine's news. Those photos are just glorious - thanks for taking us on your walk with you. You know how much a treat that is for me. I always twigged with the lens but if you were to change, I'd choose the B & W. It's so delightful to see your pretty face. J x

  28. Looking great in the photograph Jeanne. I'd go for a b/w photo.
    Doesn't the sunshine make such a difference. Windows open, curtains in the breeze. Warmer outside than in today. Lovely. Please let it stay this way for at least a few days.

  29. that's funny someone thought you were drinking a bottle of wine! to me it's obvious it's a camera and i really like that shot ;-) but between the 2 new ones, i prefer the B&W image~

    but all are lovely!

  30. I like the drinker as it shows your beautiful blue eyes!
    Funny that someone thought it was a wine bottle...

  31. I love the antique finish one. You remind me of Jackie O. Kennedy in that one, on one of her sailing trips.
    Glad that Christine is well. I loved anthropology too when I was in college, but my parents would not hear of it. So nice to hear that you are supportive of her choices.

  32. The antique one is very pretty, Jeanne! But nothing compares to your wonderful blue it`s difficult for me. Why don`t you use both like you do it on your site now? I think it`s perfect! :)

    Oh, this Surrey is so beautiful...I love the countyside and these typical small villages really much. *sigh*
    So very, very charming!

    I just packed your parcel today and it will be hopefully soon in beautiful Surrey.

    I`m sending all my best wishes to a happy drinker... :)) Beate XX

  33. I'm with the antique finish, but either way it's a great photo Jeanne. How funny about the bottle, it had NEVER even occurred to me! Just obviously a camera lens.
    So glad that Christine is well and moving on, what a resilient lot our children are!

  34. I had to laugh at Happy Drinker! I think both photos are terrific and you can't go wrong no matter which you choose. And I loved your spring tour!

  35. Oh,please, the 'happy drinker'.There is such a twinkle in your eyes. Plus, you're a great photographer - show that lens!
    Love your blog.
    Greeting from, Miranda in San Francisco Bay Area.

  36. I am not sure - they are all lovely. I do like the Happy Drinker because we get to see the gorgeous colour of your eyes.

  37. Jeanne, I've always thought your eyes behind the camera lens was a great photo. I like the new photo, especially the sepia version. ~ Sarah

  38. Well, a suggestion. How about happy drinker in black and white. But you look good in both so it is a tad difficult to choose.

    Joy always,

  39. Prepare the guest room Jeanne, I'm coming over!! What if I promise not to bring all six kids?? Seriously, Jeanne, the area you live in is divine...rain, hail or shine.

    I love both photos equally - absolutely no help to you at all I'm afraid. Eeni, meeni, mynie...

    Meredy xo

  40. It is beautiful where you live Jeanne .. I think I like the antique finish it is warmer xx

  41. Dear Jeanne, lovely photos as always. It is amazing what a bit of sun can do for you. Tika is gorgeous. I grew up with Springers. He is a Springer Spaniel isn't he?

    I like the black and white photo of you the best xx

  42. Love it - the happy drinker. It actually never occurred to me that it looked like a bottle of wine. I prefer the new one so I can see all of your face. The sepia would be more unusual, but both are great photos.

    I love the woman biking along with the red beret - so quaint.


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