'Wordly' Talents and a Fair Maiden


It was laying there, waiting for me..
 a welcome home present from another land.
It did not take me long to determine from whence it came,
it was from the woman of 'wordly' talent,
a fair maiden from the South...
who dreams of the Scottish Highlands
with her devoted canine companion, Edward.

Many of you will already know
that I speak of Pamela and Edward..
From the House of Edward.

A story unfolds...
In the contents of the package was a book,
of the most delicate kind.
The words are of fairytale magic..
the kind that take you to the land of your dreams.

Last year..
Pamela took me to a wonderful place,
 filled with memories of my father.
You see, my father passed away some years ago.
I have only one item that belonged to him, his watch.
 It took me a long time to come around to wearing it.
I had to pass the threshold of tearful longing
and move onto tender acceptance.

It appears I was not the only one...
for when her words fell before my eyes
via a post on her blog,
one cold winter's eve in England...
I knew she understood.

You can read Pamela's full post...here

Pamela had written about a recent trip to London,
 where she wore her father's watch.
He travelled with her on her wrist and in her heart.
Up Regent Street, passed Hamley's, to the Wallace Collection,
and onto Hampton Court where she sat in the silence
of the Chapel Royal...thinking of her father,
just as I had done on a similar occasion.
Both of us wearing our father's watch.

It was fate, our friendship, and I am delighted.
I like to think our father's had a hand in it.
For in Pamela I have found a wonderful blogging friend.
For those of us who have made friends in serendipitous ways...
you will know what that means. It is a blessing.

I only recommend things I love...
it has to be tried and true and I can tell you
that if you enjoy magical writing...
you will love Pamela and Edward's book.

A must for your Christmas shopping list.
You can order it here.

With special thanks to Edward...

who inspired Pamela to write

Photos above from Pamela's book
with the exception of  the fair maiden and 
my father's watch.

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