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a creative moment

Have you thought about one of your creative moments lately?
When you felt that everything was in sync 
and you were in your space?

The photo above, was one of those moments 
and it got me thinking.

I realised today it has been three years 
since I started Collage of Life.
I have blogged through life in New Zealand, 
England and now Vietnam.
Back in the month...
November 2009 to be exact, 
I wrote 41 posts.
Sometimes 2-3 posts in a day...
Crazy woman.

via Vincent Wolf

I looked at my posts for November 2012...just four.
Don't worry dear subscribers...I promise not to have a 
blogging uber-thon to play catch up.
Makes me a bit nervous just thinking about it!
Wise woman.

It's been a wild ride this year. 
With all my being, I thank you from 
the bottom of my heart for following along.
I am the first to admit,
it is not easy!

Especially when I tell you the latest
about the little farm...down a dirt road.

Coming soon...

Photo with thanks to Joe @ Notes from Juniper Hill

I hope you have time this coming weekend to
have a few creative moments yourself.

Warm wishes from Saigon...

Jeanne xx

See the green tiles in the Vincent Wolf photo above?
I see them everywhere and have been wondering
how I could use them. I saw the photo today 
in one of my November 2009 posts.

I will keep you posted on that idea.
Happy Woman.

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