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a creative moment

Have you thought about one of your creative moments lately?
When you felt that everything was in sync 
and you were in your space?

The photo above, was one of those moments 
and it got me thinking.

I realised today it has been three years 
since I started Collage of Life.
I have blogged through life in New Zealand, 
England and now Vietnam.
Back in the month...
November 2009 to be exact, 
I wrote 41 posts.
Sometimes 2-3 posts in a day...
Crazy woman.

via Vincent Wolf

I looked at my posts for November 2012...just four.
Don't worry dear subscribers...I promise not to have a 
blogging uber-thon to play catch up.
Makes me a bit nervous just thinking about it!
Wise woman.

It's been a wild ride this year. 
With all my being, I thank you from 
the bottom of my heart for following along.
I am the first to admit,
it is not easy!

Especially when I tell you the latest
about the little farm...down a dirt road.

Coming soon...

Photo with thanks to Joe @ Notes from Juniper Hill

I hope you have time this coming weekend to
have a few creative moments yourself.

Warm wishes from Saigon...

Jeanne xx

See the green tiles in the Vincent Wolf photo above?
I see them everywhere and have been wondering
how I could use them. I saw the photo today 
in one of my November 2009 posts.

I will keep you posted on that idea.
Happy Woman.


  1. i am looking forward to hearing about the little farm!

  2. Hello my friend! seems as though it's been ages since we caught up! I'm also blogging much less frequently, but I still enjoy catching up with my blogging friends as often as I can. I hope all is well with you and that you have a lovely Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Hooray!!! Oh my, a hearty congratulations but my heart is thumping! I have fingers crossed (and will cross Ben's paws) for the farm. It is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen, perfect in every way...please don't keep us waiting for too long...

    You bring so much joy to all of us, Jeanne. I know for my part I will happily follow wherever you may roam!
    Gros bisous,

  4. Happy weekend Jeanne... and the farm sounds very interesting... :) xv

  5. It is always a happy day when I find you have posted. I look forward to hearing about the farm. Enjoy your weekend. Bonnie

  6. Happy Anniversary, Jeanne! Can't wait to hear the news about the farm!!


  7. Happy Blog anniversary Jeanne. I love your first photo. Very creative indeed. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I hope you will also like my post tomorrow. Happy Weekend!

  8. Bravo!

    How lucky we are!

    Good thing I did "preview"! more that half of my comment did not appear. I will try again tomorrow.

    Do they "edit" where you are?


  9. Happy blogoversary, dear Jeanne. Love your picture. I wish you many more wonderful years of blogging with creative posts, cool followers and pleasant moments.

    Happiness and smiles.

    Joy always,

  10. Can't wait to hear about the farm! Congrats on doing such a superb job at the Collage of Life. We love your photos, and your musings, and of course the pix of foreign destinations are just pure porn for us travel addicts. (Sorry, probably an inappropriate word there. You'll probably get lots of odd spam comments now...) Can't wait to hear more of Vietnam, New England and wherever else your heart and family take you. xx

  11. Well happy 3rd blogoversary, Jeanne. I'm so delighted to have followed your travails for most of that time. Thank goodness you hit 'Create blog' on that happy day, my Fairy Blogmother! J x

  12. Happy weekend to you as well. I'm looking forward to hearing about your new adventure.

  13. I so look forward to your blog posts! I know exactly what you mean about being in that creative spot and how some months it does seem like I am more in sync with blogging…not so much lately! It's always better if I'm passionate about something as opposed to just blogging for the sake of blogging. I know that sounds strange…but a lot of my blogging deals with promoting my business and then my personal blog is where I used to find the most joy. Maybe I need to reverse the amount of time spent on each one! Your posts are fabulous and you have so much to write about! I can't wait to read about the farm! Take care! Hope you are still taking it easy!

  14. Love the first picture. Wish I could beam myself there and have a talk with you:-)

    I also blog less these day - I think it's natural that when the so-called real life is demanding your blog posts will be further apart. I have loved following your blog(s) and will keep on following you.


  15. Dear Jeanne
    No matter the frequency, every one of your blog posts delights me. I always save yours and a couple of other treasures until all the niggly e-mails have been gone through. Then with a nice cup of tea I relax and float into your words, transport myself into the places you photo and share with us around the world, and I breathe in all of the magic that comes with the story unfolding bit by bit, day by day, week by week... yes your blog fills a most pleasant corner of my world and it is a blessing to me, each and every post.

  16. Congrats and what a great post Jeanne and can't wait to hear about the farm.... and as they say less is more - yours always leave me wanting more which means you have just the right mix! take care and cool hugs from Sydney F x

  17. How can you be wise when you have never experienced the craziness? It's OK to be crazy makes life so much more interesting and funny too? I also looking fwd what you have to tell about the little red farm. An other craziness? Haha...Have a crazy week.

  18. Such fun to see a picture from Vincente Wolf in your blog as we thought of you during his presentation! We now your home must be filled with goodies from your treks and travels...
    C + C

  19. Oh my, has New Hampshire won? Hopefully, the time will come when you actually have time to spend at the end of a little dirt road.

  20. Jeanne, you are always full of surprises. So no matter whether you write 4 posts or 40, I will surely keep on reading.

  21. Thank you all....more coming soon on the farm! :)

  22. Happy Thanksgiving Jeanne! I can't wait to hear about the little house down the dirt road! A nesting place, I'm sure. I glanced at those trivets and what immediately came to my mind was "trivets" for my breakfast table. I am always looking for big clunky but fun pieces to put platters and dishes on for the table. So glad I found your blog and can share in your wonderful experiences. ~Sarah

  23. It matters not a jot to me whether there are 1 or 100 posts - it's about what is written and expressed in the thoughts which matters. And as a personal blog is, or at least should be, as yours is, a reflection of one's state at the time, it is rather nice, I think, that the output varies, just as one's mood does. xx


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