Rambling vines, roll top desks, cooking pots, a swing chair....

Most days my mind is like this flowering pink vine 
growing along our rooftop. It rambles, it wanders, 
it has a direction all it's own and some days 
it has no direction at all. 
I gave up trying to fight it long ago. 

Rambling vines and a garden...

Each morning, I take a cup of coffee and slowly wander around the garden.
I linger longest here....

Rambling vines, a garden and a roll top desk..

Do you enjoy rummaging around shops?
I can't resist a good rumble.
When I saw this roll top desk, tucked away 
in the corner of a local shop...I had an idea.

Fresh off the truck, into our home...
the desk is ready for me. 

Rambling vines, a garden, 
roll top desks and cooking pots...

On another occasion, I spotted these cooking pots
from northern Vietnam. Actually, that one is debatable.
They could very well be from Laos. Either way...
with a bit of mixing and matching, I selected ten.

On our front step....
I wondered, as I scrubbed away, about the history of the pots.
Where did they come from, how many people could 
they feed...how many celebrations were they part of?
The mind wanders and wonders.

 Rambling vines, a garden,  roll top desks, 
cooking pots and a motorcycle...

I won't deny it, I have a longing to grab hold 
of the handle bars of a motorcycle
and let it rip. I call it the 'Easy Rider' complex.
This one is a beauty.

But..perhaps this one is more my speed.

Rambling vines, a garden, roll top desks, 
cooking pots, a motorcycle and a swing chair.

When we first arrived in Vietnam, 
I spotted a swing chair for sale on a street corner. 
I loved it...but it didn't love me. 
I popped into it, kicked back and quickly landed 
on the ground with a big thud.
I thought it was the funniest and silliest thing I had ever done.
The shop assistants were in a state of confusion.
They said it was not for swinging.

For months, I have been searching for a swing chair, 
worthy of my weight and desire to swing from a tree.
When I spotted this one, I knew I had found it.

When we were preparing to hang it, I had to explain
that it would require a very heavy chain and lots of it. I intended
to stay above the ground and not on it.

I am happy to report...that an elephant could sit in this chair
and swing with glee...and not a flicker of dust 
would touch it's delicate bottom.

I love Vietnamese ingenuity.

 Rambling vines, 
a garden , 
roll top desks, 
cooking pots, 
a motorcycle, 
 a swing chair.. 
and Sydney.

From Vietnam to Australia...
signing off with a view from a flat in Sydney.
Where the kookaburras sing, 
the purple jacaranda trees are ablaze
and the crazy lady writes.

Thank you for letting me ramble.
I blame it on hormones.
Always the hormones

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!
I truly appreciate you reading along!!

Jeanne xx

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