My Irish Donegal Tweed

You could say I was delirious with the flu.
You could say I still am.
Mr. H said I should have stayed home to rest.
Mrs. H said 'You've got to be kidding'.

So off I went..a few days in Dublin, my first steps into Ireland.
As I sat on top of the red tour bus around the city, bundled up
against the wind, I noticed a shop out of the corner of my eye.
When we returned to the hotel, cough cough, I told Mr. H I thought
I might just take a little stroll around the corner

Off I went at a brisk pace, cough cough, as closing hours were upon me.
Sweet sweet dreams...I fell in love with Donegal Irish Tweed.
The shop manager was delightful and educated me to the 
beauty of Irish tweed in her wonderful thick Irish accent. 
It was music to me ears ( I could still hear at that point).
There was a flurry of activity, off and on went the coats, 
scarves and hats until I found just what I needed. 

The hat...which is not to be worn with the coat I was told.
'We do not want to 'over-tweed'.

The red scarf....

The camel scarf....

and for those  'non-tweed' occasions :)

The deed was done. 
I waltzed back to the hotel 
with a package or two. 
Happy for my time in Dublin 
and looking forward to a healthier return.

xxx :)
cough cough

More on our trip to Dublin here



  1. Feel better darling! And I'm sure you look enchanting in your new tweed and plaid.

  2. You sound like me Jeanne cough, cough! Get some rest and get well soon.

  3. Ohhh...airplanes will do that to you! Hope you feel better...
    In the meantime, you'll look smashing in the new duds! I, too, had to invest in some beautiful Irish plaids when we were there. The best day was in Blarney at the woolen mills whose shop was incredible...but alas, I had food poisoning and could be there only a few minutes!! Arrgh!!

  4. I love the hat!

    'over-tweed' that's so funny!

    Feel better.


  5. Your first taste of Ireland was very sweet! I bet you look wonderful in your new tweeds.

    Feel better soon...


  6. Dear Jeanne,
    I think that you definitely needed to buy the tweed.....purely for medicinal reasons !!
    ......but, you didn't tell us what Mr. H said about your purchases !!
    Hope that you are feeling so much better now ( I'm sure that the Irish tweed helped tremendously. XXXX

  7. How I love the tweed! I once visited an old fashioned store in Ireland, all those rolls of tweed, piled up to the ceiling. My friend and I did not dare to buy clothes because we thought we would look silly in Vienna, wearing tweed. Maybe next time! Get better!

  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely tweeds. Enjoy them, dear Jeanne!

  9. Oh, shopping with you is such fun, Jeanne! You remind me of my hunt with Mr PB in Galway for Aran jumpers. Now where are we headed next? J x

  10. Love the hat - great choice. Retail-therapy always makes me feel better. It sounds like a wonderful trip.

  11. Well at least the tweeds will keep you warm while you work out this little bug ; )
    Feel better soon!

  12. such gorgeous tweeds - you did well Jeanne.. and get better soon. x

  13. Hi Jeanne,

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my new blog ! Glad you enjoyed Dublin !
    Happy new year !

  14. Just found your blog. I hope you get better soon. Beautiful plaids! Warmly, Karen

  15. I love your blog Jeanne. I too have been ill and know what that flu fog feels like. But like you I would of braved going out if it were to be in Dublin; a place close to my heart. I had to chuckle when you wrote that the ladies thick Irish accent was like music to your ears. I concur!

    Hope you are feeling better and your purchases were divine. Happy New Year to you and Mr. H. I shall return!

    Cheers ~ Deb

  16. Oh...I so want something that is 'washed in the gentle peaty waters of the river eske to give it softness of handle'...oh, and that blue feather...sigh!

  17. I love this stuff.
    Partial to Harris Tweed, though. The Songwriter received a vintage Harris Tweed overcoat for Christmas!

  18. I do hope that you feel better by now, Jeanne. And I bet you look just fabulous in your tweeds.


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