Mr. and Mrs. H plan a renovation at Tahilla Farm

Wendy Posard & Associates

There is a bit of a 'love/hate fest' going on at Chateau Mango (Saigon) these days as Mr. H and I contemplate renovations for Tahilla Farm in New Hampshire (USA). We have been deep in discussions over the design plans for the house and the 'feeling' we want to create. It has been interesting to say the least...what started as a small renovation is resulting in half the house coming down.

I should mention that in our 27 years of marriage Mr. H and I have never done more than renovate a bathroom, a kitchen, a garage and paint inside and out. Even then, deciding which 'white' to paint the house and which 'black' to paint the shutters nearly sent us over the edge. Who knew there was a difference? I discovered there are plenty! 

Living in different countries has had something to do with our lack of experience around schematic designs so you can imagine what it is like to contemplate taking down half a house in the USA and start again...while living in Vietnam. Throw in a few differences of opinion and you have some hearty every good 'Yankee' couple does.

We have to remember that Mr. H is bringing 'Fred' to the party...and this is only the beginning...but more on that another time.

We have been making good use of Pinterest, more specifically my Tahilla Note board. I regularly saddle Mr. H up in a chair next to me and let the slide show begin. It goes along the lines of "Do you like this? this? this? what about this?" I don't dare look at him for most times his eyes are glazed over with that 'look' which says..'boring' 'boring 'boring'. I thought I would keep it simple this time and just focus on windows, a passion of his. After dozens of photos it finally happened...

The photograph above (not Fred) and the ones below came up and... EUREKA! Windows became interesting and Mr. H is now in the game. 
All I can say is...Wendy Posard & Associates, I love you!

Windows and more windows for as far as the eye can see...

Wendy Posard & Associates

Wendy Posard & Associates

Wendy Posard & Associates

Wendy Posard & Associates

Wendy Posard & Assoicates

It is a beginning...we have a ways to go but I feel like a plan is coming together. We have a great architect who has been very patient. I look forward to telling you more about him one day. That's if he doesn't give up on us in the meantime (he hasn't seen all of Fred's relations yet). ;)

Meanwhile...back at the farm, the grass is growing, the leaves have dropped, our big maple tree, 'Martha' had a trim and winter is settling in. My sister Kathleen sent me the following pics...

So tell me...have you ever renovated before?
Any suggestions for us? 
We would love to know!

For those of you who have followed us along on this happy trail..
this movie clip might sound familiar. My guess is there are a few of you
who will be able to relate. A classic !

Sending one and all best wishes for a wonderful week!
Happy November!

Jeanne xx

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