Romancing the Vespa...and Mr. H in Vietnam

Wax Wane

Is it just me? Is anyone else smitten with the Vespa

Around Saigon, I here the rhythmic beep...BEEP...beep..beep...BEEP...of scooter traffic at every corner. Up to now, I have thought...'better them than me'. I have had no interest in messing around with Saigon traffic, Vespa or no Vespa...but..after riding this little baby below by way of Vietnam Vespa Adventure Tours...I admit, I was smitten. You can read all about the tour here.

me..per the sign on the back..
doing the Vespa Adventure tour around Saigon.

Ok..I was on the back of a Vespa, being driven..but that's ok, it was such a sweet ride... I am sure I could handle it...on a country road, with no traffic..up and down a mountain to a farmhouse in New England.

I hinted heavily to Mr. H that a vintage or new Vespa would be a great addition to Tahilla Farm back in the USA. I mentioned.. "it would be handy going to the shops, touring country roads and would be a wonderful reminder of our time living in Vietnam". He mumbled something about snow and changed the subject.

I gave him the facts..."Vespa is an Italian brand of scooter, manufactured by Piaggio, in Pontedera, Italy. We love Italy".  No response.  I continue by appealing to his interest in military history... " Did you know...the first vespa was launched in 1946.. and was vital to American soldiers based in Italy during World War II". A few more tid bits...'Vespa' means 'wasp' in It was clear I was running out of material.

The first Vespa, MP-6
via WaxWane

I snuggled up to him on the couch with my iPad and suggest he check out a sexy video on the Vespa website....beep..beep.. A raised eyebrow on the word 'sexy'.. progress?

Appealing to the movie buff in him, I reminded him of the 1953 movie, Roman Holiday, with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.. and Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 film To Catch a Thief  and Frederico Fellini's 1959 movie La Dolce Vita.  I then followed with a video clip... 65 years of Vespa Scooters in Movies

I believe if I could have come up with John Wayne riding a Vespa in a Western classic... I could have sealed the deal.

I mean really...who can resist?

The bravado..

Wax Wane

The originality..

Scooter 99

The romance...

Alison Conklin Photography @ Style Me Pretty

The allure...
ok this may not have appealed to him 
in quite the same way as it did to me.

Dear Stella 
Illustration by Insleee Haynes

But surely,
the functionality..

Modern Vespa

and sex appeal..
look at those flowers..
who can resist flowers on the back of a Vespa?
Apparently...Mr. H can

I then pull out my last thought on the matter...
"Perhaps, we could find a vintage Vespa in Vietnam..
a classic, at a great price, a bargain
 and ship it to the USA with a future container."
I sensed a spark of interest.."a bargain Vespa? "
I think I might have him.

A bargain on a vintage Vespa might be in my dreams...
but that is what blogs are for...right?

Now for you...
if you could hop on a Vespa..would you?


If you would..where would you like to drive one?
The world is your oyster...just pick your favourite spot
and imagine the ride!

A little something to set you in the right direction..
The lovely Carla @ Carla Loves Photography
inspired me in her book, Italian Joy... a treasure!

Nicole Kidman has the right idea... 

Nicole Kidman via

If you could suit up, pop on a helmet and
take off on a Vespa..where would you go?

Enjoy the ride! 


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