Irish Knit Sweater Love

When I was in Ireland, I hemmed and hawed 
and went back to the same store three times.
Should I or shouldn't I?
Had my time passed to own another 
Irish knit sweater?

There was a time when I wore nothing else.
I grew up in a small town along the sea 
and loved my Irish knit sweaters.
That was a long time ago....
My sisters and me with  Farrah Fawcett 'do' on the left

The sweater has to fit the woman and it does here....

Prada for Vogue 2010

Digby Morton for Vogue 1955

There is something romantic 
and nostalgic about Irish knit sweaters.

The stuff that legends are made of.

In the end, I decided to leave well enough alone.
There are some that carry it off with ease and beauty.
I will leave it to them.

My time has passed on the sweater, but, it has not passed
on something like this. I am in the market for a snood.
Give me the top half of this creation and I would be 
one happy gal.

and I am thinking cashmere 
just might do the trick.

Then again, there is always the tea cozy 
for when you need just a little bit 
of Irish knit lovin :)

How about you, how do you fare on Irish knit?


  1. Love the look Jeanne...hate the itch! We have an Irish store in town and I keep trying the darn things on. When you have authentic Irish wool, it just scratches at your skin...I'm with you...give me cashmere or give me death!

  2. I have a beautiful Irish knit sweater that my Father in law brought me back from Ireland...I treasure it.

    I love the belted sweater in the Vogue image...just beautiful!


  3. I just returned from the winter vacation and realized I had no heavy knit-sweater with me, only functional wear and fleece. What a shame! In my teens and twens there was always at least 1 knitted sweater that screamed "Paula's sweater". And the one I inherited from my father's wild days during the late 60's. Blue and black heavy knit. They are all history. Nowadays I wear cashmere sweaters, at the office and on frozen lakes.

  4. I had a " fisherman" knit sweater that looks just like this that I got as a teen and had for 15 years before I gave it up! I loved that thing! You brought back good memories. I also have a sweater that I got a few years ago when we went to Ireland. It does itch but then I even have that problem with cashmere too.
    Your snood idea is trendy and cute. You'll wear it wonderfully and be darling in it!

  5. Hi ladies...
    I am imagining these sweaters of yesteryear and the ones we still hold onto. I don't think a wardrobe would be complete without a man's oversized sweater with some memory attached to it. I think of the ones I let go of and wish I hadn't. I will treasure the ones I have....and when no one is looking and it's only me..I will wear it all day :)

  6. Well I can say my husband looks great in them but me on the other hand feel and look like a big marshmallow! I have two rather large girlfriends that I can't seem to get rid of, quite the attached kind and a sweater with the cable seems to make them stand out more!

    I love the one with the scrunched neck!


  7. I love the look, but I'm not sure it loves my figure! And How CUTE are you and your sisters!

  8. I echo the scratchiness (I love to make up words), but the patterns are classic. I always end up wearing something under the sweaters to ward off itching. I adore the vintage Vogue pictures.

  9. Oh yes! I adore these I want one too!

    Monday hugs to you. xoxo

  10. Now you are making me sad! ... thinking of the yellow bright felt coat and hat my mum wore when pushing me in the buggy in the early 70's and let go ...
    Do we declutter the wrong things?

  11. Love, Love, Love it! I could use one right now- it's cold!

  12. I remember I toyed with the idea of purchasing one when we were in Ireland a couple of years back. I just loved the junkiness of them - they looked as if they would "keep out" the most ferocious of cold/biting winds! Then I had a reality check - when would I ever wear an junky Irish Knit sweater here in the tropics? It would probably have ended up moth hole ridden at the back of the wardrobe. Still love the look of them however. ;)Sharyne

  13. It's my reliable winter wear - I have fine handknitted Arans in various colours, and a few newfangled ones in cotton. There's no better cure for the flu.

  14. One of the best things I did this past autumn was to knit myself several extravagant snoods. I have to tell you.... they are sublime beyond belief. Wrapped several times around my neck, I can bury my chin in them, pull them up over my ears, or all the way over my head. Worn this way, with sunglasses and a camel coat... it's Grace Kelly time all over again!! I say get as many as you can!!

  15. Hi Jeanne,
    I found a cream one in a Belgium fleamarket for 1 euro this september! Not to wear it, but I want to make two cushioncovers out of it, I hope...

  16. Makes me want to get the cable knitting needles out immediately!

  17. Love them....I wore my husband's sweater years and years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. It looked so cute on me back when I weighed 107lbs. Now I think I might look like the teapot (cute and round)! Ha ha!

  18. Love all the pics, and Irish sweaters are gorgeous, but on someone else I think not on me.

    I am only 5' tall and always feel like I am wearing a sleeping bag.

  19. Jeanne, Like you, I was raised with the sweaters. My grandmother hand knit one for me in high school. My mother made them for my kids and I purchased one in Ireland when I was there 12 years ago...It appears that everyone is making pillows out of them now. My mother made pillows for us for Christmas many years ago!
    It's in our blood!...I enjoyed your post... it hit home!*Lynne*

  20. I think you made the right decision Jeanne but I do love a nice snood. Made a gorgeous one in a knobbly knit in a neutral wool last year - unfortunately Darling Daughter borrowed it and LEFT it in a bar in the city of Melbourne last Winter. Not a happy Mother... Am back out with the knitting needles. And the tea cosy is ultra cute. x


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