Creative Easter Decorating Ideas for you.....

If you are looking for a few last minute Easter ideas to jazz up your festivities, 
I just might have a few for you. I have always had a fondness for hand decorated Easter eggs. 
Many years ago, I taught a course on how to create your own. I became a master of the 
fine pin hole and blowing out the contents. Trust me, it is something you have to do with 
great care. I love the colour, pattern and designs below. You just have to let your imagination go!

Here is hoping a little inspiration will come your way :)

Easter Cakes

Table decorations

via Uniquely Tea                                                             via The Creative Life

Easter Baskets

via Folksy

Creative Extras
For those of you who have that handy knack for whipping up
the are a few more ideas. I think one or two
will have the little ones squealing with delight come Easter morning :)

We have a quiet Easter coming up this year. Our family of six will be reduced to three. 
My youngest (11) declared today that he is to old for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. 
I have a few more days to work on him!

Best wishes...and happy planning and creating. 
My favourite part of the holiday!

Jeanne xxx

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