Tuscany, women's lib and a big group hug

I am sitting in our garden, the sun is setting, the birds are chattering around me, our dog, Tika, is staring at me with great intent ( I have no idea why) and I admit I am feeling blissfully content. Nothing like a long weekend to set things right. 

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?
This pretty sums up the long weekend for me. We have had amazing weather here in Surrey/London. I am soaking it up knowing the weather will change again in a few days. It was just enough to add a touch of colour to our garden, pop in a few veggies/herbs and add a new trellis for my Sweet Peas.

Morning Walk....
I wrote about a morning walk for Easter and we managed a few. Today we visited Claremont Landscape Garden, a National Trust property which is conveniently located in the town we live in. I think the weekend had the same effect on everyone else. Just a pleasure to enjoy it all. More here.

Women's Lib...
I have started reading and typing letters written to me by my grandmother who passed away in 1975. The letters were written in the 70's and I saved them all. Now that I am older, I feel a stronger connection to her. My aunt is reading along and commenting which is making the experience that much more rewarding. I enjoyed my grandmother's references to 'women's lib', a term that was bandied about frequently back then. She was all for it, the more so the better. I plan to type the letters and create a book for my daughters and family members so that we can cherish and remember her together.

Now that it looks like we may be moving on again next year, I am having a serious think about what I want to accomplish in a year's time. The thought has put me on an energetic path. I have attacked the boxes in our garage with gusto (I have been staring at them for the past 16 months). Things are coming in the house, rooms are shifting as I feel the need to nest to make the most out of our time in England. Next on my list is more lists...I have been making good use of these magazines and books.

Big Group Hug...
Many thanks to those of you who passed on such thoughtful comments on my post Making a House a Home. You are very kind and your words are most sincerely appreciated. I am making my rounds this week...and plan to stop in to say thank you all very soon!

Tuscany Colour...
I have been organising my posts (part of the nesting process) and trying to categorise them. Lists are tucked away here and there across my blogs. I started with 'writing from the heart' and am working on 'travels with my camera'. I will leave you with a few pics that I have posted on the textures and colours ofTuscany, here.

Best wishes to one and all during this last week of April. The big event is on Friday ( Royal Wedding)...who will be watching??


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