Happy Mother's Day

Sending wishes for a wonderful Mother's Day to friends celebrating around the world. There is one Mother that I would particularly like to acknowledge and that is my Mother. I usually send a gift or flowers but this year I had a bigger challenge.  

First I had to find her! 

My mother, bless her heart, is a woman who is always on the go. The mother of six and in her 70’s, she lives life to the fullest and often leaves us wondering what she will be up to next. The world is her oyster and she has to experience it all. You could say she has the ‘wandering gypsy’ in her. You could also say the apple does not fall to far from the tree…

She recently purchased a laptop and is teaching herself  how to use it.  She enjoys following my blogs, so, I thought I would surprise her  with a post dedicated to her.

In 1956, 
this fashionable young woman 
of 19 married and started a home.  
She had style, she had grace 
and a year later she had me :)

Mom loved having children, so much so that five others followed over the next 12 years.  She said that she found each one of us so cute at nine months of age that she always wanted another.  I made a note to myself, when she divulged this critical piece of information as I feared this notion could be hereditary. At the time, I was the oldest of six and head babysitter and at 16 this was a frightening prospect indeed.

I have to say she managed us all with ease and order.  She loved to decorate and redecorate and then decorate again.  There were countless times when we would come home from school to find her moving yet another piece of furniture from one room to the next and often times in various stages of pregnancy. She was determined and we reaped the benefits. Our home was lovely and she made every holiday, every special occasion a memorable one. 

With the youngest in primary school she went back to her first passion, painting. It happened suddenly and at the time we were astonished as we had no idea that she had any talent other than looking after us. We arrived home from school one day to find our playroom had been moved to one side of the room and her art studio to the other. Her easel, paints, papers and previous artworks were on display.  She was starting to spread her wings and we were all tucked around her waiting and watching to see what would unfold.

In the years that followed her talents seemed to know no end.  Her children grew and so did she. Creative, funny, outgoing, engaging and always looking at the bright side of things she kicked up her heels and let go.

The culmination of her experiences and talents over the years resulted in many different art galleries. Sometimes her own and sometimes working with others. She is still loyal to the same art community that she painted with as a young girl. 

Whether it is her own gallery or another's, she always makes her mark. Bright, colourful flowers spill out of vases and baskets, her favourite classical music can be heard outside her door, an easel is always propped with her latest work and children are still close at hand whether they be her grandchildren or children of visitors to the gallery. 

A big smile always awaits visitors. 
Mr. H says she never lacks for conversation and we all agree.
Everyone knows Alma and have come to love her as we do.

So...to Mom, I send a big hug and a kiss to say
Happy Mother's Day!

Have a wonderful day, 
I hope it is filled with all the colours of a summers day ! 

Jeanne xx

Paintings~ Mom


  1. Oh, Jeanne, your loving tribute to your mother brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears. Tears for all that was, for all that is. And smiles. For your love-filled post spills over, spreading love to others. And this is so good. Happy Mother's Day to you and to your Mother.

  2. Your mother looks lovely, I love the 1950 vintgae snapshots...and that could be our Chris Craft!!!
    What model and year would that be...a name perchance? Ours is 1957 35 feet and is a Constellation...can't wait to hear.
    Love that your mom is living a full and rich life, she sounds like a spunky gal!
    Happy Mother's Day to you as well.

  3. That.was.beautiful. Lucky you to have a great mum like that, and lucky her to have a wonderful tribute from a loving daughter. Wish my mum had a laptop!!

  4. Your mother, her art and your tribute are all beautiful! You are so lucky to have each other - and she is lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. This post put a smile in my heart. Happy Mothers Day!
    Best, ever

  5. She sounds interesting, fabulous and talented!
    Lucky you!
    What a beautiful tribute!

  6. What a beauty she is! How wonderful to have a mom so happily busy that you cannot even find her!! I wish you both a very Happy Mother's Day!!

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your mother, she sounds fabulous and very talented. How lucky you are! Happy Mother's Day to you,

  8. oooh.. forgot to say.. love that photo of your mum painting at the beach.. beautiful xx

  9. Dear Jeanne
    What a beautiful tribute to your mum.. she certainly lives life well.. and I think the daughter has her style..!!

    I hope you both have a wonderful Mothers Day.. and enjoy every minute of the pampering you deserve !! Have fun.. xxx Julie

  10. ...Happy Mothers' Day to two very talented ladies - you and your Mum x

  11. Oh Jeanne that was a wonderful and moving tribute, your mother looks and sounds like one amazing lady. You obviously take after her!

    I have just posted about the lovely bag.

  12. Jeanne~ What a lovely tribute to a lovely Mom. I like Alma's spirit. She raised her wonderful children, but took care of herself, knew what would bring her a creative outlet and got back to it. That painting of the little yellow home is a dream and the woman with the hat...reminds me of a photo of you! Your Mom is very talented and wise- Happy Mother's Day to you Alma and Jeanne. Two fabulous Moms.

  13. Ah ha - so it all makes sense now; you being such a cool, well adjusted, wise and switched-on lady - clearly you get it from your Mum. Lovely post - brought a little tear as the love and respect just shines through. L x

  14. Just came to visit from The French Sampler and am glad I did. Hope you won't mind my following for a while. Am in Central Virginia, USA and enjoy gardening - loved your blue bell post. Still working, but looking forward to retirement in the foreseeable future, now.

    this is a lovely tribute to your mother. she will surely be thrilled. Happy Mother's Day to you both.

  15. Dear Jeanne,
    You certainly have a mum to be proud of. So full of life and energy. Age is in the mind and your mum is obviously 30 in her mind !!
    We celebrated Mothering Sunday in March in the U.K. but Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is celebrating on Sunday. XXXX

  16. that's so lovely jeanne! and those images of your mum are beautiful.really lovely post!

    hope you have a great m-day too, julesx

  17. I have always loved Alma's joie de vivre!!!The unsinkable Molly Brown!! Such a beautiful tribute to her talents Jeanne!!

  18. I do not know her, yet I love her! Thank you for sharing and best wishes of a comforting Mother's Day to YOU! xoxo

  19. Jeanne, what a beautiful tribute to a special lady. How wonderful that you're not even sure where she might be! A lovely post.

    PS If you pop over you'll see that I have mentioned you.

  20. Jeanne-
    Wonderful! I love that your Mom is a creative spirit!
    Wishing you a happy Mother's day~ Thanks for letting me know I won the cd. Off to e-mail you my address,

  21. I loved that, i read every bit of it. How wonderful for your mom to read that- dont we all wish our children can look back on their child hood with such amazing beauty-loveliness-
    She was a pretty lady i must say.
    Happy Mothers Day- Looking forward to Following Your great Blog

  22. Jeanne, I love your photos and your mother's paintings. Happy Mother's Day to you and her, and may you both enjoy many, many more.

  23. Wonderful ode to your other. What a fantastic woman

  24. This was such a lovely post!

  25. Dear Jeanne,

    What a beautiful dedication and post to your mother.

    It has been a pleasure meeting your mother and reading your about her life.

    Thank you for sharing,

  26. Oh Jeanne, I think your Mum might just be my new hero! What an amazing lady she is and what an incredibly journey she's had. I loved to read that she has such a strong sense of identity and how it impacted you. Happy Mother's Day to you and your darling Mum. Meredy xo.

  27. Somewhat belated - but what a wonderful post, a lovely insight into your mum.

  28. I so enjoyed your loving tribute to your mother. Your love and respect for your mother is what every "Mom" hopes her children will feel. So special--so loving. Salute!

  29. Loved this post the first time I read it ad I love it now! Your mom is an inspiration! Have a wonderful day Jeanne!


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