More Monday Loveliness

Yesterday I received a comment from Cheryl @ not even close to empty 
and I here I sit thanking her for not only her comment on my post but for sharing 
a very moving video created by Stephanie Nielson. 
I would like to share it as part of my Monday Loveliness. 
It has made my Monday that much sweeter.

You can visit Stephanie's blog @ The Nie Nie Dialogues


  1. How sweet of you to even mention me but I saw the video on Nie Nie Dialogues (Stephanie's amazing blog), No sex in the city (a darling blog by the way) and facebook!
    Stephanie is an inspiration for sure! Words cannot fully describe how touched I am by her beautiful writing, beautiful spirit and determination, and her love of her family and God.
    That video is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Thank you Jeanne, this is very humbling. What a beautifully produced film, and such a special family

  3. Jeanne I had seen this last week on Nie Nie. What an amazing and inspiring woman she is. Her story is very humbling. There is a lot of love in that family~ we can learn so much from them. Thank you for sharing- it was nice to see it again.

  4. That was so very moving! I am humbled and amazed by her courage.

  5. I just knocks me down every time I think of what this beautiful woman has been through.

  6. What an incredible woman she is ...I had heard of her but had never seen this before. Thanks Jeanne. x


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