Mr. H has his England

Surprises all around for this girl.

I was told that a new office chair was to be delivered on Wednesday morning and it would arrive between 9:00am-12:00pm. I decided it would be a good time to tackle a few house projects and started the day checking in with the blogging world.  You smile, as you know this was my first mistake. 

One hour later...with keys pounding away at my hopeless attempts at my Wordless Wednesday post, the intercom rang at the entrance gate. Frustrated, I buzzed the gate open after the driver mentioned a delivery. 

When he pulled up, I muttered something to myself about his not being able to read as this was not a delivery van and he was coming to the wrong house. My WW post still on my mind, I walked out and suggested he may have made a mistake and to check his address. When he read his instructions to mouth dropped and I immediately whipped out the phone. 

To Mr. H...I said 
"There is a very white, low to the ground, 
convertible sports car in our driveway,
do you know anything about this?" 

To which he replied, 

'Yes, you said you wanted a chair with four wheels" 
(he laughs, referring to the office chair).

Pardon me while I swoon...
Mr. H loves surprises and loves to think 
of new ways to catch me off guard.

Our honeymoon, my wedding ring 
and my 40th birthday party are high on the list. 
I think he has outdone himself this time and he is delighted!

I should mention that a small, zippy car 
has been the subject of debate for 
several months now. I have discovered 
these little English country lanes 
are not suited for the large tank I currently drive. 

 There has been some serious 'mini ' 
envy these past few months. 
With each mention to Mr. H about a smaller car 
there was an emphatic 'no' in return.

Well done Mr H!

You may ask how I will spend my time in this zippy little car....

*Joni and I are going 
  to drive like the wind!

Care to join me?

* Listening to Joni Mitchell at Wordless Wednesday post


  1. WOW - What an amazing surprise. Lucky lucky you. Enjoy the wind in your hair and cruising around the country lanes. I think Mr. H will have a lot to live up to in the future! Enjoy.

  2. Oh wow. As our blog friend Kerri says...awesome to the power of sick!! Applause, high fives, snaps and all other celebratory gestures to Mr H. Enjoy, enjoy,!

  3. Well Jeanne, We've already had hints that you're married to a pretty cool kind of guy, but I believe you have just raised him from cool to hero status!!
    We'll know that if your blog goes a bit quiet over the next few days it's because you're racing around the leafy lanes enjoying your new toy!
    Have fun

  4. I'm packing a small valise and will be on my way. I would love a road trip with you! I can see it now- you with your hair gentle in the breeze, Joni, and maybe a few others in the background~ ooohhhh~la~la-HAVE FUN!

  5. What a wonderful husband you have! I think I may have to ask for a new office chair, I wonder if it will work for me? Enjoy your new toy on those narrow English lanes. xx

  6. Jeanne - now THAT is what I call a surprise (and a husband definitely worth hanging onto)!! Enjoy!!! xxx

  7. Wow oh Wow! Big applause, lots of cheers! Mr. H. rocks! And you're off to the country lanes with the wind touseling your hair...go, girl, go!

  8. Blogger gremlins ate my comment...but wow oh wow what an awesome surprise...and what an awesome Mr. H. Enjoy those country lanes with the wind in your hair. Go, girl, go!

  9. That's a delightful surprise!
    Happy motoring with Joni...and don't forget the sunscreen and sunglasses! Maybe add an Hermes scarf?

  10. What a fantastic surprise!
    Have a grand time!

  11. Oh Jeanne,
    Give that husband a gold star and a big smacker on the lips. He is a star.
    I can't quite make out what car he bought you.Is it an MG? I have an Audi TT and my favourite pastime is driving along the country lanes here, music up high and singing at the top of my voice.
    Enjoy your wonderful pressie but, take care in it, won't you ? XXXX

  12. What a wonderful surprise! How marvellous of Mr. H to do something so kind. How lucky you :D

  13. Yes you do have a wonderful honey! What a fabulous surprise for you. I can see you wipping around those country roads now...
    I know you will have a marvelous weekend!!

  14. When we were in France last year we followed a lady driving an old convertible through the beautiful lanes of the Loire Valley - I was so envious as it just looked like the perfect way to see the countryside. I can only imagine the wonderful outings you're going to have in your lovely Joni - enjoy!

  15. i am your newest follower...i love the feel of your blog...

    come by anytime and see me too...i'll be sure to leave my 'screen' door open for you!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  16. Remember your scarf! And your pearls!

  17. Oh my goodness this takes the biscuit for the LARGE Romantic Gesture of the year Jeanne... Squeal of delight!!! How totally wonderful... Enjoy, my friend and I can just see you whizzing round the country lanes this weekend - isn't it going to be sunny? Mr H must have ordered the weather too!! Fantastic. x

  18. Dearest Jeanne! Yay! Your surprise put a huge smile on my face! What a lovely day for you and a sweet hubby you have! Congrats on your mini and enjoy the ride!

  19. Jeanne what a lucky girl you are, a fabulous surprise.
    Mr H has now totally redeemed himself in my eyes for his comments on Ireland!
    Can't wait to read about your adventures in your new baby.

  20. You lucky, lucky woman, you! I'm just swooning over how romantic your husband is. Enjoy your weekend, and make some memories in that car!

  21. What a wonderful surprise! (my husband would buy me the moon, but his idea of a surprise is to not ask me what I want until the day before an event! lol!) Now Mr. H must take a photo of you in your beautiful new "office chair" for us to see! Time to invest in some fabulous scarves and sunglasses! Congratulations!

  22. yippee, yippee!!! i love surprises like that!


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