A Sentimental Girl

There is nothing like the character of an older home.
I guess you could say I am sentimental.
These rooms remind me of my childhood.

There is a wonderful quality about each room.
Simple and rich in detail. 

I half expect Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy to waltz into any one of them.

Better yet, I would love to see my grandfather again 
shaving over the bathroom sink with his thick foamy shaving brush.
The floor, the sink, the freshness....they all come fondly back to me.
I would have foam on my nose and he would be telling me 
I was the most wonderful girl in the world.

There is nothing like a grandfather's love.

See, I said I was sentimental!

Images: English Home, Traditional Home, others unknown


  1. Wonderful post, brilliant photographs. And I completely agree, the unique and charming character of an older home is unique and incomparable to anything else :)

  2. What a sweet tribute to your Grandfather. My Pop-pop was a jeweler in New York City and he would take me for rides on the ferry whenever we would visit from Maine. I still remember sharing a warm pretzel or a pomegranate with him.
    When I was expecting my only child, it was with Pop-pop that I shared the news first- unfortunately he never met my son- I miss him to this day. My Mother use to call these old homes- nook and crany houses.

  3. Sam- thanks for your kind comments :)

    Deb--your Pop-pop sounds wonderful!
    My grandfather was a shop keeper (millinery) in Cambridge, Massachusetts...always had a twinkle in his eye and sweet words for everyone. We lost him just a few months ago, a few weeks shy of 100. Aren't we lucky to have had them in our lives :)

  4. Beautiful post and photos! I always love seeing what treats you have in store for us!

  5. The wallpaper in the first photo reminds me of my best friend's home when we were little. It brings back such great memories. It truly was a nook and cranny house and we were allowed to stay in the upstairs alone. Such fun!

  6. Gorgeous post Jeanne
    I love the images but also your sentiment of childhood memories.. My childhood home was mid century but my grandparents home was a beautiful old Federation house [which I'm sure you know having lived in Aus]...

    The decor and style were quite different.. very dark heavy timber and traditional persian rugs.. I think that is why I love Ralph Lauren so much.. just has that same comforting feeling... Lovely post.. xxx Julie

  7. How beautiful these rooms are and isn't lovely to be sentimental and to think of loved ones... Adore image No 3 - with my favourite ever Colefax and Fowler fabric - 'Bowood Rose'.... x

  8. I adore these rooms!

    Your Grandfather sounds wonderful, I am so sorry to hear of your loss but glad that he created so many moments of happiness for you to cherish.

    I sadly never met either of my grandfathers, but I'd like to think that if I had they would have told me I was the most wonderful girl too! Maybe they would, I know neither of them would have had any other female grandchildren ;-)

    I know what you mean though about houses evoking childhood and memories of family.

    Love the wallpaper, and could write more than you'd want to hear about that gorgeously civilised bathroom.

    I can imagine Miss Marple, called to investigate a mystery at the country house of a rich but fragile (poisoned?) friend, taking tea on that chaise while her friend filled her in on the suspects from the bed! But that's just me...:)

  9. They're gorgeous images Jeanne - they remind me of my great aunt's old bedroom, so refined and full of style.

  10. Dear Jeanne,
    We have always lived in old houses. Our house that we live in now is late Victorian and the one that we lived in before was built in 1665. I have very vague memories of my grandfather's but, my grandmother was a major part of my life. She was lovely and, such fun.
    I think that it's lovely, being sentimental. XXXX

  11. I love your sentimental post..and I wanna jump into that gorgeous vintage bed right now...

    Happy Monday!

    Cheers: Evi

  12. These are big sigh images Jeanne, I can immediately see myself in each of these beautiful rooms. I have always lived in old period houses, up to moving into The Hedge. It's been good to experience something different, & I find myself drawn to ultra-modern architecture more & more. Another stage in Millie's evolution me thinks!
    M ^_^

  13. Oh Jeanne, those rooms are all so romantic! You know, I live in an old Victorian, by American standards, and the high ceilings and large windows of it make it so romantic. I like sitting in the sitting room and daydreaming of the lives the walls have seen before we came along.


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