A Flowering Sloane Square for Chelsea Flower Show

Ooh la la....is the first thing I said when I popped out 
of the Sloane Square tube station this morning. 
I hit the streets bright and early to make the most of my day and quickly 
came upon these beautiful window displays.

This beauty is part of the Sloane in Bloom festivities
 in support of the Chelsea Flower Show.
I think the images speak for themselves but what I was really 
taken with was the lovely hats on display at

Whew...and this was all before I stepped into the Flower Show.....

and it was wonderful!!!!

But....I will have to save that for later :)
I have enough photos to make it last all summer long.
In the meantime, I have to run.

Mr. H is giving me 'the look'.
I need to pack.
We are off to Quebec City tomorrow 
to celebrate the birthday of a very special lady,
Mere Claire.
I am going to say adieu
and send you floral wishes for a wonderful weekend!!

Jeanne xx


  1. Ooh La La!!! is what I can say after drooling at those lovely pictures you have lovingly put together for us.

    Happy journey and joy always,

  2. Oh Jeanne, the shops look AMAZING.....wow!!! I must go and see them....will they be there next week? Hope so!

    I have friends who have been to Chelsea this week and loved it, lots said it was even better than last year....can't wait to hear what you have to say :)

    Have a safe trip, bon voyage :) xo

  3. A great way to start your day. How lovely to see all the shop fronts looking so great. My best friend has been working at Chelsea over the past week, so I'm looking forward to seeing all her photos too.

  4. Beautiful! Those shops looks so amazing. I cannot wait to see what you come home with from the flower show. Have a great trip and safe home!

  5. Absolutely stunning, many thanks, got my day here in ASuckland off to a briught start.

  6. How nice that the shops support the flower show that way. Can't wait to see more photos of the actual show. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Yes drooling is the right word!! such beautiful pics Jeanne! thanks for sharing!

  8. Jeanne, I'm swooning from such gorgeousness! Have a fun weekend in Quebec City.

  9. Oh, Jeanne! These photos are just yummy! The flowers, the shops, the hats - oh my!!! Oh, to be a short tube ride away from this lovely neighborhood and the Chelsea show...Looking forward to more of your wonderful photos...Cassandra ♥

  10. I ADORE Paule Ka! I would've said Oh La la too. I believe it's a very Virgo word ;-)

  11. I actually said "Ahhhhh" when I saw that Jo Malone image and my jaw continued to hang as I scrolled down to French Sole (oh how I wish)and then the hats! the flowers! the colour! You've done it again Jeanne. Thanks for colouring my morning. I've just returned from the hospital with Bugsy, put him into bed and treated myself to some bloggy time. I'm so glad I did.....I'm sure cleaning up my house won't be so defeating with those images circulating in my head as I scrub. Hope you have a lovely time catching up with friends. Meredy xo.

  12. Ooh la la indeed! So nice of you to bring us window shopping with you and here's to hoping your weekend is as lovely and sweet as the beautiful blooms you saw at the flower show!

  13. So beautiful Jeanne! I could wander through the streets admiring thaose displays all day and then run out of time for the flower show! I am looking forward to seeing it. I think they will have it on BHG here tonight. Have a fabulous weekend! xx

  14. See... this is exactly why I love London.
    Just a fantasyland, every season of the year.

  15. Hi Jeanne - how gorgeous - I loved the way that the shops around the Chelsea Flower Show all join in each year with their own special displays - I think that they have their own special competition too and a winner is announced. So glad you had a good day and enjoy your trip away to Quebec city - lucky girl! x

  16. Dear Jeanne,
    Don't the shops in Sloane Sqare look amazing ? I love the heart wrapped around the shop. They are all so pretty and I find it lovely that they have all done this for Chelsea Week.
    I'm so pleased that you loved Chelsea.
    Have a great time celebrating your friend's birthday. Lots of love. XXXXT

  17. Merci beaucoup for sharing such fabulous photos, especially love the French Sole shop photo - I have lots of pairs which I buy online.

    Bon voyage,

    Leeann x

  18. Jeanne
    oooh la la is right!!! these displays are simply wonderful.. why can't Sydney be this creative??? maybe it can and I'm not looking in the right spots!!

    Well this is all so beautiful.. thanks for brightening my day.. and have a lovely weekend in Quebec!!!! xxx Julie

  19. Wow, what beautiful displays in front of those shops, how fun that everyone joins into the flower show spirit.
    Wishing you a great trip

  20. Gorgeous! Quebec City is among my favorites- we were there for Winter Carnival a couple of years ago! Fantastic! Have fun! You're only about 6 hours away!

  21. Have a great weekend. These images are just amazing. I just love your blog. I'm adding it to my blog roll. Love it.

  22. It is always so much fun to come here and look around! Your pictures are wonderful as usual. The shops look fabulous and I love all these beautiful flowers...
    Thanks for the walk! Enjoyed the visit as always.
    I wish you a fabulous weekend!
    Gaby xo

  23. You went to the flower show? How gorgeous that you even found the time - Thank you for A) your beautiful comment and B) sharing the name of a good milliners, I adore hats. xx.

  24. These pictures are "wellness for the eyes"....soooo beautiful! London is unbelievable in shop decorating especially during the Chelsea Flower Show! Shops over here should do this.... its very inviting.
    Have a good time, Beate

  25. Beautiful. I would have loved to see that.

  26. Happy travels Jeanne. Glad The Chelsea Flower Show received the pleasure of your camera's company!
    Millie ^_^

  27. Ooh La La!!! the shops look amazing. The flowers, the shops.. all so beautiful. Thank you XX love.

  28. I'm drooling. Oh, to be a Sloane Ranger for a day! Hope you have a great visit to Quebec City. It's one of the prettiest cities in the Americas. And thank you for dropping by my blog and the lovely comment you left. It brought a happy smile to my face that my story held you to the end. For I admire your writing voice and appreciate such a nice comment from someone who writes really well. Enjoy your trip!

  29. OH WOW, how beautiful. I just love hats and would be in heaven with this lot. Really, really beautiful.


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