Decisions, Decisions...#bicyclelove

It has been many years since I hopped on a bike. 
It has been many years since I have even thought of hopping on a bike, but now I am ready. 
For months, I have been looking longingly at the town and country bikes that pass me on the road. 

I have discovered many things about the English since moving here and one of them 
is that they have a fondness for cycling. I have also concluded that there are two types of cyclists. 
One uses a bicycle for local errands around town. They ride at a steady pace, hair flapping in the breeze, 
not a care in the world, just happy that they can glide thru traffic and you can not. 

The other rider is serious...very serious, the outfit, the stride....they are on the road for some action.

Finding serious action on the road is not on my list of things to do at the moment, but, 
purchasing one of these bicycles is. The bike of choice is a Pashley

It is the classic English town and country bicycle and it is calling out to me. 
The problem is I can not decide which one. You are all ladies of exceptional taste, 
can you tell me what you would select? I have narrowed it down to three. 
Which is your favourite, Princess Sovereign, Sonnet Bliss or Sonnet Pure?
Thank You!!

Pashley Princess Sovereign in Buckingham Black ?

Pashley Sonnet Bliss in Ivory/Midnight Blue?

Pashley Sonnet Pure in Ivory/Claret?

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  1. Hi Jeanne~ I recently bought a new bike. I am definately the leisurely cyclist. I did a lot of research and chose one that was perfect for low impact on back and neck-the peddles slightly ahead-I love it. Here's the link of that post if you want to take a look. It's a lovely lemon tart :) yellow with a Nantucket basket. Yes to Facebook-please disregard the photos...that someone posted on it!!! I'm the one with my back to you...

  2. The princess sovereign - it's beautiful and very dignified.

  3. looove the first one, the Princess Sovereign...oh, to ride that sleek bike in England would be bliss (I'm in the errand category with afternoon splurges on country lanes.)

  4. I hope that whatever you choose you have a fabulous time riding around the streets of England!

    Love that picture from 101 Dalmatians -she was a beautiful lady wasn't she!

    Best wishes,

  5. I agree with everyone else - the Princess Sovereign (in gorgeous black of course!)would be my choice. I bought a bike a little while ago but unfortunately it's too hilly where we are so it has to be taken by car to a lovely riding track. Sadly it doesn't get nearly as many outings as I would wish. Look forward to hearing about your cycling adventures! Leigh

  6. Hmmm, you know, when I first saw the Princess Sovereign, I was sure that was the one, and then I saw the next one: the Sonnet Bliss in Ivory/Midnight Blue and that gave me pause for thought (love the colour combinations), I have to say that if you're going for a Pashley, it has to be the Princess - would you look at that?! It's beautiful.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you finally choose. Good post - I like these group things!

  7. Whichever best coordinates with your wardrobe.

  8. Pashley are classy...check out the Hermes bike just for fun...I am always wondering when some savvy gal is going to create designer helmets...they are mandatory where I live and that is the sole reason I do not bike...waiting for the straw hat lined with protective padding!

  9. HI Jeanne
    Well I love them all but perhaps Princess Sovereign is my choice.. You know I've been thinking about my poor bike rusting away in the garage... I did have a beautiful one my brother had painted white for me.. and lent it to a 'friend' never to be seen again.. bike nor friend.. haha.. but where I live there are many bike trails and one that runs the entire waterfront [and all flat flat flat].. so maybe you will inspire me to get the rusty boy out of the garage.... it could be photo excursions by bike .. no???

  10. yep, love the princess sovereign, so cool! whichever one you get, i'd go for a carrier rack on the back like the P Sovereign has. I spotted a very stylish girl the other week who had a rectangular cane basket that she'd attached to the back rack (with cable ties or something like that) with a cute as a button Westie sitting in the back!! too fab by half.


  11. ooooh...hard choice but I do love the ivory/claret one. You could at least think about good wine while getting fit. Do you have to wear helmets in the UK to ride a bike? I like the sound of hair blowing in the breeze...not that I have long hair!

  12. I love to go biking! We have a wonderful bike trail near our home that goes for miles and miles, through the woods. It's the best. Unfortunately, we tend to take the dogs for long walks these days instead of biking. It seems wrong somehow to leave them on a beautiful day.

    I'd definitely choose the Princess Sovereign. No contest.

  13. This is great, things are shaping up here. Many thanks for all your comments!!

    Kerry~ Oddly enough, bike helmets are not mandatory here. The serious bikers ride them on the speed and mountain bikes. The around town crowd do not. Still makes me grip the steering wheel when I see them. This is the first time I have come across a country with out that rule. I am going to have to think long and hard on that one!

    Hostess~ I love your idea of a straw hat with protective lining. One of Australian Helen Kaminski's latest designs would be perfect!

    Jules...thanks for the tip, I like that idea!

    The Princess Sovereign is definitely looking like the favourite in this group :)

  14. Oh yes, Jeanne get a Pashley !! I have always longed for one - how exciting - go for it and post us a photograph!!

  15. Any of these bikes look wonderful, you'll soon be spinning along, hair in the wind! One of our greatest luxuries here is a good village shop, just the right distance to cycle to.

  16. Dear Jeanne:

    Glad for your decision. Your posts always have a dual quality of information as well as personal flavour. Nice.

    Best for your cycle-adventures!

    Joy always,

  17. Jeanne
    I just pulled my vintage 1980s California beach cruiser out of storage and bought a basket just like the photo. It's been a long time since I cruised up and down the boardwalks of Newport and Huntington Beaches and I will have to stick to the flat paved bike paths in Ohio, but it will still be fun. Wish I lived where I could do errands on a bike.

  18. Hi Jeanne, I'm with Mise on the Princesse Sovereign - and you could even bring it over to Paris and you'd fit right in there too!! In anycase, enjoy the ride ;-) Publishing my 10th post as we speak...

  19. Have to agree - Princess Sovereign in Buckingham Black!! Looks beautiful and she has such a regal title..When I went to Europe I loved the fact that the transport mode of choice was most often bicycle. If our towns and roads were more geared for the leisurely cyclist I would get one for sure. Unfortunately it is either the serious stuff or nothing in Australia - no in between here!

  20. Thanks a few years time you may see a crazy lady riding the boardwalk of Manly beach and the Balmoral beachfront in a Pashley.
    That will be me! I bought it for the ride from Fairlight to Manly and around. I think that is one of the few places in Australia where you can manage a bike like that!!

  21. Dear Jeanne,
    I was in your position about three weeks ago. I decided to go for the Roadster Sovereign, I have submitted an order and now I am waiting Pashley mechanics to create one "little miracle" for me! Have you considered the Princess Sovereign in green colour, or the brand new Britannia range? Just my two cents...

    Greetings from sunny Athens, Greece.
    Vasilis Samaras

    PS.; I give my vote to the Princess Sovereign. It is so classy, so elegant, it is a bike to live with...

  22. I love them all, but would probably buy the ivory one. What a gorgeous name for a beautiful way to see the countryside.

  23. Thank you for your comment Vasilis!
    I had not see the Britannia edition and just had a look. I love the colours. Thanks for the tip!
    The Roadster Sovereign is a classic. I popped into the shop yesterday and had a look at the black and green Princess Sovereign.
    I have to say that while I liked the green, the Buckingham Black just looks great. I guess I am a traditionalist at heart. What a beautiful bike and so well made.
    I was surprised to hear it would take 4-8 weeks to have made. How about you? It will give me time to check out the accessories.
    I have a feeling this Pashley bike is going to be a lifelong passion :)

  24. I love cycling too. Of course I live i Holland so everyone cycles. My bike is a Trek City bike in white and pale blue. Love it. Your selection looks great - I'd go for the Sonnet Bliss myself.

  25. I'm a cyclist in london and I love it! I definitely fall more into the flapping hair, not-a-serious-outfit type, but i go 10 miles or so most days and you don't need to be wearing head to do lycra to do so!
    Pashleys are lovely - if it were me, I"d go for the sonnet bliss or secret option C, the sovereign but in the regency green colour which I think is so classic and stylish.
    There are lots of nice helmets available now too - have a look at (in the accessories section, but there are some lovely bikes too!) ... I love this one:

    and you see quite a few girls wearing this one:

    There's also but the site seems to be down at the moment; she also blogs at , have a look!

    I always get really excited at the thought of another London cyclist, so please excuse me for bombarding you with links !!

  26. Good morning and have a nice day!
    Yes, I do believe that Pashley is going to be a lifelong passion.
    I have to say, I was in a budget of 500 euros when i was searching for a bicycle, but i fell in love with the Pashley and decided to stretch out my budget to 850 euros (this is the actual cost of the Roadster Sovereign here in Greece)! I was quoted an estimeted delivery time of 5-8 weeks, and now i am waiting, waiting, waiting... and searching for accesories.

    Please have look at Nigel Smythe & Sons bags, or Basil, Carradice, Zimbale and Velo Orange in order to find your accessories. Basil makes wonderfull side carrier bags!

    Hopefully, being a traditionalist too, i wasn't anxious about the colour. Buckinham black is the only available colour for the Roadster Sovereign.

    I really hope, you should be able to find a Pashley that suits you very soon! :)

    Kind regards,
    Vasilis Samaras

  27. Jane

    You are a sweetheart!!!
    I just love all these sites.
    I came across London Cyclechic last night and loved it.
    I also discovered

    I am off to have a goodf look at Bobbin Cycles. I think that covers it all.
    So many things to look at...decisions, decisions again!

    Many thanks ;)



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