I am Mother and I Shall Conquer

I did it! 
I have to thank one and all for their suggestions 
as to which Pashley bike I should purchase.
The overall winner was, as I had hoped, 
the Buckingham Black, Princess Sovereign.

My order has been placed and it is off to the Pashley
bicycle manufacturer where it will be hand-built
by their bicycle specialists in Stratford-upon-Avon.
It is a 4-8 week wait but I believe it will be worth it.
This is my first 'Made in the UK' purchase and 
I am delighted. 

I thought it would end there but alas...there is more to consider.
So much more that it has my head spinning!

Someone asked about the use of bicycle helmets in the UK.
A good question, as the only bicyclists I see using them are the serious speedsters.
I made an inquiry and discovered that they are not mandatory here. I am still in a quandary,
while it does look better without one, I can't help feeling that I am putting myself at risk.
Next step: find a bike helmet!

I send my thanks to Jane over at The World According to Jane who now has
me up to speed on the latest bike wear around London. 
What a clever girl she is...I am indebted to her!

The place to go is Bobbin Bicycles
397 St. John Street

They have it all!

Uber-stylish cycle helmets... 

Cycling Macs and hood...

Zippy double and single panniers....

Yikes, which one? Can you see my dilemma??
I have to say, Mr. H and the family think Mom is off her rocker by now.
She walks around chanting B-Well, B-Well, B-Well....
a pedometer, a bike, health journals....what next ??
To which Mom says...
I am Mother and I shall Conquer!
or something like that :)

If you have any opinions on any of the above, I would love to hear them!

PS...Be sure to stop in at the Gorgeous Grace Giveaway
for this classic 1950's double music CD
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  1. that's brilliant - glad you got the black one, love it!

  2. Brilliant for sure!!!
    I feel positively lazy now!! and I want that leather satchel... boy do I want it.. Well my dear.. you will be fit and stylish!! .. Pretty crazy to think it is not mandatory to wear a helmut.. although I agree more enjoyable not too.. I do enjoy having my brains inside my skull..

    Love that poster.. very fitting for the way you are feeling.. enjoy your week Jeanne.. xx Julie

  3. Love your battle cry of 'I am Mother!' And the bike choice is perfect, you can't fail to have a nice time on such a lovely item. LB x

  4. What a gorgeous bike store and all the beautiful things that go with a bike. I don't think we look at them as beautiful here in the States! I love the bike with the basket, but I would wear a helmet. What you are protecting yourself from is all the idiots driving and not paying attention. For us here its all the people on the phones or texting. It's crazy! They haven't made it against the law here to not drive and talk but I wish they would!

    I love that you walk around chanting B-Well and I am Mother all the time!

  5. Love that bike - you chose very well. I'd adore a beautiful English bike with a basket! Have a wonderful week!

  6. I have to admit to not always wearing my helmet on my bike.... and even sometimes on my scooter-I know, I know! BUT...if I had one of THESE helmets, I might never take it off. I must now search here in the states and see if we have anything nearly this fabulous.
    Congrats on your gorgeous new wheels. Did you get a wicker basket? It's a must have for the farmer's markets. B-Well darlin'.

  7. The Sherlock Holmes helmet is wonderful - I think that and a simple floral tea-dress would be just the thing for excursing on your Princess.

  8. Congrats on the building of your cycle! I especially loved the new look of bike helmets! I had no idea that helmets came in such stylish fashions!

  9. How exciting that it's on its way! Brilliant choice - they're such gorgeous bikes. I get pangs of jealousy every time I see one.
    Happy hunting with the helmets, there are so many great choices - so glad you liked the Bobbin suggestion! They've got stylish cycling down to a T....
    Thanks again for linking me :)

  10. I'll recommend the nutcase helmets. I have a couple and they are so great and fun.

  11. Soooo exciting - can't wait for you take delivery of this gorgeous creature and of course we're all looking forward to some action shots of your maiden voyage! Leigh

  12. Jeanne - that's so exciting - looking forward to seeing lots of photos and hearing all about your new acquisition! x

  13. THOSE HELMETS!!! I want to look like a sleuth or a business woman while I fly down the hills on my mountain bike!! WOW! This is a revolution for me... Too cool. I must come over for a visit.
    Ooh - Congrats on the fabbo new bike.

    Now - as I prepare to homeshool my children may I adopt your battle cry??

    Oh - in guise of comment to the post above! Laughter and smiling are just my favourite things in the WHOLE world (other than biking of course)

  14. Ohhhh, you got the one I loved...excited for you. Please, please wear a helmet. I got thrown once and a helmet saved what brains I have!

  15. Those cycle helmets are the coolest. Whichever you get, you'll rock the look, I'm sure.


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