Notting Hill, Mothering Sunday and a few pics....

Dear Friends

Many thanks for your comments on my previous post. My sister, Kathleen, arrived safe and sound and is enjoying the sights around London. Today I am bringing you a spot of colour from Portobello Road in Notting Hill. I was lucky enough to receive a new point and shoot camera for Mothering Sunday (UK's Mother's Day) and took it out for a test run. I love the camera, it is light, easy to use and although I have a few things to learn I was happy with the overall images. It has a clever little screen that allows you to take photos 'undercover' which is very handy when you are out and about :) Details about the camera below....

It was all happening today. The sun was shining
and people were out to make the most of it.

A bit of Notting Hill humour along the way :)

If you are in the market for a new camera,
check out the Canon G12. It came highly recommended
and I am glad I took the advice. More photos taken 
at Hampton Court Palace here

Product details here


  1. Love the handbags! They are wonderful. Lovely pictures. Hope you are having a great time. Hugs! Bonnie

  2. Great images. I love the purses, and the row houses. Keep up the practice!! and enjoy your sister's visit.

  3. Ah, gorgeous photos, Jeanne - what bold colour and a touch of humour. I'm so glad you're enjoying some sister time. Oh, and I really like the new font you're using - so easy on the eye.J x

  4. Love the pictures! The purses are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jeanne,

    Mothering Sunday...or Mother's Day.

    Hope it was a Happy One...your camera skills are stellar and the opportunities for great photos seem to be endless in your part of the country.



  6. Oh, what a lush landscape of little luxuries! It seems the camera's working out for you!!

  7. Makes me feel like I`m walking thru Notting Hill, too! :))
    So nice to see and I love the windows of *All Saints*.Extraordinary....
    Have a great time with your sister, Jeanne!I will! :))
    Beate XXX

  8. Mothering of today Mother's Day is now Mothering Day at my house!

    I have to confess my envy Jeanne of your new camera and your day in Nottingham Hill. I am adding it to my list of "must sees before I'm 65"

  9. I love all those brilliant photos you've taken Jeanne. Someone obviously knew what to buy you!

  10. Love the tin boxes!I dare not admit how many of them I actually own:-D But these are not in my 'collection'.

  11. Those handbags are lovely and I love the collection of old tin boxes.

  12. You make me jealous! I have still my old G11! :-)

  13. Thanks for your comments everyone, it has been fun reading which pictures you favour. I have taken note for future excursions. :) My sister and I have had our great visit, short but sweet. I appreciate all your comments.
    Thank you!!

  14. My favorite is the first one with the wedding in mind...I can hardly wait!!

  15. that looks like fun.
    great images xxxx

  16. looks like you had a wonderful time Jeanne. and the camera's a beauty.. I have a cannon point and shoot also.. sans that nifty swivel lcd

    Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day... ciao xxx Julie

  17. Smashing time in London Sister Dear!!! Thank you!!! (:

  18. Glad you are having a fun sister visit.


  19. Jeanne ~

    Fabulous photos! I love the colors. The handbags are terrific.

    So glad your sister made it safely and enjoying her time there.

    Gentle hugs!

  20. Terrific images and what a perfect present! enjoy it darling! I know we will whenever you post photos!

  21. You know, I brought my big Nikon to Texas with me -- but really, I'm sort of person (and photographer) who would rather have a small point and shoot. I would LOVE to have an 'undercover' option as I especially like to take pictures of people.
    Notting Hill is one of my favourite London haunts and your pictures capture it so well. It makes me miss England a bit (even though I'm enjoying visiting Texas).

    Very much appreciated your recent comments on my posts. I would like to see your Chinese bookshelf sometime.

  22. Jeanne ~

    Where do you get your Pentel? I have looked all over town (Omaha) and have had no luck. I love Pilot's retractable fine tip, but thought I would give the Pentel a try after you mentioned you liked it.

    Gentle hugs!


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