My Tuscan Bee

My Tuscan Bee
Up the garden path in Tuscany 

Since I am in the midst of change, I thought I might have another think about my blog header but alas, I could not do it. My blogging world would be incomplete without it. I realised that I never mentioned  the story behind my little bee. Actually, I like to think of her as Queen Bee (something I have long desired for myself ;) ). I found her up the garden path on a hot summers day in Tuscany,  tucked away in the heady aroma of a lavender bush.

Mr. and Mrs. H and the gang were celebrating a family reunion with other members 
of the H. family. We all travelled wide and far to reach this little slice of heaven. 
Our retreat was a beautiful home in Monticchiello outside of Siena. 
It was here that I befriended Queen Bee.  We had a lovely time together.

She fluttering here and there without a care in the world, me fluttering after her.

She had me scouring the countryside in hot pursuit....

She skimming over the the translucent pool, gently gliding above the surface of the water, while I
lay relaxingly, sunglasses perched, taking in her every move.

Time slipped away into the never never...

It was was heaven.

Come morning she would settle on more lavender 
and observe me sipping my morning tea.

Yes...we both had it pretty easy, my little Queen Bee and me.

She, doing what bee's do best,

me travelling, eating and writing my way around Tuscany.

So, can you see, why it is difficult for me to farewell Queen Bee?

I have her with me every day,
to remind me of a wonderful holiday.... in Tuscany.

( you can meet my other friend, English Bluebell Bee here)

With lavender thoughts....for you :)

Artist: Joshua Bell
Song: "Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra (from movie Ladies in Lavender)

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