The day before the wedding.....

I caught the early morning train into London this morning to see
how the wedding plans were coming along. I picked up these 
postcards as a memento of the occasion. 
Today is the last day that we can say Miss Catherine Middleton.

I spoke a few days ago about the incredibly warm weather we have had and just as 
I predicted, grey skies and a cool breeze are upon us. Never thing you never travel 
without in England is a good umbrella. I am sure many will be prepared and I imagine 
Catherine and William will be smiling through it all regardless of the weather.

Rain or is all 'go' in London.

Westminster Abbey was closed today in preparation. I was one of many
standing at the gate, trying to imagine what will take place tomorrow.

From this point, my focus was Buckingham Palace via St. James's Park.
The park was a wonderful spot to take a morning stroll.

This little guy thought so too :)

 Along the path and thru the trees came Buckingham Palace...

and the people...
The tents are going up,

 the ladies are attending to their royal wedding bonnets,

 cameramen are making their final adjustments,

  reporters are talking the talk,

the police are making their rounds,

young girls are taking advantage 
of every photo opportunity,

everyone is ready,

the celebration is about to begin.

All eyes will be on the royal couple at 1:30pm (London time) 
as they wave to the crowds before them. 

and where will I be, you might ask?
In the comfort of my home, with my recent purchase of Devonshire cream,
Fortnum and Mason's finest cut grapefruit marmalade, strawberry jam and 
tea alongside a freshly baked batch of buttermilk scones (made by me). 
The fine china will come out for my tea time occasion and let me tell you,
 I will be one happy lassy :)

Best wishes for a wonderful wedding day and weekend, wherever you are :)
Happy Wedding Bells!!

Jeanne xxx

images ~ me
with exception of postcard
of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton
an background postcard of London.
and Fortnum and Mason's High Tea Cup.

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