The day before the wedding.....

I caught the early morning train into London this morning to see
how the wedding plans were coming along. I picked up these 
postcards as a memento of the occasion. 
Today is the last day that we can say Miss Catherine Middleton.

I spoke a few days ago about the incredibly warm weather we have had and just as 
I predicted, grey skies and a cool breeze are upon us. Never thing you never travel 
without in England is a good umbrella. I am sure many will be prepared and I imagine 
Catherine and William will be smiling through it all regardless of the weather.

Rain or is all 'go' in London.

Westminster Abbey was closed today in preparation. I was one of many
standing at the gate, trying to imagine what will take place tomorrow.

From this point, my focus was Buckingham Palace via St. James's Park.
The park was a wonderful spot to take a morning stroll.

This little guy thought so too :)

 Along the path and thru the trees came Buckingham Palace...

and the people...
The tents are going up,

 the ladies are attending to their royal wedding bonnets,

 cameramen are making their final adjustments,

  reporters are talking the talk,

the police are making their rounds,

young girls are taking advantage 
of every photo opportunity,

everyone is ready,

the celebration is about to begin.

All eyes will be on the royal couple at 1:30pm (London time) 
as they wave to the crowds before them. 

and where will I be, you might ask?
In the comfort of my home, with my recent purchase of Devonshire cream,
Fortnum and Mason's finest cut grapefruit marmalade, strawberry jam and 
tea alongside a freshly baked batch of buttermilk scones (made by me). 
The fine china will come out for my tea time occasion and let me tell you,
 I will be one happy lassy :)

Best wishes for a wonderful wedding day and weekend, wherever you are :)
Happy Wedding Bells!!

Jeanne xxx

images ~ me
with exception of postcard
of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton
an background postcard of London.
and Fortnum and Mason's High Tea Cup.


  1. I'm teaching a class during the two hours the ceremony etc will take place!:-( Well, one must make a living. It will probably be shown a million times. Can't wait to see the dress. Danish television has been showing wedding documentaries and wedding movies all week - I can't imagine what it must be like in England.

  2. Love it..thank you for the sneak peek! I will set my alarm and have a cup of coffee in bed in front of the telly! Then it's off to work where the Duchess of Lamoille (that's my name for the day) will be serving her guests (co-workers) her famous lemon bread in celebratory fashion (paper plates).

  3. I am going to be in front of my TV, bleary eyed, and watching it ALL. (:

  4. Jeanne, it's certainly all happening down there. I wish them every happiness and lots of sunshine for tomorrow! Your tea time treat sounds very more-ish

  5. I just love the beautiful glimpse you have given us to all of the beauty and ceremony of the wedding, London and the whole celebration!

    I am especially fond of how you will be spending the day! Lovely!

    Enjoy the day!


  6. Great post. It made me feel like I"m there. I love the bunting along the streets and all the flowers in the park. I'll be watching with a cuppa in hand as well.

  7. Sounds absolutely lovely! I will be recording it and will watch it when I get home from school tomorrow.

  8. Hi - ahhh I love that you went up to have a look! I am beyond excited now...such a wonderful thing for Britain. I love how everyone is joining in - even the naysayers! So yep - I will be there, 8am watching with the Boos and Mr Boo (who is even, despite himself, excited too!). Lou x

  9. Looks delightful...have a wonderful day!!

  10. Your very English cream tea sounds appropriate for the event.
    It will be exciting !
    We have to stay up all night to see it in real time...

  11. I love the photos! I would loved to have been there to see the sights and to feel the excitement. I will be watching myself from the comfort of home with 2 billion others. It is a wonderful thing to see two happy people in love. Best of luck to Kat and William. Enjoy your tea and scones!

  12. Your pictures are brilliant! I am so envious that you are right there in the midst of the action. I hope you enjoy the happy atmosphere over there. Have a cuppa for will be dinner time over here so I will have a couple of wines and think of you!

    Best wishes always,

  13. Very exciting watching it all come together here in NZ. Great coverage all week, and of course Prince William has a special place in our hearts here in NZ,we are all pretty excited.

    I have got my good china out and will have a "cuppa" as I sit and watch in the early hours.

  14. I was there yesterday and blogged about it too. Wasn't it amazing?! XOL

  15. Great photos Jeanne!

    I thought was absolutely fantastic...and so moving!!! Her dress was stunning and they just make a wonderful couple....I loved it all :)


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