Tumbleweeds and Birthday Wishes...latest from Tahilla Farm

Path to the mountains...Tahilla Farm

Good Morning!

Some of you may wonder if I stepped off into the woodlands never to return. Some days feel like that, but I am here, still running around Tahilla Farm with workmen coming in and out of the nest every day. It's been a month since I returned..and I look around and think how much there is still to do. And then I stop....look out the window and think..maybe I'll work on it tomorrow.

Kitchen window views...Tahilla Farm

There have been a series of hiccups as is to be expected with combining a new and old house. The new house is ticking along just fine, the old house (1790) is....old. Combing new and old has been interesting. There are times when I swear like a sailor...to myself...and then look out the window and decide to to think about it tomorrow. I would do it all over again but have learned a few lessons along the way, stay tuned.

Truth be told, I am feeling like a tumbleweed kicking around an empty house at the moment. I have just enough furniture here to get by...nearly. All our belongings are in Vietnam, it's a shuffling game until it arrives some time next year. In the meantime, we ordered a few new pieces in anticipation of our big family reunion at Christmas. Timing was tight but it was looking promising and now it is not. The official word is..NO, not going to happen before Christmas. How do I feel? As you can imagine but I have to move on and consider Plan B...there are parties to plan, a house to decorate for the holidays, guest to arrive, food to be cooked and when I feel I am absolutely out of my mind, I can find a quiet corner, swear like a sailor, look out the window and think..it can be done. It has to!

When all else fails...build a fire. My new motto.

And that's how I feel at this very moment. I imagine others are feeling the stress mode moving in as the days pass...I just want to say, I am with you. You can try my method but I do advise you save the swearing for a quiet spot in your house...and then stare out the window. I find that when I do, a few surprises  come my way.

From my window, a  coyote comes calling..

and a bobcat too..

I will leave you here, but before I do, 
I would like to send a special Birthday wish 
to my mother, Alma, who turns 80 today. 
She is a force to be reckoned with, 
still going strong 
with a new art and antiques shop..

Alma's Art and Antiques...
the table and chairs have a new home at Tahilla Farm. ;)
and enough gusto
 to keep her sails blowing
 for many years to come. 
Following her lead 
has been an absolute pleasure. 

The story of Alma..here

Happy Birthday Mom!! 

And to all..
Best Wishes For A Wonderful Weekend!

~Happy Weekend~

Jeanne xx

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