Merry Merry from Tahilla Farm!

It's the wee hours 
of the morning, 
the kiddies 
are sleeping, 
Mr. H is stirring
 and I could not start 
my Christmas morning 
without popping in 
to wish you 
a Happy Christmas!

In the past week we awoke 
to a surprise snow flurry 
one that we had been wishing for.

Our wish came true..

It was fleeting..

and beautiful..

 Our first snow at Tahilla Farm.

I ran out the door
 in bathrobe and you do,
to capture it all.

From outside to inside where Christmas trees are aglow, 
and the rest of the house starts to stir. 
I want to wish you and yours..

Happy Christmas!

 Porcupine story to follow...
until next time!
Merry Merry from me to you!

Jeanne xx

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