The Intrepid Traveller

These postcards were slipped thru our mail box this week. 
For the past 25 years my mother-in-law, Mrs. H. Sr. has been
keeping us abreast of her travels.
She constantly surprises us with her voyages of discovery.
There is nothing stopping this 80 year old woman from visiting
obscure, exotic and adventurous locations.

She is currently in Myramar via Thailand and Laos.

The most common question among her children
is 'do you know where Mom is'?
The response is always the same....
'just wait for the postcard and the t-shirt'

She is in great health...80 and travelling the globe
I have to take my hat off to this intrepid traveller.
She's got moxie:)

How about you?
 Do you have someone like this in your family?
 Do you have a bit of the intrepid traveller in you?

Postcards via the travels of Mrs. H. Sr. 

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  1. O yes, my sisters are, not so much. I like to go on tours so I don't have to work at making connections...they, on the other hand, like to create their own (frugalistic) ways around the globe.

  2. The top photograph/postcard is breathtaking!
    Having travelled to many places around the world with my parents growing up...then emigrating when I was 18, and then constantly moving houses and and one big move across this country...I've kind of lost my desire to travel...I love to hear and read about everyone else's adventures though.
    I do have a dear friend who is now 86yrs old who would think nothing of popping on a plane with her dog in a carry on to travel to Paris or india every year...she's keeping closer to home these days...just little jaunts to palm desert now and again...just love her love for living!

  3. Becky...I like to have all the connections worked out for me too. I would much rather have a travel agent plan it all and get it right. I have to say when she wrote to say that I would love Burma, my heart skipped a beat. I would love to go there someday :) travels did not start until I was married but I often wonder what my kids will be like having lived a life similar to yours growing up. Does your daughter like to travel?

    Your friends sounds like an amazing woman! Great spirit..great energy..god bless her :)

  4. Oh I hope I'll still be able to travel when I'm in my 80s! I've been blessed to have travelled from Canada to NZ for 2 years, to Paris for a 5 week apartment summer sitting, a cruise to Alaska when I was 18.....and one of my favourite trips.... to see the Highland Cows of northern Scotland. My next trip is to New York with one of my daughters to spend entire days in the Museum of Modern Art. Please give Mrs H Sr a hug for me and warm wishes of more years of travel!

  5. What a wonderful inspiration your Mum is!
    She must be THE most fascinating person to spend time with and I'm sure that she enriches the lives of all she meets. She really has filled her book of life with wonderful tales.

    I hope that someone in your family has pinned her down long enough to record her thoughts and feelings because she would have to be a treasure trove of wisdom.

    Felicity x

    Felicity x

  6. Love it! Good for her! What an amazing and inspiring woman. I hope I am as fearless and able to travel at her age.

  7. I hope I'll be travelling around the world when I'm in my eighties!

    I love to travel, but I'm anything but intrepid. I'm afraid of everything! But that's what so great about travelling - you have to move out of your comfort zone.

    You mother-in-law makes me think of the Misses Alan in Room with a View - they were also fearless travellers:-D

  8. Wow! Your mother-in-law is an inspiration. My dad just turn 94, and we will hear mid-month if he has won his battle with esophageal cancer. How lucky we are to have people in our lives who show us no matter have many decades we stack up behind us we can still make the journey.

  9. What great postcards, and what an inspiration she is.

  10. Now that is surely the gold standard for retirement.

    She sounds wonderful. Love to hear more about her one day...

  11. I would love to travel to exotic places!!!! I would definitely agree with you she has moxie!!!!!

  12. Oh, my, Jeanne, your mother-in-law is truly inspirational. Just astounding. What a darling! J x

  13. When I was reading this I couldn't help but yearn for people to say this about ME someday. If I could forget fashion, furniture and food, I would spend all of my money on travel. We are supposed to get transfered to Scotland next year and I dream about the possibility of traveling through that country...

  14. I think the best gift you can give your children is your independence...whether to travel or stay home, just to be a vital person in the world. Sounds like your MIL is one of these people.
    I aspire to be like her as I age.
    My travellers are my kids...they think nothing of picking up and taking off, whether it be to visit or live somewhere. I think I have given birth to gypsies!

  15. I can see I have a few other kindred spirits out there.
    So great to see. I have been thinking about this post and Mrs. H. Sr. as she really is a remarkable woman. She travelled to Israel with us last year and we had to keep up with her. She knows the ins and out of travelling and has it down pat.

    When she wrote last week to say how much she thought we would enjoy Burma my heart skipped a beat. I so wanted to be there.

    I look forward to hearing where she is going next.

    A woman well travelled is a wise woman indeed :)

  16. Just another thought on women travellers...
    I have posted about this before, but if you have not seen it and enjoy travel writing, I loved this these here:

  17. I admire her so much. Imagine being so adventurous at 80!
    I love traveling and don't do enough of it.


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