Mr. and Mrs. H move Vietnam

Trying to make sense of the last few days feels impossible. This afternoon we closed the doors on the first of three containers. We started a few days ago with a clear direction in mind. It was meant to be simple. 

Most of our belongings were going to Vietnam to our new home. The extras, which includes most of our artwork were to be sent to Australia where they would wait for our eventual return. The container bound for Australia would be packed and sent on it's way this week and the other two containers would be packed and sent off next week. I did what every organised woman would do....I printed off my tags and started playing pin the tail on the object to get ready for the packers. Done.. organised...simple.

But then...
a little question came up from our moving agent, the one I was dreading.
 'Mrs. H...what is in those crates sitting in your garage?' 
Said I... 'Crates? Oh those crates? 
Just a few of Mr. H's treasures..knick knacks... from his travels.
 No need to open them, is there?' 
The answer was 'Yes'.

So..the inevitable happened. That afternoon, two men arrived, tools in hand 
to crack open Mr. H's treasure chests. I held my breath.

They were intrigued.
I knew what was coming....

I had to laugh...they were so surprised they could not contain themselves.
I was not surprised...I did the same about 10 years ago and I had a lot more to say back then.

If you just said....'what the?'

I will tell you... it is an oracle chair ( I think).  Back in the day, Mr. H travelled frequently to Papua New Guinea and fell in love with artifacts from the country. He was told that the chair was meant to be placed in front of a meeting hut to scare away the evil spirits so that those attending the meeting could make good decisions. He was instantly smitten.

We were living in Australia at the time. It was an ordeal getting the chair into the country. A lot of fumigation was involved...but eventually it received a clean bill of health and was good to go.  When it arrived at our doorstep, the kids and I took one look and said it was not the chair or us. We then gently suggested it would best suit his office in Sydney...and it did and then it went to his office in Auckland, New Zealand.  Talk about a conversation piece... it made for very productive meetings. :)

When we arrived in England, it was decided to let it rest in our garage and that is where it have been for the past two and a half years...until now. The first complication arose last week when it was determined that it would be difficult re-entering it into Australia for lots of different reasons. With his thinking cap on, Mr. H decided it would be best to send the container to the USA..where it would wait for our return.  Return? 

Bound for Boston...

I will hold that thought and tell you more about our return as plans develop. I will really confuse you if I tell you about Maine..and New Hampshire...and Vermont. A woman can only handle so much and I am still working on the pack up for Vietnam next week.

So here I sit...writing and thinking..that my treasures are a lot easier on the eye. Ok.. I admit it, I have my quirky side too...but what is life if we can't express ourselves? I learned that one from Mr. H. :)

My treasures...
ready to be packed...

I am going to miss England but I am happy to know
that I will be surrounding myself with a few favourites.

Albeit, they are not your ordinary mementos...
but they will be loved.

Collection of vintage luggage....

my beloved Pashley...

A few trinkets from my favourite shop 
around the corner...

items ready to be packed

While the treasures are being sorted, our children are getting ready to take flight. 
Miss Christine is moving back to New Zealand tomorrow 
and Miss Claire is getting close to starting college in the USA.

Miss Claire over the Aegean Sea.

Life is full. 

PS..for those of you celebrating the 4th of July...
May you have the Happiest of Happiest!

Pics from my childhood hometown parade taken
on my last visit. 


  1. Life is full and good. I'm so excited for you and your family.

  2. Praying for you mom heart as you say goodbye to the kids. And for a smooth transition. I spent college years on a different continent than my parents, too.

    ps. I am not letting Mr. C read this post. He already has two chairs from Senegal ... but he will want this one, too.

  3. What great stories you all must have around the dinner table. Everyone else's travels must pale by comparison! I, however, do love hearing travel stories. Can't wait to trail the "garage trinket" to see where it ends up. Men and their toys~~I like your toys much better. I'm struggling with M. going three hours away! I thought I was tougher than this! She had a 3 day orientation and hopped back in the car - ready to go home! Oiy!!

  4. Oh my goodness...............all moving in all directions. Everything and everybody. Will look forward to your future posts when you all meet up again on holidays. XO

  5. I don't know how you can think straight these days! And what an exciting box to unpack in your garage - not your average box in storage for sure. Busy times for all your family. Wishing you all the best of luck on the coming travels. And I can't wait to hear when the 'return to the US' might happen!!

  6. I love your treasures. You are in my thoughts as you embark on your adventure. Bonnie

  7. I hope all goes well, that the oracle chair finds it's way safely wherever; as well, 'Bon Voyage ' and a safe trip for all of the family the vintage luggage!!

  8. Jeanne, I cannot figure out how you are keeping it all together! I love all of your treasures, that chair of your husbands scares me!

    I know how you feel, my husband has collected a few of these same treasures which I make him keep in his office, and frankly when he is not home I am freaked out by of a few of his African masks.

    Safe journeys and prayers for your children as they move in separate directions around the globe.

    Take care dear Jeanne, thinking of you and sending you a big hug,


  9. Happy packing as you embark on your adventure....

  10. I am so pleased it is you and not me organising this move.. you are obviously an experienced packer and mover.
    I would be so stressed, and yet you seem so calm and poised.. or is that your writing style ?

  11. Holy cow Jeanne, your life is so so complicated! I'm exhausted just reading your post and am in the need for a cup of tea and a nap. I hope all goes smoothly for you. My close friends live a similar lifestyle, moving every 4 years with the Olympic Organising Committee. The positive is we get to visit them wherever they go and the last 3 years have been wonderful as the have been back on home soil.

    Happy journeys :-)

  12. Words escape me Jeanne... and that doesn't happen often:)
    Bravo is all I can say... you are incredible! xv

  13. Oh there are going to be some lovely surprises in the years ahead when you rediscover those stored things....perhaps not the chair though!!!!!

  14. i don't know how you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. MY oh MY... England no Vietnam no the USA ...back to ???? i am so confused just reading this...i really wish you the clarity of mind in all of this and the best of luck that all thing will find their correct destination...remembering which is which :):):)

  16. Just as well you're an organised person! So complicated when you are shipping to different places. I love your vintage luggage and the wonderful pictures from the parade. Happy 4th July.

  17. How you have time right now in the midst of packing, organizing and saying good byes to keep posting is beyond me. I have company for 4 days, and I can't do it. Whatever your source of energy and time, I want some!

  18. You are a world traveller but forever an American! I can't even imagine packing so many times... Happy 4th!

  19. Inspite of the busyness of packing and going crazy, you have managed to write a neat post. I absolutely admire you, dear Jeanne. Vietnam is closer to India and if all is well we could meet up some day. And, you are so very organised and systematic that all shall be well.

    Wishing you the best always, dear Jeanne.

    Joy always,

  20. Oh Jean...I was wondering if Maine might be one of your eventual homes! Love Maine! If we could have a 3rd home it would be there! P.S I don't know how you decide what you need and will want for two years and what you do not! You are amazing!

  21. What a gal! I will be eagerly awaiting news of your new life in Viet Nam -- after you get unpacked, that is. Good luck and be safe!

  22. Jeanne, happy 4 th! Have a great night.


  23. I'm right behind you.... we take flight on the 23rd to Switzerland. Can't wait to hear about your new adventures!

  24. Such an interesting post and what a chair! I am so curious about your life, just discovered your blog, so of course I will be peeking back at some old posts to figure out what you guys do to do so much jet setting!
    Have a great 4th and good luck with your move. It looks like you are super organized.


  25. I dont envy you Jeanne ... I know what a nightmare it is to ship things all over the world. I always find, things dont always end up where they need to go unfortunately ... even when they are clearly labelled! And quarantine is such an issue with things going into Australia.
    We have just found out that my husband and younger two will be moving back to Australia at the end of the year ... and I will stay on with my eldest in London while she finishes her A levels ... the first time the family will be split!

    Wishing you bon voyage, safe traveling for you and your family as you all embark in your new adventures ... and I hope one day you may all end up in the same place together!

    Looking forward to reading more when you settle in your new home ...

  26. It looks as though I am not the only one that is astonished by your calm tone--although I imagine you know what you are doing by now!

    Just sending lots of love and strength your way. I am thrilled for you and the adventures ahead...

    PS. I am completely fascinated by the oracle chair!!

  27. I don't know how you do it? But I wish you and your family all the best. I'm still a little sad when I think of you not being a few hours flight away but I'm also looking forward to following your new life in Vietnam. Oh, the places you go, Jeanne!

  28. Hi Jeanne

    You have a lot of amazing treasures - I hope they arrive safely at their allotted destination.

    Good luck with the move - I look forward to hearing about life in Vietnam.

    Best Wishes, Jeannette

  29. You have all been so fabulous with your comments, I thank you kindly!! :)

  30. Oh Jeanne. It wears me out just to think of all you are doing. And you're doing it all with such style and grace, which is not in the least surprising. And writing about it! I'm afraid I would be hiding under the yet-to-be-packed bed! I'm so excited for you and thrilled that I get to tag along via your fabulous blog! xoxo, pamela

  31. Having recently packed up my entire life to move to Australia, I DO feel your pain (and exhaustion and hilarity and nostalgia). Wishing you a smooth transition and MUCH happiness in your new life. :-)


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