In a cottage, by the sea, where the soft wind blows...

I am sitting on a porch, in the morning light, with a soft breeze blowing. I know some of you are confused...I left London on Saturday to move to Vietnam...what am I doing in Massachusetts?

The New Englander in me always longs for the sea, the area where I grew up. I try and get back every few years to see family and friends and experience all those little things that are deeply woven into the fabric of my life. I am here for a week, an interlude, before heading to Vietnam on Sunday.

I will stop in frequently to post...apologies to those of you who follow me via email. You may get more than usual from me this week. :)

If I am lucky...I may inspire one or two of you to travel to this part of the is pretty special to me...I will tell you the where and how in upcoming posts.

At the moment, unwinding is in order and it all starts a cottage, by the sea, on a porch, where the soft wind blows...

I have very specific requirements when I look for a holiday rental near my hometown. A cottage first, but not just any has to have an essence of my childhood...and that goes back a fair bit.

I like simple...the flip flop kind of simple..where beach sand follows you in and treads gently under your feet. A cottage is not a cottage without a porch. My earliest and dearest memories of a summer's porch go back to my grandparent's cottage, where I happily curled up with my favourite Nancy Drew books (that girl knew how to take on an adventure). The more chairs the better as that is where family collects. Conversation seems to flow freely and happily when you mix words with glancing views out to the sea.

 I am always intrigued by the owners of the cottages we rent. 
Each little treasure is like turning page of an open book. 
I wonder who has come before us and who will come ahead of us.
One of those quirky things that is always on my mind..

This is what I was waiting for last week..this is what got me through those scores of boxes
and pages and pages of paperwork that never seemed to end. A porch with a view.

We are boating family...over the years they have come in all shapes and sizes. 
The dock to our cottage is waiting.

My boating days are more along the kayak variety. 
This is where I find peace. We hire them for as long as we stay...
They are good for the soul.

Signing off from my morning porch break... my kayak awaits. :)

Back glad you can travel with me!!!


  1. Oh I am so glad you are sharing your respite by the water. It is beautiful! Enjoy, relax and renew...Happy Kayaking! Bonnie

  2. This looks like the most restful place in the world. I wish you many hours of enjoyment before you take off for Viet Nam. New England, in a cottage by the sea, is on my wish list in the not too distant future--for the same reasons you're there. Enjoy!

  3. Jeanne,

    Oh, this is so beautiful. I love this cottage! This looks like the places we stayed in when I was young.

    I would love to know where this perfect cottage is. We love visiting Massachusetts and are trying to find a place to stay with the kids next summer.

    I cannot wait for all of your posts, enjoy your family and friends Jeanne!

    Xx Elizabeth

  4. Hi Jeanne, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you and your lovely blog for this award

    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  5. Oh Jeanne, it is so breath-takingly beautiful. I think I would love Massachusetts a lot. It looks like my kind of place with cottages and porches and boats :) Enjoy your stay. I hope you received my postcard from St Ives.

  6. Hello Jeanne

    This cottage is a dream come true. I love the simplicity, yet comfort of the porch. Enjoy every second and well deserved. The weather looks perfect too

    To a wonderful week

  7. what a great cottage and view! Lovely Jeanne - enjoy the respite!

  8. I enjoy traveling with you. You had a very nice cottage vacation.

  9. Jeanne this is just so amazing - I feel refreshed after reading this - I can see why you need to go back now and again to re-charge the batteries and breathe your own air again. And as you say there is nothing like a porch with a view - or in my case in Crete a very small balcony with a view. Now there's a thought for my blog - thank you - watch this space! Have a lovely day F x

  10. So glad you are spending a bit of time on our coast. Hope it refreshes you and gives you lots of peace to take on your new adventure. Cannot wait to learn about Vietnam thru your eyes.

  11. I don't think there is a better place to be than on a porch with a view. Enjoy your week reconnecting. thank you for sharing the lovely views with me today.


  12. Hi Jeanne, I love this post - you have described my ideal home, somewhere that's featured in much of my writing and most of my dreams... "where beach sand follows you in and treads gently under your feet".

    I hope you have a lovely time in your holiday rental and I look forward to hearing more and sharing your travels before I head on mine.

    Best wishes, Jeannette

  13. I'm with you when it comes to porches. In fact, I am about to have morning coffee on ours overlooking the harbor where the lobster boats will be making their first run. Enjoy your week of peaceful contemplation as your arrival in Vietnam is as likely to require as much energy as your departure from England.

  14. Heading to the Cape this weekend for a week of the same... beach, flip flops, sunsets and boats. So glad you got your dose of New England before your exotic move! We know you'll enjoy every minute of your stay.
    C + C

  15. ahhh, i can smell the salt air from here! you know how to relax and i'm so glad you have the chance...

  16. so idyllic...enjoy the week of relaxation... xv

  17. You made the right decision to visit family and spend time in a cottage on the sea before beginning your new life in Vietnam! Enjoy!

  18. I appreciate all of the information that you have shared. Thank you for the hard work!
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