What is your relaxation barometer?

Do you have a relaxation barometer when you go on holiday? Those little things you let slip away....until you can take a deep sigh?

I haven't used a hair dryer in three days...I can't remember the last time I let the curls come through...it feels good.

A bit of lipstick, blush and a wand or two of mascara...at the most. My collection make-up is gathering sea dust.

My perfectly pressed linen and cotton clothes have been washed and lay in a big wrinkled pile...the iron made a brief appearance this morning and then I turned it off and turned away. I plan to pack it as is and deal with it next week.

I relaxed in bed this morning, left my phone to the side and finished a book. Such a good feeling.

My relaxation barometer is moving from low...to high. How is yours running these days?

Out and about in my part of the world this week.. Cape Ann...Massachusetts...USA..

My brother has rented a cottage over at Long Beach...a family stomping ground for many years.

I never ceased to be amazed by coastal garden ornaments. I am still pondering the flamingo's in the lobster pot and imagine the owners of this cottage had a good chuckle putting it all together.

Lobsta Land in Gloucester for breakfast? Yes...it is where you can eat, drink and smile...all day long.

 A reflective moment...

A visit to my mother's gallery is always a treat....I discovered this in a corner of her shop yesterday. Lots more for you creative types...next time!

Kayaking where the sea wind blows....

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