The Midnight Run in Saigon

A bit of mystery, a bit of intrigue, that is what it felt like last night as we welcomed our dog, Tika, to our new home in Vietnam. She left the safe comfort of her boarding kennel in England on Wednesday in a dog crate where she spent the next three days with a respite in an airport pet lounge in Frankfurt Germany. We were told that she would land at 4:30pm on Friday and would be transported to our home around 6:00pm after the paperwork cleared. At 6:30pm we were taking extra glances at the front gate, waiting for the bell to ring. By 7:00pm, we were getting anxious. As the hours passed and phone calls went back and forth she finally appeared. In the dark of the night, one motorcycle arrived and then another. With the first motorcycle...I gasped. I thought... surely not...they would not strap her crate to the back of a motorcycle. I have seen everything on motorcycles around the streets of Ho Chi Minh City...a large dog crate teetering on one would not get a second glance.

And then....a sigh of relief....a truck started to back down our driveway...

and there she was...our Tika...home again.

My thoughts went flashing back to her arrival from New Zealand to England
 just two and a half years ago. Talking about contrasts...she arrived in England in the midst 
of a snowstorm. Up to that point she had travelled with us from Australia to New Zealand 
and then to England and there she landed... her first experience with snow. 
She is a travelling trooper!

Tika's arrival in

She is now surveying her new home...checking out the smells, 
sights and we all do.

It did not take long for her to get in the swim of things...
show that dog a pool and she is in like flint.

Ok...I may have gone to far with the hat....

The good news is that her travelling crate days are over...for a while.

She can hang her hat in Vietnam for a few years...until the next time.

Scarf above is my creative genius at work. 
We all went off for a walk this morning and realised the dog lead did not arrive with her. 
I found an extra long scarf of mine..tied it to her collar and off we went.
That good old Vietnamese ingenuity is already doing it's magic. :)

Before I go, I just have to say again how very grateful I am for
the words of kindness and encouragement that have come my way.
Words can not begin to describe how much you have helped these past few days.

If anyone is reading along and thinking of starting a blog...I say..just do it! 
It will add a dimension to your world you could not have imagined.
If you would like to chat about it...drop me a line..I will happily guide you along.

Until next time..signing out in Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City)..
where a massage awaits. 

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