A touch of the daydreamer...in Vietnam

Life around Chateau Mango this week.

In my last post I wrote about the signs of September here.
I forgot to mention that I also go into an organizational frenzy in September.
The critical Virgo eye comes out and shows no mercy..for about two days.
Having been a child that was the frustration of many a teacher, 
for the habit of daydreaming...I have to say,
not much has changed...except for my memory.

a wee me..a daydreamer with panache

The other day I took out a calculator to figure out
how old I am. My kids often correct me,
they seem to have a better grasp of it then I do. 

I thought I was 57 when in fact I was 55...
and then one day passed and I was 56. 
A birthday managed to sneak in mid-week.
I lost two years, gained one...
and lost one more. If I could work that theory
on my waist line at the mere tap of a calculator...
my life would be made!

math by dragron fruit

How about you?
Are you prone to daydreaming?
I think my teachers thought it was kind to call it daydreaming.
I have a feeling they may have said that at times,
I had the attention span of a tsetse fly.
I like to think of it as creative fortitude.

daydreaming to the buzz buzz
of a bumblebee

Except in this instance...
I have a desktop computer and a laptop computer.
Both have 30,000+ photos sitting in my photo file. 
I do not know how and why.
I started transferring them to external hard drives 
to lighten the load..took a break for a few days
and then forgot where I left off. 

I need someone or something to sort out
my photo life....and then me...
tout de suite!
(toot sweet)

travels by IMG_ number..

The good news...I had a nice little trip down memory lane.
My photos might be a mess...but there is always tomorrow.
Today..I will focus on the positive.
Creative Fortitude = Eternal Optimism
with panache!

A visitor to my window this week...Tussar Silk Moth
Prime time daydreaming with mango panache.

With that...
I wish you a wonderful weekend
full of daydreaming moments
and a whole lot of creative fortitude!

Jeanne xx


My most memorable daydream as a young girl...
that Davy Jones of The Monkees wrote and sang this song for me.

The Monkees- Daydream Believer

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