June 26, 2010

Bellissima Villa Bordoni

Cooking with Miss Claire yesterday brought back wonderful memories
 of a perfect summer lunch at Villa Bordoni in Tuscany.

We had all the ingredients for success.. 
family, great food, great wine, a perfect setting
and nothing but time to enjoy it all.

If you are planning a driving trip thru Tuscany
and plan to be between Siena and Florence,
you will find Villa Bordoni in Greve in Chianti,
right in between :)

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend !


Note: If you have difficulty accessing the website,
try googling 'Villa Bordoni'. My linking system is acting up.


  1. Just before my DH left on his fishing trip-I mentioned it was time to think about Italy! It's been too long for me. I will make note of this and keep it in mind. It looks beautiful. Don't you love reliving special times like these? Glad to hear all went well with Claire's dinner prep. Did she enjoy it?

  2. Thanks Deb, yes she did enjoy it. I think showing the post to her made her want to do it even more. Powerful thing, these words of ours! Bruschetta tonight...another easy one and yummy too!

  3. Now that is definitely Heaven on Earth! Gorgeous pictures! I'll bet you all want to go back. My sister has been to Tuscany a couple of years ago and still talks about it! She is a wine vintner so she said she had to learn from the best! Gotta love her, but a little hate at the same time, lol!

  4. Oh Jeanne,
    This is perfect. Last year we were in Amalfi and this year we are probably going to Florence again and Siena, 4 days in each, and travelling around the area so, I am definitely going to make a note of this wonderful looking restaurant.
    Thanks for the recommendation. XXXX

  5. Oh, I'd love to get back to Italy. I've so enjoyed my visits to Florence and Siena and much, much more!
    Have a great weekend cooking with Miss Claire :)

  6. Soooo lovely my friend..these images have me wanting to get away for the weekend. Thank you for your list of magazines...I too love all the UK and French publications...Just got the latest British Country Living...must get to it sometime today.xoxoxo

  7. Bonjour Jeanne,
    Now I have another must see spot on my list. Your photos are wonderful.
    Happy weekend to you,

  8. Beautiful, summery images, this is such an uplifting post, Jeanne, and it truly has strengthened my desire to visit that most wonderful of places :)

  9. Beautiful! This was such a delightful post and lovely photos! I want to go to Italy, sip a lovely glass of wine, and take precisely 10,000 photographs!

  10. What a beautiful place! I will make a note of it too, since I am planning a trip to Italy soon.

  11. How wonderful that Italian place looks - just heavenly Jeanne - pleased that the dinner that Miss M cooked turned out well and she is inspired too to carry on and cook more - wonderful ! x

  12. Jeanne, Italy has my heart and whenever I see images like this all I can do is sigh....it looks beautiful

  13. I'm always looking for a special place in Tuscany, so thanks for sharing Villa Bordoni. I'm hoping we get to Italy next spring.....just the thought makes me happy.


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