From Ha Long Bay, you

We travelled to Ha Long Bay, (Vietnam) this weekend. 
From Ho Chi Minh City, it was a two hours flight to Hanoi, 
where we spent a few days and then a three hours drive north to Ha Long Bay. 
From there it was a quick step onto a cruise boat for the weekend.

Ha Long Bay (or Halong) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
 featuring thousands of limestone rock formations. 
Many are covered in lush tropical plants and contain enormous hollow grotto's.
Fishing villages consisting of floating houses are dotted throughout the islands.
It is a way of life, like no other I have seen.

That's never ceases to be amazed.

With the sun moving in and out of the clouds..all the way to sunset.

 Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful morning, 
afternoon...evening...wherever you happen to be in this magnificent world.
With that I say goodnight and sweet dreams.

Jeanne xxx

PS..thanks so much for your wonderful comments on the last post,
I have a bit of updating to do...coming soon! :)


  1. Wow Jeanne - these pictures really are stunning. How intrepid you are - and what a far cry from Surrey! Today has been one of those crisp, cold days which give a glimpse of the winter ahead. Good to see that you are embracing life as ever :-) good for you big sis, L x

  2. Vietnam looks a fascinating country.
    The area you visited looks beautiful Jeanne.
    wishing you a happy time.

  3. wow. jeanne..beautiful! we are also saying good night here in paris. bon weekend!

  4. Beautiful. And again I can't stop thinking about the three Top Gear guys trying to find their way to the cafe in the bay:-)

  5. Your photos are magnificent Jeanne.. well done.. safe and happy weekend to you as well.. hugs j

  6. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    I'm in Paris as I type this, but your photos make me wish I was in Indochina...


  7. The long journey to get there was so worth it! Gorgeous place!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Magical images you have captured here from the soft blues in the morning throughout the day until sunset.

  9. Looks a beautiful place. I love the mysterious mistyness of your photographs. Enjoy your weekend there.

  10. Hello Jeanne

    This sounds like a very unique get away. The leading image has such equal lighting, one thinks of a Lauren Harris painting, it is so abstract. Your sunset is incredible.
    How did you manage on the narrow wobbly bridge with the painted handrails?

    May the new week bring new joy


  11. Jeanne

    Your photos speak volumes. Thank you for taking us along. Magnificent....the country fascinates me

  12. Amazingly beautiful, Jeanne. Fairyland.
    I'm on a cold and windy beach in the Gulf of Mexico. Just returned from a long walk, all bundled up in pashminas.
    Total heaven.

  13. I often see these images in movies. You are there and experiencing the culture and beauty of the place.
    Thank you.

  14. Such a magical place captured to perfection. This has been on my list of MUST DO for a while now - and now I want to do it sooner thanks to you! Have a lovely week F xx

  15. Jeanne, Even though you are living in Viet Nam now, does your subconscious say, "No, it's England I'm in." It's so easy for us on the "outside" to see a wonderful opportunity to live in so many places. But is there someplace that has your heart and you're longing for it? I guess what I'm asking is how do you transition from one "home" to another?

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, the detail and the everyday with us. Beautiful pics!


  16. Such beautiful, peaceful images, Jeanne...wishing you a wonderful day too!

  17. This is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more of the floating fisherman's live and the flora along the water. Thankyou for bringing us with.......Cynthia

  18. How beautiful. I somehow never thought there was so much natural beauty in Vietnam. Thanks for sharing with us.

  19. Jeanne.. These photos are wonderful... and you bought back some memories for me... I watched the movie, 'Indochine' and ended up in Halong Bay a week later.... That's how much it resonated... You are really making me long for another trip to Asia... So glad you are having a marvellous time... although Europe misses you... :) xv

  20. Your photos are stunning and so serene - the more I see of Vietnam, the more I want to visit this amazing country.


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