Thursday Thoughts...Hong Kong

I have been, as they say around here, flat off my feet this week. 
The wheels are moving into action for our move to Vietnam. 
Meetings and lists and more a girl a right good headache!

I did the sensible thing this morning. 
I grabbed myself a latte and headed out for a long walk with our dog, Tika. 
I then booked myself a manicure and a facial as I ran errands around town. 
In the midst of it all, I started thinking about what I was doing this time last week. 
Seeing that I am a woman that is prone to distractions, I decided to go home 
and look at my photos. I really shouldn't be home, I have much more to do...
but just a few minutes longer should be ok...

 This time last week, I was on top of a bus, taking in a view of Hong Kong. 
I enjoy the top deck of a bus. It is a great way to get your 
bearings and sometimes, if I am lucky, I can get a few fun shots. 

A quirky shot, I know..but it's a bus~

People asked if I saw blue skies in Hong Kong. I thought it was a strange question. 
But I now understand why. The smog (?) sat heavily over Hong Kong for most of our visit.
We did see glimpses of blue the first day and lucky for us, 
we managed to be in a good spot to take in the view. 

 The side streets in Hong Kong seem to be where it is all happening. 
A challenge to shoot when you are on the move.

The top of a bus, can put you in front of interesting sights..ones that 
you may not give a second glance from the ground.

After a while, you get the rhythm of a start to understand how it moves.

Could you say that Hong Kong is like any other city?
The hustle and bustle, the city skyline..the a way it all seemed familiar.
I wonder what local expats would say...

I also enjoyed the unexpected too...

but even more so, the peacefulness of afternoon tea back at the hotel. 

That was my Thursday last week. is rain, rain, rain over Surrey.
The green, green grass of England is coming though. 

Miss Tika on our morning walk. 

Best wishes to one and all!!

Jeanne xx


  1. What a head spinning couple of weeks! Hong Kong looks so western, I was surprised. I can't imagine the extreme cultural changes you are about to go through. What did the teen think? Excited? nervous? Good luck with all of the preparations!

    1. Sarah...Connor very excited, he loves Vietnamese food! :)

  2. Wow - it looks amazing. Maybe not just like any other city. Love the pictures. Good luck with all your move preparations!

  3. Hello Jeanne,

    I hope that you enjoyed your facial and manicure. I always feel more relaxed after being pampered.

    It sounds as if you are running a million miles and hour, lots to do I am sure. A nice long walk and the beautiful English countryside goes along way to soothing the soul and clearing the mind.

    I hope that you accomplished all of your tasks, I for one and happy you took a break, I never tire of looking at your beautiful photos!

    Have a geat night, Elizabeth

  4. Hi Jeanne, Loved seeing Hong Kong through your eyes. I've only been there briefly, on a stopover to London, but grabbed the chance to see it and walked all over the town. I loved the French District most of all. Did you get a chance to see that? The architecture is sublime. And of course the view from the top of that cable car / mountain is extraordinary. The jetsetters say that Singapore has bypassed HK to become 'The New Spot' but I think there will always be something lovely about this place.
    Janelle | Library of Design

  5. If you were to change a few signs and other images, these photos absolutely do look like New York City to me. The airport, the water, the buildings, the sidewalks. It doesn't look like a romantic city, like Paris, or an aged city, like Rome, from what I can see, but more of a hustle-bustle place where new and old collide and one can find almost anything. Does that seem right?

    Thank you so much for the lovely postcard, Jeanne. I can just imagine you sipping tea while writing it. xoxo

  6. A lot can happen in a week!!
    As to whether HK could be any other city...well the express way looked rather like Brisbane and the signs looked like Chatswood though we often don't have the English translations!!!!!!!!
    Jeanne it is all very exciting though just think another big adventure!! xx

  7. what amazing perspective and views you've shared. It is so neat to ride along on this journey with you.

  8. Much like NYC and Times Square :)

  9. Fabulous photographs Jeanne .... you do live a well travelled life !!!!
    ..... and, we have just had hailstones and a great downpour....well needed. XXXX

  10. Hi, your photographs of Hong Kong are so vivid and inspiring! It captures the rhythm and life of the city and the people! I found your blog and I truly enjoy it. I am not living the expat life but we are kindred spirits in that we both love to take photos and to travel. I will be leaving for London this evening and have been reading some of your blogs about the city. Thank you.

  11. I was in Hong Kong a few months ago, just loved it. Didn't take a bus tour, but guess I should have. Great pics!

  12. The pictures are fantastic and exhibit such an exciting lifestyle. I think it would be hard, however, for a lot of folks in the US, particularly those of us who live in smaller towns yet love the Big Apple, to really comprehend how crowded and hurly-burly are cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo. Keep it coming!

  13. You got some great shots atop the tour bus! And the first shot with blue skies is stunning! I don't know how you do it, have more energy than I can imagine!


  14. What a fabulous tour. It looks so different, so vibrant. Thanks for your latest comments. Hope you make it to Montmartre soon. It may have changed since you last visited, but I am sure you will still love it.

  15. Hong Kong is one of my favourite cities - as you say it's really like no other. Great photos which brought back happy memories of my exciting trips there and made me want to return.

  16. I love travelling with you and can't wait for Vietnam! Happy days packing and planning and remember to breathe! F x

  17. this was perfect for me - have been tossing up where to go on holiday next with the boys, and hong kong is on the list. thanks for the look around!!

    a move to vietnam sounds v. exciting! one of my mates at work has been several times and she raves about it. hope everything works out well for you jeanne xxx

  18. Glad you had a good trip. Hope it has taken some of the scary away from the upcoming move. Nothing like actually knowing where you are going and being able to plan for what will go where to make the move less intimidating. glad you are home safely.

  19. Ah. They have Kiehl's.
    I feel better about you going over there now.
    Fabulous photographs, as always.

  20. It is amazing how a modern city looks like any modern city anywhere? We have become so generic....the photos of the old remind you where you are....good luck on your new endeavor...I know you will make the most of it!

  21. I love these photos! Sigh, simply wonderful. And thanks for transporting me away from my Northern California surburban neighorhood!
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss Blog)

  22. What a marvelously delicious travel with you Jeanne; Hong Kong looks interesting and you have whetted my appetite for some Southeast Asia travels. Yesterday a lovely card from Vietnam arrived - the woman on the bicycle with her children is ever so charming against the stonework of the building and walls along the road. I truly appreciate receiving this wonderful memento from you.

    May your move be a transition into a new place with ease and joy in the transition.


  23. Hong Kong is an amazing city...I was there many many years ago. Nice to see your beautiful photos.


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