I blame it on Paris...

Mother and son travelled to Paris last week, separately.
I went on my own, Connor went on a school trip.
It was his first time, my fifth time.
He was well looked after...and I got lost...kind of.
There is more to the story. I will tell
it via our pictures. :)

 I blame it on Paris...
for being so enchanting 
that it distracted me, beckoning me down 
one street after another...all day long.

Connor's Eiffel Tower

Jeanne's Secret Garden

I blame it on Paris...
for having such delicious food
that it tempted me on more than one occasion.

Jeanne..afternoon tea at Mariage Freres
(writing postcards).

I blame it on Paris...
for having so many wonderful shops that I could not 
help but wander for hours on end.

Jeanne wishes she had bought the bird lamp. :)

I blame it on Paris..
for having such a lovely hotel, 
that I found it hard to pull myself away.

The lovely....Hotel Bourg Tibourg ( here and here)

I blame in on Paris...
for being so distracting that I left behind, in my hotel, 
all my computer accessories including my one and only 
hard drive with all my photos.

Jeanne's study in cafe chairs

I blame it on Paris...
for being so lost in thought last night that I accidentally closed 
my MacBook Air laptop on top of my pen and cracked the screen. 
My photo world has gone into a white abyss.
(major cringe and tears)

Connor's Notre Dame.

I blame it on Paris... 

Connor loves the  Louvre.

But then again, is it such a bad thing?
(all the parts except the computer)

Jeanne blue door.

I came home from Paris...
feeling rested, inspired and
happy for the moments I had on my own.

Jeanne's burst of colour on a rainy day.

I came home from Paris...
delighted with the times spent with 
the very talented Vicki Archer @ French Essence
To say these are two Aussie women are wonderful is an understatement.
They are sensational!

Jeanne contemplates a cafe.

I came home from Paris...
thankful for the opportunity to explore
with John Baxter.

John Baxter..talking about cafe society in Paris.

I came home from Paris...
a few kilos/pounds heavier for the delicious
food..but am sure all the walking I did
balanced it out. I remain optimistic on that front. :)

Connor view from the Eiffel Tower.

I came home from Paris... 
to greet my 12 year old son, Connor, with open arms.
We viewed Paris apart and found we are so very similar.
He took photos for me...and I love them all.

Connor view from a bus window.

I came home from Paris...
with a clothes that I am sure will be perfect
for our time living in Vietnam. I may have cornered
the market on linen while walking the streets of Paris,
but I am pretty sure, I will be thankful one day.

Jeanne's window shops

I came home from Paris...
not seeing everything on my list but hopeful
for the next time I visit..I know they will still be waiting for me.

Connor's view on Paris.
I got lost in Paris...and I gained so much for it.
If you ever want to lose yourself..and find yourself again.
Go to Paris...and if things go wrong, 
you can blame it on Paris. 
Not such a bad thing...don't you think?
(except for the computer part)

My Dad used to say he was 'tickled pink' when
he was delighted with something. I have to say
that I am 'tickled pink' with Connor's photos.
We had a 'play' together with the editing. I think
I may have another child...sharing a passion 
for photography. Ticked pink times three!

More from Connor....

Connor looks up...

Connor's Unknown Soldier

Connor's rainy reflections
Connor's Sacre Coeur
Connor's Paris sights

Connor's Paris..taken on his iPod
Jeanne's Paris...what remains on her iPhone

Fingers crossed my computer can be fixed and my photographs retrieved.
I wish I could say I have them backed up in several places, but I do not.
Lesson learned..back up, back up and back up and don't think about Paris
whilst closing your computer cover...and never close it on a pen!
Ah, Paris!


  1. Oh Jeanne - beautiful photos of Paris - by both mother and son - he has his mother's eye - how wonderful to share the passion with him. I also learnt the hard way that "back-up" wasn't just a word for others! I am now using SmugMug - for a small price - it's priceless - as I can log in and back up wherever and whenever I choose. Good luck with the computer and precious booty! Francesca

    1. Thanks Francesca...I used to use SmugMug and wished I had not let it go. A good reminder for me to check it out again. :)

  2. Oh Jeanne, I am so sorry about your computer. I felt you cringe over here. Connor did a wonderful job with the pictures. I do hope you took home that wonderful bag in the shop window. Thanks for a wonderful post. Now rest and hopefully your pictures can be retrieved soon. Bonnie

    1. Thanks Bonnie..I have a package from France on it's way with all my gear and hopefully, I can get the computer fixed quickly. What a weekend! :)

  3. Beautiful photos. Go Connor! How nice to share this with your son.

  4. Beautiful and romantic photos taken by your son, Connor! I am so sorry about your computer and your photos. I hope your computer will be fixed and your photos retrieved. Thanks for sharing your son's pictures of Paris! C'est tres beau!

  5. Hi Jeanne

    I love your journey and your blaming it on Paris attitude. The images are wonderful and the linen, did you leave any for me?
    Connor is a budding photographer, if I were Annie Leibovitz I would be very very worried.

    A great post
    Helen xx

  6. I'm sorry about your computer. It looks like you have another photographer in the family though! I wish to one day to get lost in Paris- ONE DAY : )

  7. Definitely the perfect city to get lost in. Sorry about the computer and stuff - I would be lost without my Mac stuff these days. What a fabulous trip. And you son looks like he has a great eye for photography - I can see his own blog starting sometime soon!

  8. So sorry to hear about your computer problems - it's so frustrating. Hope everything will work out.
    How fun that you were both there at the same time. He is a very talented photographer! Like mother like son:-)

  9. i want to cry! i want to go to Paris :(

  10. OH no Jeanne!!! What a drama.... but what a wonderful time we had.... I can't settle down at home... now that, I blame on Paris! xv

  11. HI Jeanne, loved your visual tour of Paris. So many divine photos and great to see Conors pics too. so lovely to meet you and hope to see you soon in Paris. Carla

  12. Connor's photos are beautiful - I really enjoyed your tour - lovely hotel too. I have been to Paris many times but never tire of it and always love to see photos of familiar places and new ones of course!


  13. Jeanne...how absolutely beautiful - two individual journeys converging in a collage of the most evocative photographs. I love how you write and how your writing touches different chords. I hope you retrieve your photographs as I know how precious those memories are.

  14. Hello Jeanne,

    It looks as though you had a magical time. The walking, wandering, getting lost and all of the rest, and friends to share it with, even better.

    I love all of your images, and Connors to! Beautiful.

    So sorry about all of your images hopefully the hotel has your things and can send them. As for your lap top, eek...Ii am sure the apple stre will tell you it is fine and can survive anything.

    Blame Paris for it all she won't mind....because in the end even though the other stuff is disappointing you still have a full heart of happy memories.

    Take care Jeanne and have a great week.

    Thanks for your comments, Anita and Di are incredibly special ladies and I am sure they enjoyed their birthday and the lovely wishes from everyone.

  15. Beautiful.. just beautiful.. pity about the computer etc, but Jeanne, what memories you made with your beloved Paris.. Making memories I say is what this life all about.. yes.. blame it on Paris.. its all her fault! Loved it!!! PS.. Connor has a keen eye.. blog coming up with his name?... xj

  16. Beautiful pictures, Jeanne--I can't wait! I'm also looking forward to getting lost.

  17. I love this post. It's so whimsical. Paris is lovely. I am glad your son enjoyed it too and got to take such wonderful photos.

  18. Your post always leave me feeling that I am on the journey with you. Thank you so much for sharing your travels with those of us who may never actually travel to these wonderful destinations. Love the photography and thanks so much for taking the time to send a postcard from Vietnam.

  19. I've just enjoyed flitting about Paris before I even get there - thank you Jeanne and Connor for such wonderful images!
    Jeanne can you tell me where "Crea" boutique is - it has the sort of clothes I love - do you remember "the Cupboard" in Parnell?
    I leave Auckland on 1st June, my destination a tiny village in Burgundy where my daughter lives - but Paris is waiting for me too!!

  20. Bonjour Jeanne,
    I was a bit sad this year that I wasn't going to be making my pilgrimage to Paris. I've been fortunate to go the last 3 years, so I'm not too hard done by. I'll miss the fantastic roast chickens you can by on Rue St. Antoine in the Marais and the exquisite pastries from Le Notre. The little apartment we take on Rue des Tournelle just near Place des Voges and a wonderful meal at Chez Julien.
    Have just loved seeing yours and your sons wonderful photos this morning. Your descriptions and scribblings.
    We can all blame a lot on Paris.
    Bonne Journee Jeanne

  21. jeanne

    i blame it on paris too!!!
    if only i could go back and NEVER leave again!!!

  22. I'm so sorry about your computer, but it does sound like such a lovely escape!
    Ah, buying linen. My summer uniform.
    And Connor seems to have inherited his Mother's eye. These are fabulous photos!

  23. One a wonderful way for a mother and child to "blame" Paris. Connor has a photographer's eye.

  24. And your positive attitude is still intact :)

  25. Oh Jeanne! What an enchanting post. Thanks for transporting me, yet again. My, Connor has an exceptional eye, the clever chap. I do hope you retrieved your photos - quelle horreur! J x

  26. as i go back and read some of your older posts..i noticed john baxter. i read his book before we moved to paris and i am so looking forward to taking one of his tours. i loved his book! and loved his sense of humor!


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