A respite...in Hong Kong

Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong

A bit of a contrast to my previous post...
I took this quickly and now wished I had captured much more.
Would love to know how these arrangements were created.
It is on my list for tomorrow..

A view from our window, Four Seasons Hotel.

Have you travelled to Hong Kong?
This is my first visit. I would like to send
a special thank you to Caroline.. a fellow expat, who sent me 
some wonderful suggestions for things to see and do from
her days living in Hong Kong.

Caroline's suggestions...

"Go up to The Peak and do the wonderful 360° walk around Lugard Road.

Go to the Feather Boa for the best strawberry daiquiris in the world..it is in So Ho.

Members only...but, if possible, go to David Tang's China Club for dinner- 
old world Shanghai antiques- great atmosphere.

Go to Ocean Park amusement park (my son loves this idea)

Go to the markets at Stanley, a laid back part of HK on the South Side of the Island.

Try the outside escalator in Central and walk along Hollywood Road to explore the shops.

Visit the market on Cat Street- full of curios and kitsch Chinese antiques. 
They also sell old fashion Chinese POSTCARDS...I love this!

Visit the bird market.. old men walking around with their birds in cages. There are bags
of grasshoppers for sale for bird feed.

Visit the flower market to see the orchids.

Take the tram across the city for more sights."

This is what I love about blogging...the wonderful people you meet 
along the way. Thank you Caroline!
If you have recommendations on things to see in Hong Kong.
Would love to know!



  1. Wonderful floral arrangements and view of the city. Love the recommendations from your blog reader. The world of blogging at its most communal! Back from our trip and loving your photos.

  2. I'm keeping notes in my travel notebook so that if and when I get to Hong Kong, I'll know where to go. Looks like a wonderful adventure.

  3. Jeanne,

    Beautiful arrangements! When you find out how it was done do share with us.

    I hope you have a fabulous time. I have not been to Hong Kong but it is on my list.

    Take care and enjoy all of the wonderful suggestions from Caroline.


  4. Oh my gosh I love the floral arrangements! If I ever get to Hong Kong my husband will have a difficult time pulling me away from the flower/bird market! Thanks for all the links.

  5. I second your friend's suggestion of going to the markets in Stanley....the other side of the island is so so different. Also there is a really rustic island where one could have a meal right on the water...when I was there, many years ago, it felt like going back in time to ancient China. Sorry I can't remember the name of the place. Have a wonderful time...Hong Kong is magical.

  6. Lovely flowers in the first photo! I've been twice now to Hong Kong and I love it - try the Felix Bar (great views and cocktails) - in The Peninsula Hotel.

  7. .. oh what a lovely post ... I have always wanted to go to Hong Kong .. not in college when my parents lived in Tokyo, and I went for the summer ... but now as a grown up, could kill myself for not going .... long flight and unlikely now .. I'm all about running out to JFK and hopping on a flight to London or Paris .. so easy, so lazy ... xo .. have a great time.

  8. What an adventure. A friend of mine visited Hong Kong. It's so nice that your blogger friend gave you so many tips.

  9. What an adventure you're having and how nice that your friend gave you so many tips on places to visit.

  10. The flower arrangements are interesting I am just not quite sure whether I like them a lot or not at all!!!!! Would like to know how they were created though.
    Enjoy your stay in HK and do lots of shopping!!!!! xx

  11. Oh Jeanne...Hong Kong...the place of my childhood. My dad would be assigned the HK to Sydney shuttle with BOAC, so he would sweep us all up and take us to Kowloon for the summer. Shatin Heights, Tiger Balm Gardens...while he flew back and forth we would teach the hotel waiters chinese skipping (elastic band rope), eat mushrooms on toast for breakfast, swim in the pool at the American Club after lunch of real club sandwiches and have tea at the Pennisula hotel while we waited for the airline shuttle bus to bring him home to us.
    I have one beautiful picture of my tortured parents...my mother is wearing a beautiful hand-beaded dress my dad had made for her on Nathan Road. Thank you for invoking these wonderful memories. A magic moment in time.

  12. Hong Kong looks like a lovely place to visit. I hear it is always bustling with activity! Your picture from the hotel is beautiful!


  13. I luff Honkers with all my Heart. My sister lives there tripping the expat life fantastic in the Midlevels and I go often. As soon as I step onto that airport train and speed onto the island I feel so excited and at peace.

    You have to go to Sevva for afternoon tea and a cocktail. The view is heaven.
    I like Hutong for a night dining experience -it's on the Dark side (ie off the Island) but you won't be sorry
    I like Dragon Eye for tapas
    I thought the Feather Boa had shut? But go if it is open
    Stanley Market has the best cashmere ever ( It's a cashmiracle!)
    Go to Indulgence for a pedi
    Buy the Luxe Guide to Hong Kong
    I like the Isola Buffet on a Sunday. 11/10 people watching.
    Walk up to the Peak, or tram it, the view is worthwhile.
    If Vietnamese food is your thing go to Nahtrang (best ever)
    Maxim's has good yum cha. Good enough for Bill Clinton, good enough for you.

    Jealous. Haven't been there since I was about 6 months pregnant and the baby just turned 1.


    1. FF....Thanks so much for all these great suggestions, fantastic! Congratulations to you and your one year old. They are so cute at that age, each time I had a child at that age, I thought..just one more..:) I have four, after the last we bought a puppy instead. Fortunately by one years of age, she was not as cute as when she was a puppy!

  14. I live in HK since 2001 and I love it!
    Some suggestions to add to your list of places to visit here.
    - Take cable car to the Big Buddha. It would be easy for you to get there. Take orange line from Hong Kong MTR station (which is underneath your hotel) to the other end of the line - Tung Chung and the cable car is just around the corner from it. This is a must;
    - Go to Sui Kung for a sea food dinner;
    - When go to the Peak take the tram there;
    - Go to Hong Kong park. They have a large aviary there and the park is nice;
    - Take a ferry to TST;
    - Kowloon park in TST has a pond with different birds and flamingos; There is an aviary with parrots too;
    -Go to the Ritz Carlton hotel for an afternoon tea. It is the highest hotel in the world for the moment. The important thing is to go there on a clear day for the view.
    I might go on and on, these are just a few :)
    Enjoy your visit.

  15. Thank you Irina...this is another great list! I am so very appreciative. :)

  16. It sounds like such a fascinating part of the world! I saw a bit of it on HGTV the other night and it was just that. It's on my bucket list to visit someday but for now, I'll live vicariously though your pictures. You Do take fabulous ones. That arrangement is just something else!!

  17. Beautiful flower arrangement. Enjoy Hong Kong. I had been there so long ago and will not have fresh suggestions.

  18. Hong Kong is so glamorous, and such wonderful hotel service. The FS is my fave! N.G.

  19. Oh, also... I bought wild birds at the bird market and set them free. :) N.G.

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