How's yours going?

Rush hour in Ho Chi Minh City.
My week started off with a's yours going?
Have a good one!

Jeanne xx

PS..Thinking that I may need to pick up a face mask and
deciding which design/style. Thinking about style, 
even on the busiest street corners. :)


  1. That is amazing...I hope that you are rethinking a scooter! I think you have to have nerves of steel to motor around over there.

    As for the mask, I am sure that it keeps your nouth and nose clean from all of the pollution. As you said, it looks like you may find something fashionable.

    Have a great time!!!!!


    1. Yes..Elizabeth, I am having a few extra thoughts on a number of things. Might save the scooter for the country tours. :)

  2. You're going to be riding a Vespa around these streets soon aren't you !? Looks like a lot if fun.

    1. now thinking that being driven through it is the best way to day, I may be brave enough. :)

  3. Hello Jeanne

    From Hermes scarves to face masks!

    I have not seen such dense traffic

    Be careful

    Helen xx

  4. Why the masks? Is it for pollution or disease? That is actually a rather terrifying photo...bare feet!!!!!!

  5. Jules...the masks are for pollution, mostly petrol fumes and dust. Everything seems to go here. :)

  6. I think you need a scooter too! (And I see a large number of the masks on members of the Asian population in NYC/Queens too, but I always assumed it was for illness. Live and learn, eh?)

  7. if the air is that bad you might should buy them by the case

  8. I kept a list in my journal of all of the things I saw on scooters in Vietnam, among other things: An entire family- A man, a woman and 3 children, A garage door, 45 large fishing baskets with just enough space to see the driver's face, dinner for four on a large platter- the young woman (wearing a long skirt and gloves) that was holding it was perched side saddle on the back of the scooter holding the platter and all of the dishes perfectly still as her young man swooped and swerved through traffic. And I think of all of times I have wondered if I could fit something into my Jeep!


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