Taking to the sky....

The day has finally arrived. It is time to put the pedal to the metal,
to hit the highways and byways, to take to the sky....
My son, Connor, and I are off to Vietnam for our 'look see' visit. This is
when it all comes together. More importantly, we are both excited
to see Mr. H again, it has been six weeks, six weeks too long.

We will visit the house we will call home in few months time, the school Connor
will be attending with dinners, luncheons and tours thrown in to give us the 'big picture'.
I will be honest and say that I am a bit nervous. Ho Chi Minh is not London, not by
any stretch of the imagination. Yet... it will be an interesting change and one we
all intend to make the most of. What is life without a little adventure?

I came upon the following clip, created by the very talented, interior and furniture designer,
Barbara Barry. I was so happy to have discovered this, especially today.
Barbara travelled to Asia looking for inspiration for her 'Indochine' line.
She talks about how and where she found it. What she has to say could apply to any of us.
If you have a moment, take a look.  It's inspiring. :)

In between the travels to Ho Chi Minh, we will travel to Hoi An for a little R&R
and then on to Hong Kong...our first visit. It is all happening around here
and of course...you know what is coming next.

If you have your name on my postcard list and would like another,
please leave me a comment...I am happy to oblige.
If you would like to be added to my postcard list, you can email me
jeannecollageoflife@gmail.com with your details.

I will be back with photos and news of our travels.
Wish us luck!

Barbara Barry...I like her style!
Elle Decor magazine

More Vietnam inspiration here.


  1. Be safe, and have a wonderful adventure. I can't wait to see your wonderful photographs. Bon Voyage! Bonnie

  2. HI Dear Jeanne
    Have a fabulous 'look see'.. I'm sure you will find a world of inspiration in your soon to be new home..

    Have fun in Hong Kong.. my visit last year was my first.. and I loved it.. make sure you take the gondola up to the big buddha...

    ciao ciao xxx Julie

  3. Jeanne,

    Good luck! I am excited and nervouse for you also, I hope that Mr. H has done well and has found not just a house for you all but a home. I am sure that as you said this will be quite an adventure. Enjoy it all! Praying for your safe return and for you to enjoy the beauty of where you are going.

    Take care and be safe, Elizabeth

  4. Have a wonderful trip. It must be so exciting - your other cities have all been essentially European capitals, so this will be so very different. Hope you take many, many photos! Travel safely.

  5. Have a fabulous trip - it is always exciting exploring new places. I would love to remain on your postcard list please.

  6. Good luck and have a safe trip! We will be eagerly awaiting your trip reports about adventures in the Far East.

  7. Hello Jeanne,
    Such an exciting time for you. Thoroughly enjoying a program on SBS here in Melbourne on the cuisine of Vietnam presented by Luke Nyugen http://www.sbs.com.au/food/ . What wonderful culinary adventures lay ahead Jeanne. Cheers Anita

  8. Safe travels Jeanne... enjoy the trip and exploring your soon to be new home... I am looking forward to hearing all about it on your return... xv

  9. Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to seeing it all through your eyes. As always, I would love a new postcard for my Jeanne collection:-)

  10. Bon voyage, Jeanne! Ooh, I can't wait to hear how you find it. And I'd love to stay on your postcard list, if that's okay ☺. J x

    1. With pleasure Jane...my travels would not be the same without you on my list. :)

  11. Enjoy it. I am sure it will be a fabulous experience. And a postcard is always welcome - especially from a part of the world that I doubt I will ever visit.

  12. Oh, how exciting!
    I get several butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it.
    Can't wait to read all about it!
    Take care.

  13. Jeanne: I really think you should consider writing a book about this upcoming adventure, which I know has already begun. This can't be easy but you take it all in stride with such elegance and humor--there is an interesting story here worth writing about (in my humble opinion!)

  14. Hi Jeanne,

    Oh yes please, If you have a moment I would love a postcard. This new adventure sounds so exciting and thank you for sharing the video. It was a fabulous reminder that beauty is everywhere if we just open our eyes and heart.
    Wishing you and yours a safe journey <3

  15. I hope your adventure is fun and helpful in easing your move. I admire you all for being brave and interested in experiencing life.

  16. How exciting for you. I haven't been to Vietnam but have visited Hong Kong a couple of times and found it to be fascinating. Enjoy your adventure - I look forward to your next posts about your travels.

  17. I'm following you too. Thank you so much for coming over to visit me via Vicki.


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