Wherever you go....

Market stall off Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

I took this photo today, wondering which of the three best described my feelings 
at that moment. This of course, made me think of a quote by Confucius...

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart"

I then took my heart to the Four Seasons in Hong Kong, 
for afternoon tea with me and a whole lot of postcards. 
All done!

A little deep thinking on a Thursday afternoon. :)


  1. I hope you are having a wonderful time Jeanne... xv

  2. oh my!!!!
    you are in hong kong????
    one of my favorite places!!!

    your'e a lucky gal

    have fun xxx

  3. A fabulous setting Jeanne. How kind and thoughtful of you to send postcards.

    Continued happy travelling

  4. That afternoon tea looks mouth wateringly good!!! xx

  5. I have read a similar quote "Everywhere I go there I am."
    Your postcards remind me of your kindness as I have them in a wire frame on my plate rail. Visiting all these wonderful spots makes for a great opportunity for the collection of cards.
    Your tea looks amazing.
    Hope you are having a fabulous time.

  6. Tea at the Four Seasons in Hong Kong -- no wonder you took your whole heart with you! Love the photos.

  7. I love that quote! Enjoy your travels Jeanne!

  8. I love that quote. It's really a quote to remember.

  9. It looks and sounds like you are really enjoying yourself, Jeanne! :)


  10. It's so lovely to travel with you and your gorgeous photographs -- thank you!

  11. Nice looking afternoon tea...

  12. I've just caught up on your last few posts - the photographs (of Hong Kong and Vietnam) are fabulous. I hope you are enjoying your whirlwind tour.

  13. You have had to 'go with all your heart' many times Jeanne so, I know that this time will not be any different and you will take it all in your stride and put your heart into everything !
    ......and, what a great place to write your postcards !! XXXX

  14. Now don't do any shopping while you are there Jean! Only if you share your treasures with all of us that is!

  15. Oh, I get goosebumps imagining all the breathtaking sights and the sense of newness all around you. Your post made me smile today. What a fabulous afternoon.

  16. Ah, what a lovely life you live!!!! Thanks for taking us along for the ride :)


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