To Paris

It is April in Paris....and it is raining.
Do I mind?
Not one bit...would you?

I am just happy 'to be'... in Paris.

There is something really nice about taking your time...
slowly, so that you can appreciate the little things.

My family groans when I stop to take photos and even more so..when
I say "I just want to pop into this shop for a second". This trip is groan free.
I have been taking my sweet time and it has been delicious.

When it pours, I manage the umbrella in one hand and my iPhone in the other.
I was very impressed to see this fellow applying his trade in a similar manner.
I think my approach is easier.

The rain comes and goes...and when the sun peaks out, 
everyone is in the air.

I developed an interest in street art this trip. I wouldn't normally
have the time...but now I seek it out everywhere I can.

What is interesting to me is seeing other people's photos of Paris. 
We all see the same things...but in such different ways. I love that.

I can see why people love Paris.

It is inviting...

You never know what you will discover when you turn a corner.

That was my day....
I am very excited about my plans for tomorrow.
I will give you two and here.

So tell me, when you travel, how do you like to get about?
Are you a walker too?

Jeanne xx


  1. Sounds like a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing trip - even in the rain. Continue your wanderings and tell us all about it.

  2. Paris in the Springtime. Perfect rain or shine. Looks great and I love the 'graffiti artwork' you are finding. I love to walk walk walk when discovering a new place, but with young children there are a lot of groans, so its a long time since I did any kind of city discovery. Maybe thats something to plan in the diary for the Huzz and I on a weekend escape soon! Enjoy.

  3. Oh, how inviting and lovely...and fortunate you are to be!! I'll just hitch a ride and follow along if you don't mind...

  4. We'll be in Paris at the end of May -- you've definitely whetted my appetite with your lovely photos. Have a lovely WALK tomorrow -- and yes, that's the main thing we do in Paris, walk and observe and stop for food and drink, then walk some more. Superb!

  5. When Cheri and I travel,locally and abroad, we walk a lot. For long distances, of course, local trains or buses.

    Even graffiti can be lovely.

    I like the heart.

  6. A trip with no wonderful!
    I walk and when I get tired I take public transit. Both great ways to explore a city, especially Paris.

  7. Oh dear Jeanne, you've whetted my apetite beautifully!
    On one's own, it is MUCH easier to think clearly for a start - also it's an "ALL ABOUT ME" time - very precious! As you say no groans or guilt trips!
    Even graffiti takes on a whole new meaning on one's own.

    I can't wait intil June when I will have a little sojourn in Paris.
    I've always wanted to have "April in Paris", but so far haven't managed it.
    Hopefully I'm meeting up with an old friend from London and we will have a couple of nights - she is very arty and will be a dream to be with!!
    Not endless museums, usually the norm with my husband the historian!!

    Thank you dear Jeanne you've lifted my spirits today!

  8. I would love to travel with you. Stopping to take pictures at will and popping into shops at will...nothing to hold us back!


  9. "Paris is beautiful in the rain" as said in the movie "Midnight in Paris." I don't mind Paris when raining. I was in London last week and it was rain then sunny,rain then sunny. but I was able to enjoy it anyhow. My late father also used to groan when I have to stop to take more pictures.Enjoy your vacation and take more pictures! :)

  10. Hi Jeanne, Are you there with Vicki A by any chance? It does looks beautiful! I do hope that if you're meeting up (and with Mr Baxter too) you all have a wonderful time! I hope the hotel is lovely as well. I love walking in Paris. I refuse to get the Metro, or even a taxi. Walking is the only way to explore this city. And yes - I remember the April rains well! (And the May ones.) But some of the best photos of Paris are taken in the twilight mist. Enjoy! And take lots of photos for us to drool over.
    Janelle McCulloch xx

  11. Hello Jeanne

    I can feel the delight in your voice and the bounce in your step as you step over the puddles. It is curious how being away we never seem to mind inclement weather.
    Have a brilliant time and hopefully the sun shines tomorrow
    Helen xx

  12. what beautiful pictures....the little alleys and quiet places are so inviting. someday i'll get back there....

  13. Love these photos, it is my dream to make it to Paris one day, but for now I will just drool at your photos ;)


  14. ummmm....i am kind of confused?!!?!? weren't you in Vietnam 2 days ago? i am sure when i read your last post you were in the far east? how do you do this???one day in Asia the next in Europe and not anywhere in Europe but in P A R I S!??!?!!?
    enjoy it for all of us here...stuck in our cubicles :(
    can't wait for my postcard!!!
    a bientot :)

  15. Paris is lovely in spite of the rain - I never tire of it. It's so easy to walk around cities such as Paris and Rome and you find unexpected things like the amazing street art in your photos. Looking forward to your next post!

  16. Hello Jeanne,

    I hope that you are having a fabulous time! PAris in the Sprintime is so beautiful! I love it...even in the rain.

    Enjoy!! I love all of your photos, they make me smile and remember all of my fabulous trips there.

    Take care, drink a cocoa for me!

    xx Elizabeth

  17. I haven't left a comment for a while Jeanne, but have been visiting often and drooling over your beautiful pictures. I too love Paris ~ with or without rain:)

    Enjoy and have fun!

  18. I love to walk around and take photos. I love your views of Paris. Yes I know all about the groans too :)

  19. I think it's always most beautiful in the rain.
    And I love the sound of rain on a big, black umbrella.
    And of course! I'm a walker!

  20. Excellent, beautiful post, as always ; it makes me ashamed to have been complaining so much about the rain .... It is always when visitors talk about Paris that we realize how lucky we are (though living here really has its drawbacks!).

  21. Hi Jeanne loved meeting you and loved our night last night. Your photos of Paris are beautiful anf refreshing so wonderful to see. Your newest devoted fan. Carla xxxx

  22. What marvellous pictures! I am intrigued by your street art photos - not at all what we see on buildings in my city. Thank you for my vicarious mini-trip to Paris. I have put "The Most Beautiful Walk in the World" on hold at my local library and look forward to getting it. And another thank you for the referral to "French Essence". It is now bookmarked on my browser as is Collage.

  23. I guess I'm your next newest devoted fan...and I only discovered your blog today thanks to Vicki Archer's blog french essence. I love Paris and enjoy visiting regardless of the time of year. Walking is my favorite mode of transportation. But, I do ride the bus and metro too.

  24. I wouldn't mind at all - it would just remind me of Midnight in Paris. I also walk and walk and walk - and when my feet can't take it no more, I rent a bike. The two best ways to experience a new city.

    And one more thing, Jeanne, thank you so much for the postcard from Vietnam which arrived to my mail box today. Always such a treat:-)

  25. I know you guys are having a wonderful time !!
    I'm your newest follower, coming over from Vicki, who I absolutely positively LOVE.
    Hugs from Texas

  26. Walking, for sure! We walked in Paris for a week. It was divine, the best way to see the city. For Giverny, a little SUV tour worked best.

  27. oh i loved this post! i too get groans when i pull my camera out on a trip or when i want to "pop in" somewhere. how fab to be able to soak it all up at your own pace! enjoy a little extra for all of us living vicariously through you. and..i too am obsessed with street art! loved those photos the most! have fun....

  28. So happy to hear you are having a wonderful time with the "gal". Aren't they just the best to hang with?
    I do hope you can find that linen bag again, it sounds divine. Enjoy the rest of your trip and love your photos.
    Lovely to have you stop in! XO

  29. Great post. Thanks for sharing some Paris with us!


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