It's how you look at it....Vietnam

I am going to be a bit philosophical here...or as philosophical as I can get. 
Rambling on might be more like it or at the very least, thinking out loud.

 If you have been following along, you will know that I am in Vietnam scoping out our
new digs and sorting out how I will fit our family into life in Ho Chi Minh. The last few days 
have been a whirlwind. We have been on a tight schedule with very little down time. 

I have been checking off the list. We have seen the house we will call home and it is 
better than I expected. Big sigh of relief on that front. There will be lots more to that one day 
but for now, I am happy to tick that box. I have had the grand tour, twice, of close to every 
supermarket and food and veggie shop that exists in Ho Chi Minh. Who knew there would 
be such a preoccupation with food. What to buy, where to buy it, when to buy it, 
how to cook it...I think this will be one of my greatest challenges. 
I am a one stop and shop gal....I guess I will have to change my ways. 

The good news is that I will have assistance around the house and they seem to 
know the ins and outs...another new concept for me but one that I am keen to try. :)

I can look at this all optimistically as I tend to do...or I can dig deep and 
grumble and moan which I am very good at doing as well. I generally find
that the latter does not get me very far...and usually makes for an unhappy family.

 A blogging friend, Jean, who knows Vietnam well,
suggested I keep my 'rose tinted' glasses on for as long as I can.
I smiled when I read that...I also found it comforting.

So, here's me...looking at those little things that we tend to miss.
In my case, they are just a moment as I passed through the past few days.
Nothing special...but simple and true.

Sipping on lotus tea and then playing with my camera shortly after.
I am curious to know which shot you prefer, I can not decide. :)

Taking today, one step at a time.

Dinner tonight, by candlelight.

Afternoon views looking out to Hoi An.

and just because I love this photo...even though it has been 'photoshopped' 
to the ninth degree! Lunch in Ho Chi Minh along the river.

My computer is not playing nice, so I will stop there and wish you all a lovely                                  weekend...from the sunny and hot side of Vietnam. :)

Jeanne xx


  1. Very much enjoying your photos, Jeanne. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of Vietnam while you're there.

  2. Well if this is a taste of things to come Jeanne, then I think you have us hooked! How I would love a little 'exotic' right now


  3. Jeanne, I don't know the back story of your relocation (I'm a new follower) but I am blown away by your new adventure. Because I am a person who struggles with big changes, I admire your willingness to face your fears & discomfort associated this move. When I read your post, I was struck by your photo of the steps. What a metaphor for your experience right now. One step at a time. A lesson for all of us. Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  4. It must be both exciting and daunting settling into new surroundings.Yours do look very beautiful.

  5. My favourite is the first tea cup :)

  6. Jeanne, I kind of like rose tinted glasses. Happy Easter! Bonnie

  7. You must be exhausted! We had the whirl-wind welcome to Egypt that you described. By the end of it all, a head of cabbage looked like a head of lettuce. In several places, I hired household help to navigate non one-stop places. From what I've seen of Vietnam, I'd do the same there and focus energies on being myself. And while in Vietnam, I quickly learned no one's going to harm me but when it came to market shopping, any and all tricks prevailed. Be careful here. Get as much acknowledged in writing as possible with agreements entered into. About the weather, you'll get used to aspects of it in time. In the meantime, pour a glass of wine and let the Fates do the rest. Good luck, Jeanne.

  8. I love all your pics, prefer the second photo of the tea cup, and believe we can all do hard things when we take it one step at a time.

  9. Jeanne,

    I have been thinking about you since you left on your journey and missing you.

    I am happy to hear the house is better than expected, I shudder to ask what a bad place looks like.

    I could not agree with your blogger friend more, a good pair of rose tinted glasses is probably a good idea. I am sure that this will be a bit of a challenge. But you are up to it, and the good news have help! That is a huge plus, locals that know the lay of the land.

    I hope you relax and enjoy your holiday part of the trip. Happy Easter!

    Take care, be safe,

    Hugs to you, Elizabeth

  10. Wow ... what a lot of changes you are experiencing. Thanks for sharing the journey with us. I am glad you will have some help. I used to love to go to the markets ... but it will take some getting used to.

  11. Oh HOW EXCITING!!!
    My heart does a little pitter pat just imagining it all!
    Enjoy every moment and keep writing and taking pics and journaling and scrapbooking and all that fun stuff.
    Bonne chance! et bon courage!

  12. i know that you will take it all in your stride, such a huge cultural change for you all, but with some help on the home front it will make things a little easier.

    Home help can only be a good thing, it will give you a chance to explore.

  13. It seems like such an exciting adventure. I look forward to seeing your photographs!

  14. A terrific post! I have the greatest confidence that you will tackle it all with your usual style and graciousness. What exciting photos - a glimpse of the new adventure before you. And while I love both photos, the top one of the teacup just captures my imagination. It brings to mind sepia photos, worn and edges burned by age, and the early years of British Colonial travel.

  15. Aaah.. I'm loving your pics and your stories Jeanne.. trust you had a great Easter?.. had a good treat massage at Nam Hai..and are now totally smitten, with V'nam and cant wait to relocate.. I've got heaps of info re painting classes for ladies, getting involved with voluntary work at Blue Dragon school, cookery lessons.. stay safe and enjoy rest of time there.. happy planning x j


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