Dear Stanley...Hong Kong

Mr. H just wrote to say he posted the last of my postcards from Vietnam...all 46 of them. 
That was the second batch. I had sent a dozen a week earlier. I admit I cheated, I took
a bunch with me to Hong Kong to write and sent them off with Mr. H when he returned
to his humble abode in Ho Chi Minh City. What a good man he is... :)

How did I get to over 50 cards you may ask? 
I asked you if you would like one...and many of you did. 
Throw in friends and family and there you have it. 
I admit there were times when it was daunting. 
One morning I bought 71 postcards from one market vendor. 
I had all the other vendors chiming in with their selections as well.
That memory will stay with me for a very long time. :)

Finding postcards in Vietnam and Hong Kong was easy...all you had to do was
go along to the local markets and there were plenty to choose from. 

 I found it best to write them in batches. Writing them was a pleasure. 
I would find a cafe, spread them out and tuned into writing.
France,  Germany, India, Morocco, New Zealand, Australia, England,
Vietnam, has been a wonderful postcard journey.

I have to say, I did manage more than writing postcards on this trip.
Shopping was an adventure as well.

The IFC mall was an easy in and out from our hotel. 
If you have serious shopping in mind, this is the place to go.

For me, the markets had it all.

Two of my favourite spots were in Stanley, 
the places where I would send friends to shop...
Vivid Linen Boutique if you are looking for something fun and cool.
Ellis Jewellery Company if you would like something original.

Vivid Linen Boutique
Vivid Linen Boutique
Specialist in Linen Clothing For Mens and Ladies
Pavilion Shop Address: Lot 4.30, 4th Floor, Pavilion, KL. Malaysia Tel: (603)2141-1129
Hong Kong Shop Address: G/F 58, Stanley Main Street, Stanley, Hong Kong Tel: (852)2813-0147

Visit Norbyah here to read all about this wonderful shop.
Ellis Jewellery Company
3 Stanley New St
Hong Kong
Phone 2813 0445

A special thanks to Caroline for putting me onto Ellis Jewellery Company.
It was well worth the visit...more about that another day. :)

Top three images ~me
Bottom two as noted


  1. Jeanne,

    Thank you for the lovely postcard xoxo <3

  2. Jeanne,

    You are AMAZING! With all of the other things you had on your plate you managed to send 50 post cards. I am sure that everyone who receives one will love them, just as I have in the past.

    I would love to hear more about the markets, I am always fascinated by them.

    Enjoy your day, I hope you found one or two of my suggestions useful, sent via email.

    Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Elizabeth...would love to read your suggestions...I will drop you a line. :)

  3. I would just walking up and down those market streets!

  4. How amazingly good are you!! I am off to visit all the shops in Hong Kong!!!!!!!

  5. I love following along on your adventures through your blog, Jeanne. Thank you so very much for the precious post card -- my first bit of mail from an Asian country. When do you move? August?

  6. It all sounds perfect! 50 postcards, amazing! Have a wonderful week. Bonnie

  7. Wow - that's a lot of postcards! I remember spending a few hours wandering around Stanley and the market was wonderful. Your photos are lovely - beautiful lanterns!

  8. I say you've got an amazing husband Jeanne.. and you've got such amazing integrity.. doing what you'd promised.. on ya! Just amazing lady you are! I look most forward to meeting you in Saigon one day soon.. x hugs j aah.. waiting at my postbox.. :)

  9. Great post, and it sounds like you have found some great postcards. Love the look of the Vivid Linen Boutique, I bet their clothes are gorgeous, nicely tailored and high quality.

  10. Such a special postcard ... from a special lady.

  11. hi jeanne! thanks for stopping by my blog and for including a link on your post here. i also really love stanley market and have done a little series about places i like. i agree, ellis is a special place. and i know which linen shop you're talking about. fantastic shop. i often go there to get gifts (especially for my mum). i'll be following you on your have great pictures and i like the things you blog about, too.

  12. hi Jeanne:)
    although this a bit late i just wanted to let you know that i have received your postcard from London "the cook bookshop" earlier this month...thank you for your sweet feels like i have known you forever!!!
    next Vietnam :):):)

  13. Thanks so much for squeezing in a postcard to Planet Baby in the middle of all that, Jeanne. You are such a trooper and so generous. J x

  14. Jeanne you are amazing :) I enjoy your posts so much.


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